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    I crafted nano armor with exosuit upgrade module and when I tried to craft it with jetpack for examle, nothing happens, in the output slot of crafting table nothing appears. (I checked mod wiki and I should be doing everything right). I've installed newest (13 and a half) version of mod and also newest IC2 and Forge. Any ideas?

    The wiki isn't updated, you need to use the Armor Assembler now.

    I have noticed some defects in armor skins. Quantum armor (without exo) have a green lights, quantum armor after upgrade have purple lights. quantumjet and quantumstatic still have green lights.

    P.S. Recently I finished retexturing of all ic2ca armors (better resolution). I don't distribute this, but if you want to include it in next modupdate - contact me.

    I'll have a look at those two armors you mentioned.

    As far as new sprites go, I'll take a look at them, but I'm pretty happy with what we have. They are meant to look like the IC2 armors, but combined, and I don't really want them to look much different than the default IC2 armors.

    The main recipe I was looking to craft was the ultimate quantum suit chest plate. I've tried placing the three components into the crafting table (with one of them being upgraded with the exosuit module, ie. Exo-Quantumsuit) in different patterns yet are unable to craft the product.

    However since now the server i'm playing is running the IC2CA v1.13(half) I"m assuming you place the items in the armor assembler now. Yet even then I'm still unable to craft the product.

    Edit: So I recently checked the version of IC2 the server is running, and its v 1.115.207. Which is probably the main reason I can't craft, I will try and get the op to update, and hopefully all works well. Sorry!

    It's partially my fault, like I said, I haven't updated the wiki, so that's probably consuming a lot of people as well.

    Soo I would love it if you would add armor assembler upgrade that make things 10 times Faster (Use's irridium ofcourse)
    Becouse i am tired of waiting soo much time........

    If you scroll up like 3 posts, you'll see me saying that the next version will have upgrades for the assembler to make it faster.

    What is Done ?
    Did you mean Regular Armor Assmebler Or The Instant one ?
    If you meant Instant One Than, YOU LIED TO ME !
    And i Am going to you !

    The upgrades are done, just not released yet.
    And I don't know how it's possible for me to have lied to you when I haven't responded to you until now.

    Amazing! I will probably be using this, good work!

    Thanks :D

    So i've been having trouble being able to craft a few items, mainly combing the components to create the ultimate quantum suit and others.

    Is this due to an un-updated forge, if so what forge version should I be running?

    The only problem that would be caused by an old version of forge would be the armors not doing things every tick (IE, solar helmets wouldnt charge and jetpacks wouldnt fly).
    What recipes are you having trouble with? I haven't updated the wiki in a while.

    can you add an armor assembler that has no recipe and process armors instantly? its for creative mode so that everyone can test the armor combinations at their testworlds without waiting a few hours. XD

    I've already coded in some upgrades for the next version. There is one for survival mode, that will halve the wait time, and one for creative, that processes instantly. Easier than making a whole new machine, plus it's done already :P.

    My goal was a device that doesn't limit me to IC2 armor when using my power tools. I normally use heavily enchanted Thaumium armor and would like to keep it. The second harness is for situations where one piece of energy armor is draining much faster than the others. The quantum boots and helmet usually fall prey to this and the gravisuite chestplate always hurts. Then again a distributor with 2 ultimate lappacks adds 22M EU to the table.

    I might still try the combo as long as I can use the advanced lappack (+1M EU) in it.

    If you're referring to the advanced lappack from gravisuite (or gregtech, I forget which mod it's from and I think they both add one), you can't make a combo armor directly out of them, but you can upgrade the Combo Armors to have more EU than them.

    Right... I'm gonna go through this piece-by-piece. Let me know if I misunderstand any part of your message.

    1) Thank you for adding bow's damage option, but i think that it may be better (good ideas comes late). What you think about nanobow upgrades? Delete option and add force modules (1,2 and 3 level of the Power enchantment). You can also add energy storage upgrade.

    I added the bow option because someone requested it on the wiki.
    The bow can already have energy and overclocker upgrades applied to it.
    As for a damage upgrade... I think the nanobow is slightly out of place in a mod about armors as it is. Due to the popularity of it, I will most likely incorporate weapons more in the future, but for now, I will leave it as-is.

    2) It will be good if you change a nano blade (same upgrades like a bow).

    If you mean I should make a version of the Nano Saber that you can upgrade... again, I don't want to do too much with weapons yet, though I will probably end up adding more stuff to do with them in the future.

    3) It will be amazing if you create a quantbow with insane crafting recipe. Different between nanobow and quantbow - quantbow have antigravity arrow with same modes.

    That has been suggested before.
    I like the idea of anti-gravity arrows, but that's similar to the laser upgrade that is currently half-finished and commented out in the code, and again, since this mod is primarily about armors and their upgrades, I don't want to render one of my upgrades useless with another item.

    4) Very important!!! Quant/Nano Armor + Enchanted Book = Enchanter Quant/Nano Armor. It is unacceptable. Hardcore has disappear. Please, fix it.

    So I was able to understand and respond to those first three parts... but this last one... what?!
    I think you're saying that you want me to make it so that you can't enchant the armors with books... but
    (1) I see no reason to disable this as personally I like it, and
    (2) Thats the only part of this line that I remotely understand.

    can you add a tooltip on the module that says which part it can be attatched to?

    That's a great idea! I'll add that in the next version.

    Make sure you have IC2 v1.115.208 or later. That will happen if you have 1.115.207 or earlier.

    First, i really like your mod, i hated it to switch every time the lappack with the jetpack!

    I just downloaded the new 1.13 (1/2) to replace the old 1.13 and i'm wondering that im not flying while pressing space,
    is this a bug or im just too stupid to find the new button for flying? :D

    Edit: It looks like nothing works, solar helmets dont charge anymore..

    None of the armors abilities will work unless you update forge. I don't know exactly what version you need, but relatively recent. I'll try and get the exact number for you.

    I have ultimate quantum chest (lap-pack, jet-pack). When I hit space to jump, i fly. When you try to super-jump with quantum-boots, you fly a little and don't jump. I find it a little annoying while mining and it makes working above y189 a little tedious as well since I cant jump. But taking off my ultimate armor and using a plain lap-pack defeats the purpose of the add-on in the first place. Thus, I would like to be able to toggle the jet pack off so I can jump.
    edit: not flight upgraded.

    Aah, ok.
    I guess I can add that in the next version.

    If possible I would appreciate the ability to toggle the jetpack on/off. Quantum boots are kinda pointless if you are flying and not jumping.

    What do you mean? If you're talking about the not-flight upgraded jetpacks.... they're supposed to act exactly like the IC2 ones.
    If you do have it upgraded though (which I'm assuming you do, since you said 'flying'), you can enable flight mode without actually activating flight (IE, have flight mode enabled but don't double tap space-bar). Unlike the GraviChestPlate, it only consumes energy if you're actually flying.

    Just posted v1.13 and a half. It's mainly bug fixes, but it also has some of the (not fully finished) cross-mod compatibility:

    -Reorganized stuff again. Nothing you should notice, but if recipes don't work or items disappear, let me know.
    -Fixed a bug with versions of IC2 after 1.115.222
    -Fixed solar and static items not charging armor properly
    -Added a config option for the Nano Bow's damage; default 0. Increasing it will add as much damage as a Power enchantment of that level would. Primarily for use with mods like DivineRPG, as requested by a user.
    -Added the base stuff for integrating other mods. NOTE: You'll get messages saying it succeeded or failed to load AdvancedSolarPanels, GregTech, and Gravisuite. They don't actually do anything yet.
    -Added integration for Compact Solars:
    -Solar hats can be used in place of Solar Helmets, and the items produced will default to having as much EU production as the solar hat its made from.
    -Solar arrays can be used to make more effecient solar upgrades. Use the same recipe as the normal solar upgrade, but with gold or fibre glass cable for the MV and HV ones.
    -Increased the default max production value to 512 so that there is a point to using HV ones. NOTE: For obvious reasons, this won't override your config. Either delete your config so it regens, or change it manually.

    IC2 230 forg 534
    IC2 213 ok

    I already know about this.
    It was also already reported, like 5 or so posts ago. I understand why some mod authors get frustrated now.
    I have a fix for it already, but my internet has been complete crap lately and I haven't been able to upload it.
    It's due to IC2, so for now just use anything 222 or earlier.

    I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here, but none of the actual combo armors have any recipes, according to NEI. Exo suits, however, craft perfectly fine.
    I'm thinking it may have something to do with having charge level, and I'll do some quick tests to confirm... Did you add recipes which included that?
    EDIT: Nope, not the charge level... The suits simply won't craft beyond an exo upgrade.

    EDIT2: Nevermind, someone needs to update the wiki...

    Yeah, I haven't finished the NEI plugin yet. All the recipes (except the exo's) got moved to the Armor Assembler.

    Can you add compatibility with gravisuite? I would love to have the benefits of the ultimate solar helm and the regular quantum helm

    And what difference would it make?
    The ultimate solar helmet... is just a solar helmet that produces a lot of EU.
    But the Solar Quantum Helmet can be upgraded to produce a lot of EU as well... it would be pointless, unless I'm misunderstanding what you're asking.

    I'm currently working on cross mod integration, and I am making compatibility for GraviSuite, but all it will do is allow you to convert the Ultimate Solar into an already-upgraded Solar Quantum and convert the GraviChestPlate into an upgraded Ultimate QSuit (you know, for once you realize how much awesomer IC2CA is :P).