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    As someone that started playing and moderating this server recently I was not around for this particular incident.

    Though I know for a fact tipred3 is a very lenient admin, You obviously broke the rules (I'm not saying intentionally) and got banned.

    I am sorry if you put a lot of time into this server but I think your going to have to live with it.

    This wasn't the first time he was duplicating items, I told him before if he did it again he was going to get banned.

    WTF man i wasnt duping u took my iridium so if i "duped" and u took the ""duped" item,u would be banned too. Plus, ur trying to think immaking an excuse by editing my config. I rlly did do that sicne of the quantum leggings speedthing

    When I asked you where you got the Irdium, twice, you didn't answer... As far as I know, there is no possible way you could have gotten that iridium, unless someone gave it to you. If you can tell me a valid explanation on where you obtained that Iridium, I will unban you...

    EDIT: And I got my iridium from the tunnel bore.

    High Orbit Nuke Cannons :evil:

    Anyways, the cape thing I'm okay with, but I agree, there needs to be a configuration for the people with crappy internet.

    If you don't have the Internet to download a 10kb text file, then I doubt you can play on a minecraft server where you have to download millions of blocks/entities.

    Still, I prefer this way more than what the OP did. Unless I had some sort of multitasking machine, which processed multiple types of items at a time, then I'd rethink my design.

    And I don't really care about which way causes slightly more lag or not.

    The whole point of this thread was to make a lag-free ore proccessor

    Hey, I noticed I still haven't been unbanned. The name's LastChickenX. I would like to get back to work on my stuff, so the faster you unban me, the better. Also to add to what Kobi just said: We thought we were in the Lich's castle and they were the lich's machines, so we broke them because thats what we thought you were supposed to do. It was an honest mistake, but I can see how it looks fishy.

    I find your attempt at getting unbanned amusing.

    Just saying we were not stealing Thepwnerkid's machines and equipment. We were merely just destroying, we had no interest to take the things.

    You're even admitting you knew it was his base and you were destroying it?

    @bove AE is the best mod for systems and Gregtech(Cheaper and better for smaller automation, that should not use the system up, but laggier) is very well for smaller stuff, like usless Biofuelfactories.

    Yea, making giant pipes of small electric buffers not only would take up a ton of EU, but it would look ugly and take up 2 blocks because you need to power it.

    It seems like I got banned but i have no idea why, I mean I just found a treasure house and then some dude beat me up and then I got banned.

    See the next quote to see why you got banned.

    Same here. I was just minding my own business harvesting a castle when some guy jumps in and kills my friend, so I grab a book and teleport to a new place where I meet a creeper, and diamond plated zombie. After quickly dispatching those two, the creeper seemed to respawn and kill me. All and all, it was a weird event and I was banned shortly after. Perhaps this is a mistake?

    First of all, you were not harvesting a "castle." You were stealing Thepwnerkid's machines and equipment. You know exactly why you got banned.

    Whitelist application:
    Username: Nat10000
    Main mods you like: Gregtech, IC, Redpower
    Experience: Multiple years of MC, and I learned FTB with a vengeance =)
    About me: I enjoy making overcomplicated things in the smallest space possible. This usually leads to a spaghetti room instead of a machine room and my bees being forced to breed with no others but somehow still pooping out babies. But I love it ^^


    Username: Jman2345678
    Main mods you like: The mod I tend to use most is Computercraft. I am also getting into bees along with Redpower 2 and Thaumcraft.
    Experience: I have been playing Minecraft with mods long before the FTB packs and even Technic/Tekkit. I have used most mods but there are a select few I feel comfortable putting scarce resources into.
    About me: I am a friendly and helpful person. I am always looking to assist anyone however I can.


    If I shouldn't use RP, what should I use? Gregtech?

    The Redstone Pnematic tubes are for nothing, I originally had a timer hooked up to them with filters pulling out of the machines. (But that didn't work) And what is wrong with using redstone dust? It's just to make sure that the timer pulses the pnematic tube. And it was a 2s timer btw. Do restriction tubes cause more lag than just having nothing? I thought of using the distance thing but just to make sure I used restriction tubes. The void pipe/hopper thing never worked, I have a filter outputting into obsidian pipe then void pipe now. I thought lava caused lag... guess not. And i'll probably put relays on the front of my machines, I want to be able to shove as many items in the ender chest as I want at a time and have them all get processed.

    I'll whitelist you both the next time I get on. (In about 15 hours) I would whitelist you now but I'm in bed on my iPod.

    You two are whitelisted now.

    Wait!?! What? Does the iPod really have access to the Internet in Browser-Format so that you can use it on this Forum?

    Yes, I use chrome though if that makes a difference. And I have the iPod touch 5th generation.

    @Greg Via WLAN, I think.
    But, as far as I know, Safari is the only aviable browser.

    Nope, you can use chrome.

    Whitelist application:
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    Whitelisted, welcome to the server!

    I Didn't Expressed The way i Wanted To, I Do Like Complicated Stuff, But Like: If I'm Gonna Build A Tree Farm, I'm Gonna Use Forestry, Not Thaumcraft, But I Would Automatized The Farm, Not With BC (There Is Easier) I Would Use Golems (Because Is Diferent)
    And If Can I Would Like To Be Whitelisted, Because This Is Not My First FTB Server, I Used To Play With Mindcraft Before.

    okee well my username is 88meepking and i hope you see this soon getting really pumped to play heh

    I'll whitelist you both the next time I get on. (In about 15 hours) I would whitelist you now but I'm in bed on my iPod.

    Can I Ask Why?

    I don't think this server's right for you, it's supposed to be a really technical and complicated server and it sounds like you just want to do really simple stuff. If you really want to join I can whitelist you. Also, it's A Bit Weird Capatalizing Every Letter xD

    Username: MDetonados
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    Experience: I Have Been Playing Since Beta 1.2, And With Mods Since Beta 1.3
    About Me: I Don't Like To Complicate The Simple; I Can't Make Houses And Stuff Like That, But I Can Build The Best Machinary Stuff; I Do Textures For Mods In Faithful 32x32;I Do Write Evrething With The First Letter On Caps, As You May Notice.

    Sorry... Not Whitelisted.