Can't craft copper cable, 2_2.0.96

  • As the title, using one of the latest experimental versions I can't craft copper cable! I tried making insulated and uninsulated versions-but tono avail. I'm running archimedes airships, buildcraft, forestry, railcraft, applied energistics and better world generation 4.

    Any ideas?

  • Yeah it'd been awhile since I booted up IC. I Checked out creative mode and saw a few of those new items-but on the wiki nothing has changed.

    So since the 3 copper recipe (the one I was using is gone) how do I go about using the new one? And is there any other little tidbits (as an older player) I should be watching out for?

    Oh-and maybe a new wiki or changelog sort of deal?

    Thanks for the reply guys!

  • Use a Forge Hammer to make plates out of the ingots and after that, use the Wire Cutter to cut the metal plate into 2 metal uninsulated wires.

    The Metal Former can do this in an automated way.

  • Awesome! Could you give me the recipes for those real quick? I guess you guys have figured this out using NEI and checking out the recipes but I don't have that installed, sorry if I'm missing an obvious source of information.