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    Some news.
    - Removed Enhanced Diamond Drill
    + Added Nano Drill
    * Fixed bugs mentined previously
    * Fixed random NPE (it seems to be hapenning randomly, so I wrapped code in try{}catch{} block as usual) when FlightHandler checks if player is flying legitamately.

    Nano drill comes with all the previous features of EDD with A TON cleaner code and slightly changed enchantment mechanic.
    Also, drill places torch when you rightclick it, hooray!

    Beware, 500 EU/t will QUICKLY empty out your lappack/whatever else. Pocket Refrigerant is more for the cases when you're mining and accidentally fall into lava, so you have ~5-10 seconds to jump out of it. Might want to make it 5000 EU/t :P

    "f*** logic": Ahem, moderator using an obscenity? Anyways, I never was really after making things logical, I was after making things fun. And when you drop into lava and lose all your gadgets that you were freaking collecting for agesdie, it's not fun, is it?

    @NanoFile: Nah, bad idea.

    EDIT 3:
    Going to fix some bugs mentioned, redo some textures (uhoh current are too bad; also want to make Enhanced DDrill into something like a nanodrill) and work on nanogun (will purposely not add recipe, if you want to mess with it in creative, sure do), then will release an alpha.

    Then nothing I guess :P

    Also, another bug (maybe):

    Just ignore that thing, it's nothing bad. (unless it crashes your minecraft ofc, which it shouldn't as I purposely inserted try{}catch{} block in there).

    Going to add a Nano Hammer. It's just an energy-powered Forge Hammer that has some bonus/convenient recipes.
    It'll use OreDict for determinining all its recipes, so it will be GT-compatible.
    Now where the question lies, how much EU per operation should it take?

    And I'm fully aware that GT removes recipe from forge hammer, I'll just replace it with Steel Hammer (or Tunstensteel MWUAHAHA!) in the recipe.

    willfix :P

    EDIT 2:
    Implemented, here're some screenshots:

    EDIT 3:
    I'll just leave this here...

    I could do the same thing with cells, but they are gonna be trickier. If this is one render pass, then i have to make several for cells.

    EDIT 4:
    Now let's actually generate some ores and put all those metals into a good use...

    First paragraph: color modulation is awful, I hate it and everything about it.
    Second paragraph: I will do color modulation in 1.7 myself.

    Ehem, mmmm kay...

    EDIT 2:
    After messing around a bit, this:

    public static final SubstanceType CHROME = new SubstanceType(0x0083FF, "chrome");
    public static final SubstanceType TITANIUM = new SubstanceType(0xAA00FF, "titanium");

    That is ALL the code that was required for this. Now just need to add more shapes, i.e. tiny dust, small dust, denseplate and so on.This is much more comfortable for texture pack creators. 5 textures made and everything is assigned. Awesome.

    Ehm... I don't really like coding opengl rendering stuff, but...,Vw6uz…D,ygype9A,tIyYnzh,YhXpA1h
    I can do the exact same thing to dusts, gems, plates and whatever else I want.

    This, believe it or not, is pretty powerful... Poor greg, he did all the textures himself.. While he could have actually used this.

    And yes, this.

    And that's no texturing at all, BTW.
    EDIT 2:
    Now let's torture dusts.

    Just this:

    I'm currently reworking Quantum Saber. Now, when you craft it, it comes with Looting III. (IC2 has Iridium Drill which comes with Fortune, so I don't feel about it...). Added new texture (it now sparkles like nanosaber); and when you hit any mob, it will hit ALL the mobs in 6x6x6 cuboid around the mob you hit.
    Also, Quantum Saber deals 30 damage (15 hearts), which ignores armor. I hardcoded it for quantum & nano armor, so that you get 1 heart of damage in full quantum set, and 5 hearts (half-dead) in nano armor.
    Now I feel I should make it more expensive, as two iridium plates is as simple as a pie to get.

    You can even have an ocean map made of UUM.

    You don't understand, this is MUCH worse than UUM. With IV you can get almost any raw resource. (diamonds; certus quartz; gold; iron; copper; tin; coal, etc.) 819 mB of IV = diamond; 13 buckets of IV = Iridium Ore;
    Of one gets this page, it basically means infinite resources forever... Need to look into Mystcraft and see if it provides api for blacklisting fluids.

    Going to add a tank that's infinite. Like GT's quantum tanks are not nearly infinite, I've filled two up in my previous world (256 pumps in a MystCraft world all getting max power FTW).
    Debating if I want to use long; if I do it's still not infinite. BigInteger? Yeah.

    Well, let's be honest: IC2 with GT is even easier (in 1.6!) than vanilla IC2.
    What's expensive? 32 diamonds per nanosuit. (MFE cost included) 16 diamonds per MFE. (following IC2's 1 mill EU = 1 diamond, MFE should hold 16 million EU, NOT 4!), 22 buckets of UUM per 1 iridium ore. Should I continue this list?
    Experimental messed up the balance of older IC2. They should have really started from scratch, and build everything from the grounds up, instead of mixing oldies with GTies. IC2 died for me in 1.6. IDK why, it lost its previous spirit, it's no longer fun, at least for me. Feeling like modding is actually more fun now than playing. Going to drop off IC2 in 1.7 completely, TE3 is actually tons better now. The only thing TE3 doesn't have is a Jetpack & UUM. Hopefully my modding skillz will afford me creating a simple mod that adds that. Ah, they for sure will.