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    Greg, tell me something. Why should mDiyo go out of his way to support you (especially when you're blaming him for a crash you generated and added - I don't care if you consider it an 'exploit' or not, the game works fine and there is no reason to crash the game - a warning works just as well.) when you don't care about supporting him?

    Well the issue at hand is that Greg added a change to vanilla plank recipes, and mDiyo appears to have deliberately overridden that change. So it's not a matter of mDiyo going out of his way to support Greg, it's a matter of mDiyo appearing to have gone out of his way to NOT support Greg.

    The buff is because the BC refinery was MUCH better than the distillation tower.

    I remember the math discussion that happened on this thread a few months ago (which is how i know that it was a 7/8ths reduction to the cost), however since there was never an update note mentioning the buff I didn't know it had been changed.

    You may have not noticed, but biomass -> biofuel (ethanol) have been buffed too.

    I did notice that, and how much better that recipe is than the regular Still recipe, but I felt that the Oil->Fuel recipe was much more notable (and seemingly unnoticed).

    Sidenote : Why C3H5N3O9 (ingame name is glyceryl) is not treated as Nitroglycerin ? That powerful explosive, which could be used as replacement for ITNT in the Implosion Compressor.

    Because we don't want to give Sirus any more ideas.

    I was looking through NEI, and noticed that the Distillation Tower recipe for oil->fuel got buffed, massively. (Energy cost and EU/t reduced by 7/8, and 16 CH4 cells added to the products) I'm wondering when this happened, because I don't remember seeing a note about it.

    Well he didn't read Gregs post (it states that all recent changes have config options) and didn't look at the config first. If he asked for help to locate setting in config the answer would be diffirent.

    There's 9001 people out there that don't fully read the posts or config files, that's nothing new to me (or anyone on this thread). However, two things: 1, these configs are actually rather numerous, a little more spread out, and less obvious than others, and 2, one of the very few things that actually pisses me off is people who respond to questions with condescension, such as your "it's not like some1 force you to play wgt :)" comment.

    Is there an actual config to revert all GregTech difficulty changes?

    GregTech.cfg wrote:

    general {
    B:WoodNeedsSawForCrafting=true (->false)
    B:smallerStoneToolDurability=true (->false)
    B:smallerWoodToolDurability=true (->false)

    DynamicConfig.cfg wrote:

    platesneededforarmormadeof {
    platesneededformiscmadeof {
    platesneededfortoolsmadeof {

    Have not yet located the config entry specifically for the use of hammers/files in tool recipes.

    Don't like it - don't play, it's not like some1 force you to play wgt :)

    That's just kind of a dick way of treating DZCreeper, and the issue at hand. This is where the config files come into play - there's a metric ton and a half of things we like and we want to have that are unique to GregTech, but there's a few things that some people may not want to have, and may want to cut out via the config. If you're going to simply take the "love it or leave it" point of view, especially with that tone, then you don't even deserve the respect I'm giving you by writing this.

    xD Still on stone tools and i just found sapphire xD
    You want the coords?

    But... erm... how are we going to get rubber ;p

    Yes! Iron pick baby! Now i need more wood for sticks... -_-

    (assuming we're on the "GregoriusT" seed) I'm on an island at around +180,+840, about 400m S/SE of my initial spawn point. I covered the island in torches, then covered half of it in saplings and started building my furnaces and stuff on the other half. Right now, I'm busy saying "screw you" to reason, and I'm branch/strip mining out the entire interior of the island. I've burned through about 50 stone picks (I have 4 stacks of logs, 10 stacks of cobble, and about 3 dozen trees waiting to be chopped down...), and I have fortunately found enough iron for 2 axes and 1 pickaxe. The iron pick has so far seen the most use mining Amber (because that's what I keep finding, and it blocks my mining tunnels :cursing: )

    ... and then I accidentally shocked myself (IRL) with a bad plug on a desk fan. 8| ow.


    Edit 2: Turns out, i think there is no mainland ;p Another infi-ocean :(

    I was afraid of that sort of thing, which is why I just set up shop on the first decently-sized island I could find that actually had trees on it.

    edit 2: In my search for said island, I found an abandoned mine shaft in the middle of the ocean. Sapphire coords aren't going to be that useful to me for a really long time, but if you want I could tell you the general coords of this shaft I found?

    I tend to go straight to the TC3 Pickaxe of the core, cause its awesome >:D
    Also, Thanks to armour being harder now, Hardened Leather from Pams is now useful :D
    Good thing that seed spawned me a Candlenut tree, some Coconut trees and some cranberries, cause thanks to hunger overhaul i have already starved to death 3 tiems xD

    I've been able to establish and secure (torch) my island, with solid tree and wheat farms set up. I never did actually die from starvation or the skeletons, but I did drown twice :wacko:

    Interestingly enough, the world gen seed "GregoriusT" has, in my experiments, spawned me on a treeless island in the middle of an ocean. The world I'm on right now, I spent my entire first day swimming, trying to find an island with a tree. Eventually, I found 2 islands with 3 trees combined, and I've set up stop on the larger island, established a wheat and sapling farm, and in between forum posts I'm dodging zombies and skeletons because I'm in the middle of night 3 right now...

    I dont quite understand what you are saying here....

    Is it that mining speed has no impact on mining?
    Or is it that you have difficulty sparing 1 block of iron before you progress onto better equipment to gain extra mining speed, bag space at the cost of 9 measly bits of iron?

    Perhaps it is you that is a miser because you have no concept of time vs gain. Iron is common as anything.

    Iron is common as anything once you're established. Before you really have yourself really built up, iron is a valuable resource available in fairly limited quantities. Cobblestone is a material that, once you've punched down one tree, is completely infinite and effectively valueless. I don't really see the mining speed bonus as being worth burning the iron (especially now with Greg's new nerfs), so I don't have a problem burning off endless streams of cobble and sticks on stone picks. And extra bag space is a non-issue, because you break the stone picks before you start running out of inventory space. That mining setup I talked about, 70% of the time I run out of pickaxes before I run out of inventory space, and 20% of the time (long-run cave explorations) I run out of torches before I run out of either.

    Why do you even use Iron Tools? They aren't better than Stone Tools, but they require Iron. Unless you need an Iron Pick tomine something you can't mine without.

    My standard mining setup has for a long time been to go down into the mines with 3-4 Stone pickaxes, 1 Iron Sword, 1 Stone shovel, a stack of torches, 7 bread, half a stack of cobble, and 1 Iron pickaxe.
    I burn through the stone pickaxes and torches like no tomorrow, use the cobble for bridging, staircases, and dummypoles, only use the Iron when I need to smash through something like Redstone or Diamonds, and recall back to base when out of either stone picks, torches, or inventory slots. (Back on 1.4.7, I would use an RP2 gemstone pickaxe, in the place of the Iron pickaxe.) If I really need to mine something (like Obsidian), I'll take a Diamond pick, but otherwise I never use those. I don't like using the higher-material pickaxes early game because I don't like wasting resources; as Sinnaj points out, there's no real advantage to using Iron over Stone, and once you make your first stone pickaxe cobblestone literally has 0 value.

    The plan I really want to try (haven't gotten to do it yet because I only really thought it through a few hours ago) is a sword-of-some-kind, an Advanced Drill, a Rockcutter, and a Diamond Jackhammer, wearing Nanosuit Helmet, Leggings, and Boots, and a Lappack, with an Electric Jetpack as a backup escape tool.

    Like you use them for long. After the first 3 iron ores i find i make an iron pick.

    Well, I had always been a fan of spamming stone picks because nearly everything you want to mine can be mined with a stone pick. However, this does make life a little more inconvenient during the first few minutes of play, while you're trying to find get the 14 iron you need to make an Iron Pickaxe.

    Seeing as we now have Saws, Files, Hammers, and Wrenches, and they are all used in various crafting low-tech crafting recipes now, could we extend the early-game tech tree a little bit with the addition of (basically 10-durability single-crafting-use) Stone variants of these tools? Considering the existence of the wood/flint and stone Mortars, for low-tech ingot->dust grinding, stone GT tools feel like they would make sense.

    What are doing these buttons?

    All 3 of them toggle a setting involving automatic machine output
    Blue lightning bolt: machine outputs energy
    Orange box with arrow: machine automatically outputs processed items
    Bar / 2 boxes: I don't actually know what that does; I know it has something to do with when the machine's recipes have more than 1 output, but yeah I dunno. Greg?

    IC2 Rubber Wood has always given 3 Jungle Wood Planks from its shapeless crafting wood->planks recipe. It still gives 3 Jungle Wood Planks, and has no Saw recipe. MFR Rubber Wood, same situation.

    Also, I created an issue on the Extra Trees bugtracker for the logs/planks not being in the OreDictionary.

    Added Saw, which is needed to make 4 Planks from a Log, otherwise you get just 2 Planks (that got nerfed, yes, but there is a bunch of Configs for that)
    Many Vanilla things now need Tools to be created.

    Oh the people are going to LOVE this :love:
    GregTech Intergalactical: Making your Minecraft experience more Fun and Realistic, since 2012.

    edit: Also, this makes the GT/TE Sawmill a valuable investment. :D

    Another question/issue,

    I'm feeding a thermal boiler lava & water. It doesn't seem to be getting enough lava at a time, because rather than generating steam it's just consuming the lava and making obsidian (I'm using liquiducts to feed it lava). Could you make it so that if it has lava and water in its input hatches, it will wait until it has the right amount of lava to generate steam with both liquids? Or is there something that you are supposed to do instead that I'm missing?

    Recommend using Tesseracts (TE or GT, doesn't really matter which) to feed it lava, because the Liquiducts may not feed fast enough. That's my thought.

    Since it's way faster using rubies (that you just have to macerate) and that you don't have that 10-->1 rate, I often use rubies as a source of Chrome. Because diamonds are pretty cheap, and not that used by the mods ...

    I just don't mine rubies unless I can silktouch+grinder them, because that makes each ore = 2.5 ruby dust (1.5 dust + 1 ruby). Hell, I'm not using the rubies for anything else. (Sure, maybe the stray Energy Crystal when I can't spare the Diamonds, but by the time I get to the Ruby/Grinder stage, I have the diamonds...)