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    University or any other kind of formal courses are absolutely not needed to learn programming. I've even noticed that by far bigger majority of co-workers I work with as a programmer either have no degree or have degrees on completely unrelated areas. I myself actually didn't finish college because I knew all they could teach me about programming years earlier, all learnt on my own with a couple of books, bit of internet and loads and loads of actually doing stuff.

    Of course going to university probably doesn't hurt either, especially if you don't have enough willpower to invest time in self-teaching.

    I am actually a first-year Theatre major, so yeah what you're doing in college doesn't really tell the story of who you are as a person or what you can do otherwise. Ever since I started playing around with modded Minecraft, back in November, I have been slowly pulled in the direction of programming. (Well, okay, not for the first two or three weeks, when I was playing Tekkit :wacko:) But when I moved (very quickly!) away from pre-assembled mod packs in favor of my own homebrew, I quickly realized that I would need to learn at least a little about how Java worked in order to understand what the hell was going wrong with my mod setup. And, in the last month in particular, I have been pulled more and more strongly in the direction of taking actual programming classes come next fall. (Hell, I already eat, sleep, and breathe computers; I know how they think, but I do not know how to truly communicate with them.)
    This may seem a bit jumbled, but I felt I had to say something here, based on who I am and what this community has started to mean to me.
    (I didn't quote Omicron only because I didn't want the wall-of-text to appear in a third nearly-consecutive place...)

    What mod took a dump in my world?

    Is that a bedrock ancient mine shaft with a bunch of non-block-updated floating ladders? derp minecart tracks... But still, floating minecart tracks? Or am I smoking the same stuff your game is?

    Either way, I want to know what exactly that game is smoking, and where I could get some (so that I could deliberately avoid it)

    Edit 2: actually, the floating tracks look like a block ID got deleted somehow...

    No-no, thats not right. I did not say one actually have to download it. Just make sure its downloadable. Then read inforamation. Then download, if he likes it.

    Do not get me wrong, I really respect all work GregoriusT did. Its a great mod! I know some people do not like it for making things harder, but this is exactly what I like in this mod. Sense of progression and planning and resource management. The only problem with it, that its the pain to find out some information about it. And when I find it, it often is out of date.

    NEI is fine, but it is an external application and may become unsupported anytime. What you guys will do then? Besides some mods in Minecraft are pain to install. Minecraft has the WORST mod installing method of all games I ever saw. In some cases I have to unpack game files and manually add new content in the archive. Its a nonsense. In fact most games forbid this in their licence agreement. Thats not Gregs fault of course.

    Well, this is the thing about adding mods on your own; for every mod you add, you need to check the requirements and install method (which are usually available just by reading the page the mod came from). As for Minecraft's mod installing method, it's because Mojang hasn't gotten around to making the Modding API yet... so the modders are stuck with the old, classic, overwrite-core-game-files solution to modding. (Which is where a lot of cross-mod incompatibility comes from, and why having the Forge API is such a time saver) (and why Better Than Wolves is incompatible with nearly everything...)
    It's not that Minecraft has a bad mod installation method, it's that we have to do it the old, classic way (because a lot of new-age games actually have modding APIs built into them). And truth to be told, this flaw kinda ironically fits in with Minecraft as a whole; it's an incredibly retro game for this day and age.

    Edit: hoho points out the much easier and more flexible solution; I use MultiMC for most of my stuff now (although of course, you do still need to differentiate between Jar mods, Forge Mods, and Forge Core Mods, which requires a tiny bit of reading).

    I don't use Windows 8 because honestly it's not optimized right for use on desktop PCs. It was originally designed as a mobile phone/tablet OS, and it works for that job. It works fairly well on laptops too. But if you're on desktop, Windows 7 is better optimized than Windows 8, in particular for when you're trying to do more than one thing at a time.
    Win8 does have those nice menus though...

    Try the Assembling Machine. The crafting recipes were migrated over to it.

    2. Why there are two industrial centrifuge?! and the distill tower couldnot be crafted becasue it uses the 'invalid' industrial centrifuge

    First off, because 2.90h is for 1.4.7, and Greg is currently working with 1.5.2, bugfixes for 1.4.7 are sadly not possible. Most of the discussion on this was conducted about 50 or 60 pages ago actually...

    The reason for the two I. Centrifuges is because the original I. Centrifuge was not a Meta-Tile Entity (it was the last machine to be converted), and the new one is (and therefore can have upgrades applied). Unfortunately, this fix was not applied by Greg himself (can't remember who did it, i'm sorry, this was weeks ago... was it Mistaqur maybe?), and had the unintended side-effect of accidentally breaking the Distillation Tower recipe. (The recipe still uses the original I. Centrifuge, while the crafting recipe creates the new one.) (2.90g was the actual last version for 1.4.7, with the officially fixed I. Centrifuge, but 2.90g also broke the I. Electrolyzer GUI.)

    Naturally, version 3.00 fixed these problems, but also migrated the mod to 1.5.1.

    Boiler . You can multiply heat value by 45 and get total amount of produced steam in boiler with 36 HP Boiler blocks.

    Actually, that can be a bit misleading. That "heat value * 45 = power" applies after full heat-up, and doesn't account for the heating time. The ever-favorite 36HP boiler takes a long-ass continuous burn time before it's actually more efficient than a normal Combustion Engine. (Read: About a week.) (Read: If you were to spend a week running a rack of Combustion Engines, with the same MJ/t power output as the 36HP boiler, the 36HP would be more efficent. Less than that much time, the Combustion engines would be more efficient.) Solid fuel Boilers on the other hand, while a pain to use, are almost invariably more efficient than any other solid-fueled MJ source. If you're going to be using an enormous amount of power, continuously, for a very long time (like, if you're running 4 Quarries), then a 36HP is the way to go. If you're going to be using less than 9001 MJ/t continuously for a week, then racks of Combustion Engines are probably more efficient.

    If that didn't make sense, I'll try again.

    The heat-up time on a 36HP boiler is so egregiously long and inefficient, that if you were to take an endless supply of fuel and cold-start the boiler with it, and if you were to take that same fuel and put it in an equivalent rack of Combustion Engines, for the first week of operation, the Combustion Engines would have produced more energy for the fuel they burned. So if your 36HP is going to run for more than a week, and you will be continuously using all of its outputted energy, then the 36HP is going to be the way to go.
    (36LP would actually be considerably more efficient than the 36HP actually, and only take a day or two to surpass the Combustion Engines, but of course at half the output.)

    TL;DR version: Long term continuous high-output power supply = 36HP. Any supply lasting less than a week, 36LP, any supply lasting less than 2 days, Combustion.

    'ey Greg, i'm on Cubcraft and I just crafted a Matter Fabricator. Every time I try to right+click it to open its GUI, I am disconnected from the server with the message, "Internal Server Error." No one else is affected, and I can reconnect, but there is no client-side console log output for it.

    (I have already posted on the main CC forums about this bug, however because it is a GregTech machine I thought I should put it here too.)

    I just made an extra batch of Advanced Machine Casings to be able to smelt tungsten, forgetting to use heating coils. What a derp.

    EDIT: After adding coils, the heat is now 3440 K. Is there any advantage having it over 2500 K?

    Tungstensteel @3000 K?

    edit: added a space between "3000" and "K" to clarify "3000 kelvin"

    go to sleep for a night, wake up and find another two pages...

    I have a mod question: ARS MAGICA Never used it looks really neat. What balance issues might their be? I always stayed away from magic mods just because at times they can have some nasty balance effects like spawning diamond blocks out of thing air if you get what I mean.

    I actually like Ars Magica. It's almost a magic-tech crossover, because it has a bit of a tech tree to advance through (not like Thaumcraft research though). Its spell-finding system is a lot like Mystcraft with pages, it adds in some interesting new mobs to fight (and die to :cursing:), and although it does have an EE2-like system of giving a value to every item in the game, the exploitation of this is a lot more TC2-like. (Although every item can be broken down into magical energy, and there are more-or-less free ways of generating said energy, it takes several times more energy to create something than you get from consuming it, and there is a limit to how valuable of things you can magically create.) Its energy and energy transfer systems are intriguing, although from my experiments a bit buggy (having problems getting the energy to correctly flow from point A to point B). The magic-powered armor is quite easily OP, but fits perfectly into the context of the mod (Ars Magica armor is damaged very quickly by attacks, but consumes your mana to regenerate itself, and the higher-tier armors can also cast defensive spells on you). And it even has something for late-game SMP: spell crafting. Several people can team up and create their own mega-spells, by creating this altar-like structure (can't remember what it's called), and all firing spells at it for a while. The result would be a combination of the spells fired into it, OR a massive explosion if they cast too many conflicting spells (sort of like Mystcraft world instability).

    EDIT: forgot the issue I have with Ars Magica: My experience with it is that there is a memory leak in it somewhere. I don't know where, or how, but if I play in a world with it for a while, eventually my FPS starts to chug and I start getting semi-random two or three second freezes. Reloading the world applies a band-aid, restarting MC applies a bigger one.

    I don't but how hard would it be to setup quarry, bars, ender chest, teleport pipes, teslarackythignys, ender bags, 1000 other bags and then Quantum Suit or even Gravi Suit.

    But more info when the world fails I guess what happens? you said 20-30min? What exactly happens then? Can you get back? or does it actually fall into the void like you said till their is nothing left? Could you fly to another part of the world?

    Well, instability and decay come in several flavors. If you have Meteors, then the sky might as well be falling on you because meteors will one-shot you from within a fully charged Modular Powersuit (don't know about Qsuit/Gravisuit for this). If you have random explosions, that's much more mild and you will just have :Nuke TNT: everywhere, and if you have decent armor and a jetpack you'll be fine. Decay can be more problematic. Decay will eat the world away, by transforming adjacent blocks into decay blocks, grey-goo-scenario-style. Colored decay doesn't really do anything, it just consumes stuff around it. White decay blocks will actively damage you (fire-like, about 1 heart/sec) when you stand on them. Black decay can actively destroy blocks (INCLUDING BEDROCK), and cause parts of the world to fall into the void. Yes it is possible to "break" a decay block and control decay, but it's really not worth the trouble because of how fast the stuff spreads, and how much of it there will be in a world with the level of instability that Dense Ores gives. And yes you can move away into unexplored areas of the world, but they won't last any longer than the initial areas, so you're really just running from time, and time always catches up.
    A Quarry wouldn't be really useful to you, as it would probably get destroyed, and/or pointlessly mine as much decay as it did ore. Ender bags and chests would be useful for beaming your stuff back to your overworld factory though.

    And of course, if you get yourself killed in one of these ages you're pretty much screwed, and the only escapes will be about two and a half metric tons of luck, cheats, or deleting the save and starting over.

    Fibre Wire perhaps? You could replace the normal Recipes with that:
    2 Electrum Plates + 1 Diamond Dust = 4 Fibre Wire
    2 Silver Plates + 1 Diamond Dust = 3 Fibre Wire
    2 Redstone + 1 Diamond Dust = 2 Fibre Wire
    1 Fibre wire + 2 Glass = 2 Glass Fibre Cable

    I like that way of doing it, however, it does standardize Glass Fibre cables as being 1 glass/cable (vanilla IC2 1.5 glass/cable). (not a big issue as diamonds are the more relevant resource here, but still noteworthy)

    Suggestion: Wiremill/Assembler Glass Fibre Cable recipe

    (Unless I am hallucinating) there is currently no way of crafting Glass Fibre cables under the new GT autocrafting machines. So, my suggestion:

    Wiremill recipe: 2x Electrum Ingot/Plate + 1x Diamond Dust => 2x "HV Wire"
    Assembler recipe: 1x "HV Wire" + 3x Glass = 4x Glass Fibre Cable

    This is designed as a replacement for the current Electrum-enhanced Glass Fibre Cable crafting recipe.