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    Nah, 1.7 is a long long road. IC2 will take a LONG time to update (my not-so-huge addon has 2200 errors, think of how much IC2 will have?). I'm just inquiring the price of what i can do right now (change method/field names to newer, remove block/itemIDs, change initialization stuffs, redo networking, etc.).
    FML made network stuff so much easier. You just register your channel, write a codec (a thing that decodes incoming from network bytes into separate unique packets) and you're done.

    BTW, if anybody knows, how do we add localizations in 1.7? LanguageRegistry doesn't work, not seeing any other alternative other than hacking vanilla... (in StringTranslate just hack a map that contains all localizations (via reflection), but, like I said, it's hacky and I don't like hacky.)

    Also, what happened to fluids? All the classes seem to be commented out, idk why. Thinking like forge is not quite ready for production, so, as always, have to wait.

    So, basically what you did was the same as

    Nah, my system will be far more advanced :P
    I plan to add my own fusion reactor, and it's going to be a "mainstream" multiblock like RC Blast Furnace. IDK why, I just like them better :3

    My fusion reactor will use tremendous amounts of hydrogen; considering like 100 buckets per tick. Yeah, that's a lot of Aqueous Accumulators.

    Looking into 1.7, well..
    Network works!

    Now just basically waiting on fancy mcp names & IC2, then I can start porting LS to 1.7. This is my first major MC update survival attempt (1.5 -> 1.6 doesn't count as "major").

    EDIT 2:
    Just put LS's sources into 1.7.2 folder. Isn't too too horrible, but isn't too good too.

    2195 errors, most of them are routine. (like moving all the blocks/items from Block/Item to Blocks/Items classes, and so on).

    EDIT 3:
    Thanks to the allmighty Java Search feature of eclipse, got down to 1628 errors.

    Just a teaser :P
    System.out.println(new ElementList().add(Element.HYDROGEN, 2).add(Element.OXYGEN, 1).calculateMolecularMass());

    2014-01-07 15:33:31 [INFO] [STDOUT] 18


    And now, guess what happens if I do this?
    System.out.println(new ElementList().add(Element.HYDROGEN, 2).add(Element.OXYGEN, 1).toString());

    2014-01-07 15:38:02 [INFO] [STDOUT] OH2

    Needs correction, yes. But still, kind of works.

    MSP SHOULD have a GUI like other SPs for show its Working state and for charge tools

    It does have inventory and charge slots for sure (I copypasted all the stuff from ASP and just changed generation rate, with Sentimel's permission ofc.), it just doesn't have container/guicontainer implementation. IDK, maybe will implement, maybe won't.

    I plan to add "Manual" (or "Tutorial" it was named, doesn't matter) tab (like in TE), it will just tell you how machine work, how ISidedInventory is implemented on it (where to extract items from/put them in), how much EU it requires/generates, etc.
    Addon pretty much doesn't have any documentation, and I want to fix that.

    Duct tape, needs correction:

    And it does adopt to text's size and dynamically resize:

    Had do write some sneaky voodoo magic algorithm, but still, it doesn't quite cut the longer words.

    Oh, derp, I forgot about the energized nether star recipe... sorry...
    About the MSP recipe: well, i know only two mods that provide 512EU/t solars: CompactSolars and ASP. ASP is supported (mainly because I have sources of it in my devenv, thanks to Sentimel :P), but I didn't really look into CompactSolars. If it provides its solars to oredict, it's as easy as a pie, if not, well... reflection FTW.

    Ah, I know why. The deal is that when you first open your NEI, it searches through all the items to determine their IV value for the tooltip to work. If you have like ~4-5 hundreds of IV values and ~30 pages of items & blocks, obviously this process will be a little bit time-consuming. I've done everything from my side to make that "waiting period" shorter, mainly by caching. (it does caching twice, one being for the main IV system to determing values for MM/PA, the second is for NEI/tooltips).

    Just to tell you, it takes 18-19ms per item to determine its IV value without caching/with empty cache, and ~1-2ms with caching.
    Also, performance recomendation: don't burn ANYTHING that's 1-10 IV in mass melter, otherwise you will have performance problems. 50 mass melters all burning cobble will decrese your TPS by 1. This rule only applies to 1-10-IV-value items, others don't affect performance at all.

    So, yeah. New version will be up in a moment. I'm, honestly, terrible at texturing/modeling but seriously, Particle Accelerators required visual fanciness... This is done in Techne, so not that nice looking. .obj models are so much better, but I have no idea how they work.
    Still alpha though, beware. I added Antimatter Generator, too.

    Changed recipe for the Particle Accelerator. Now it's up to 5 iridium plates (previously it was 2 irdium ingots = half a plate), but now it requires 1 replicator instead of 3. (48 diamonds vs 16 diamonds, hehe)

    P.S.: screenshots are a bit outdated, added glass to the model since then.

    IV generator is quite OP.I have 4 ways to get nether star and 3 ways to get dragon egg. 8)

    It is supposed to work this way. Dragon Egg has an IV value (of two million BTW), so you can replicate it.
    Upgrades are however a ton cheaper, and the way you'll (likely) do it is that you build your first IV Generator fill it up with IV Generator Upgrades (which should have max stack size of 16 BTW, i just forgot to set it), and then build another one and fill it with upgrades once again. The most painful thing here will be to build the first IV generator, which, I guess, you will use exploits to get (exploits that are not too cheaty-cheap, like cobble is 1 IV and you can use Rock Desintegrators to make cobble, thus only making energy required).

    You SHOULD and even MUST not use your only dragon egg for this, because you won't be able to replicate it. So, even for the first IV generator, two million IV waste is simply required.

    Nah, it was quite useless stuff (not used anywhere in LS) and pretty much ruined GT's balance.

    In other news, I worked a bit on WPSyncs, so, here're the results:
    1. Now you can tune the packet size. This means that you can say how much energy a receiver is going to receive from frequency, and how much energy a transmitter eats from energy network. This feature will be EXTREMELY useful, like you wouldn't believe. You can have, let's say, three psyncs, one - transmitter, which receives 512 EU/t from e.g. MFE, and two receivers, one receiving 128 EU/t (like for your machines higher up) and second receiving 384 EU/t for some other stuff. Energy distribution is now subject to your will.
    2. WPSyncs now save their frequency, max packet size and mode when dismantled with a wrench. Side effect of this being that max stack size is now 1.

    Teaser :P

    Well, texture here is pretty darn bad, but will fix :P

    EDIT 2:
    Current plans aka future changelog:

    EDIT 3:
    The upcoming update is going to be MASSIVE. Many things changed, many things added, many things removed.

    Yeah, good idea. Chocohead suggested the same thing :P

    In older versions of this addon, Energetic Chestplate was named Forcefield Chestplate, and killed any mobs in radius of, let's say, 16 blocks from you. That feature was quite OP and Forcefield Chestplate was quite easy to get. I decided to add AntimatterSuit, and migrated the Forcefield Chestplate's features into the AntimatterSuit Bodyarmor.
    What Energetic Chestplate now does is nothing apart from being a 80kk EU lappack. Also, it is used as a crafting ingredient for Quantum Ring/AntimatterSuit Bodyarmor.

    Current capabilities of the blue armor:
    1. Levitation Boots - allows you to fly, 2x max jump height compared to QBoots.
    2. Supersonic Leggings - sprint MUCH MUCH faster compared to QLeggings.
    3. Energetic Chestplate - a nice combo of armor+lappack.
    4. Tesla Helmet - you press R (forge key binding, R is the default) and it will shoot a Tesla Ray. In the version that's public (it's far behind the version I'm currently developing), it doesn't have an aimbot, but in dev-version it does.

    Quantum Ring - protects you from ALL kinds of damage, be it rapier, or Twilight Scepter, or void damage, or anything at all + combines features of all the blue armors.
    AntimatterSuit's features are not quite done yet (I basically ran out of ideas). It's expensive enough to be THAT OP, isn't it?
    And yes, there is Antimatter Ring in dev-version.

    Silly question time: Is there a way to get to the antimatter dimension?
    I don't recall seeing such in the thread in the past.

    There is, you just take an antimatter glob and rightclick. Take 2, or you wouldn't be able to get home :P (MystCraft as an alternative solution will work though).

    And yeah, the mod is terribly documented. I am currently working on some GitHubWiki stuff (you can see three items i documented right there, but there's MUCH more work to do... uh oh..)

    That you should expect from GraviSuite. As soon as Sentimel decides to concentrate and make an awesome item during one night, like he always likes to :P

    I know, overflow the integer, well, mak noticed it himself.

    @mak : make a suggestion for energy api, to support bigger values or prefixes.

    Yes, good idea. For now I'll shrink it down to 2 billion, as a temporary solution.
    Never actually thought that integer will be a critical factor X(

    Half a million EU per tick will be nothing when I make Particle Accelerators overclockable and nerf them energy-wise :3
    About four hundred plasma generators/multicore solars (which require a nether star each BTW) will supply you enough power though.
    Call me crazy.

    So, committed things I've been doing for a few days now to github.…cdbea59be0bd993d9695d4d12

    ASUs themselves are complete BTW, just need to add shiftclicking support & recipe.
    And recipe is where my awfully poor imagination is going to suffer at.

    Well, rather a few of bugs to fix is all I can say about this.
    In other news, a new storage unit is upcoming, the AESU... I think I will name it ASU, just to prevent naming confusion with GT.
    Yes, you've heard it right. AESU, the Antimatter Energy Storage Unit. 10 billion EU worth of storage. IS going to be REALLY REALLY expensive. If you think GT's Fusion Reactor is expensive, you're totally wrong. Like totally totally wrong.

    10 billion exceeds integer. Epic fail.
    IC2 API doesn't support long yet. Greeeeg?

    EDIT 2:
    I'll just deceive IC2 and say Integer.MAX_VALUE when the actual energy exceeds the said constant.