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    I think he was.

    Yep, I'm derp.

    Tipred will you still be playing on the server?

    Yes. :] If he lets me... I was kind of mean to just abandon the server. (But I guess people should be grateful I hosted it in the first place) I'm sure fallen will do a much better job of hosting the server, I'm not the best at deciding what to do with bans and stuff.

    I am willing to try to pick up the server, I would Like all of the files though, not just a back up.

    Thank you, I'm just going to give you FTP access through a PM. Download Filezilla or something to access the files.
    EDIT: Crap, the server got suspended because I didn't pay the bill. I'm going to send the server host (Exodus hosting) a support ticket asking them to give me 2 more days of access, hopefully they'll be nice.
    EDIT 2: They just gave me a download link... much simpler.
    EDIT 3: PM'd you the download link... don't want to make it public.

    Well i know that. But what I am saying is you need to give everyone a warning before the server shuts down. Anyways, we need to find a new server in the meantime.

    It's not like I know I'm going to be shutting the server down a couple weeks in advance. I told everyone the day I decided to shut it down.

    Huh, well thanks for the warning? Kinda selfish of you to just abandon a community like that. I would take over, but i dont have the money, nor the time to do it. Will someone step up?

    I know... But what am I supposed to do? Keep paying the bills even though it's dead and I don't play on it?

    I joined another server and lost interest in this one... So I abandoned this server and then decided to nuke my base. I still have a backup, but I don't really care much. If somebody wants to take over the server (That includes paying bills) let me know via PM or this thread.

    Hey tipred3:
    Every time I launch FTB Launcher and try to launch Ultimate, it asks me if I want to update or not. I haven't updated in order to play but, does this mean that you have to update the server to the new version?

    I updated the server a couple days ago, but they might have made a new update. Try updating FTB and if you can't join the server, let me know and I'll update it.

    Username: UltraShip
    Main mods you like: IC2, Advanced solar panels, Gregtech (sometimes it's the mod I hate the most because of the nerfs, but it has very cool stuff).
    Experience: I have been playing since IC2 1.95b... I love it and I know everything from it (except the new reactor system, I hate nuclears). Even then I still don't understand why I can't put netherrack in a generator to burn forever :P
    About me: I like being in a safe and friendly, little-server. I like building underground, hidden, secret, expensive, big bases to surprise and help people giving them what they need at that time. I mainly use renewable energies (SOLAR IS MY MAIN POWER SOURCE, omg I said my weakness) and optimize everything so it has maximum efficiency. It's the first time that I'll enter a whitelist server, and I think I'm not going to regret it. :)

    The most important thing about me? I know justice, what things are right and what are wrong. I will never be a bad person to anybody. I have the personality of a kid (the good part of it; imagination, being positive) and I'm highly friendly and competitive. I will never surrender. I've never had ban problems ;) Trust me.

    Whitelisted :)

    Hey, Unk. So i did the new update, because before i was getting the Twilight Forest error that deimo had. So when i updated, now i cant even launch ftb? Idk what happened.. I'm working on a fix, but is the server updated yet?

    One last thing.... I am going on spring break tomorrow, so... I wont be on as much as normal.

    Yea, the server is updated. Reinstalling FTB completely fixes the problem 70% of the time. Also, have a good spring break!

    Hm, this time when I went through my nether portal my client died, and dies every time I login now... odd. Whenever your interwebz are working again, can you move me back to overworld?

    Sure uh... when should we get on? 8:00 GMT? And btw, the server should be fixed, I deleted all the server files then installed them again.

    EDIT: The server keeps running out of memory, I don't know what to do. I could make my own non-laggy modpack and get rid of a ton of mods, but that would require people to download other stuff...

    My internet is messed up and insanely slow, so I can't update the server to fix your errors. As soon as it works again I will update the server and post in the thread that its updated.

    I encountered problems with java, so first I did a computer restart. Then I reinstalled Java. After that I reinstalled FTB, but now it says that I don't have twilight forest, but I checked the mods, and it is still there. For some reason I can't join, so I don't know what to do.

    I haven't updated the server yet, it should be fixed some time tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

    Yup, I'm whitelisted now, but Forge says the server wants a different version of twilight forest (1.15.3), the ultimate pack currently has 1.15.4.

    Edit: Manually downgraded the mod, was able to log in.

    That's annoying, it didn't tell me there's a modpack update when I logged in. Maybe it only installs the latest version of twilight forest if you manually reinstall the modpack