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    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Advanced Solar Panels v3.4.5
    + Fixed all tiers of charging items (both in SolarPanels and Helmets)
    + Fixed recipe load in Molecular Transformer (when delete some mods recipes not load correctly)
    + Fixed recipe of Advanced Solar Helmet
    + Improved NEI integration in Molecular Transformer
    + Improved GUI of Molecular transformer (now numbers are divided by the digit)
    + Added Molecular Transformer recipes file. Now Molecular transformer is fully configurable !!! You can add new own recipes and change it in "AdvancedSolarPanel_MTRecipes.cfg".

    Ahh great mod, glad to see it updated. Had a little play around with it and I noticed a something I would like you to clarify please.
    Are the ultimate solar arrays meant to only charge Tier 3 Items? because I tried throwing some quantum in there and a gravi chest plate and the only thing that charges was the ultimate solar helmet.
    This also applies to the ultimate solar helmet as it wasn't charging quantum armor, only nano armor.

    Yeap, i forgot fix new tiers. I will fix it in new version !

    Thank you for the update!
    There is one small issue, although not a problem. Adv. Solar Panels now causes this warning to be spammed in the server console with every tick:
    2013-11-25 10:19:53 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.addTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b) is conflicting with advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@73a72547 using the same position (already added, prev. te not removed, overlapping), aborting
    2013-11-25 10:20:53 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b) wasn't found (added), skipping

    I will check it !

    Please ported mod on 1.6.2
    Download it in "old versions" (link at first page).Вы немного не поняли друг друга. Стоит сервер 1.6.2. На нём установлен IC experimental и ASP. Но вот беда - солнечные панели нельзя скрафтить так как в рецепте используется устаревший ингредиент.
    Собственно вопрос: Не могли бы вы портировать (пересобрать) ASP v3.4.3 для того, чтобы не надо было переходить на версию 1.6.4?

    Сейчас это уже будет затрудительно сделать, переходите на новую версию MC и IC, тем более, что в новых версиях IC исправленна тонна багов.

    it crashed and I don't know why

    Please attach full crash log.

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Advanced Solar Panels v3.4.3
    + Ported to Minecraft 1.6.4 and > IC2 2.0.300 experimental
    + Added new device "Molecular Transformer". Principle of operation - nuclear transmutation of elements ultra-high magnetic field with microwave radiation ! (you can see all recipes in NEI by click on progress bar in GUI).
    + Fixed all recipes (no need matter now and other old items)

    Design of MT:

    P.S. Big thanks Krezzard for modeling and textures. Mak326428 for Nei integration and recipes handler.

    Attaching a completely untested version of APM for IC2 Experimental after directly merging in Adamros code changes. Let me know if something is horribly broken.

    All work ok, but you need to fix the tiers of charging items. HV Charging Bench - max Tier 4. MV - Tire 3 .... Now max Tiers in HV is 3.

    "tires", i think he means Tiers, as most IC² items got bumped up one tier. ~SpwnX
    P.S. Yeap, i was mistaken :) ~ SeNtiMeL

    Addon updated !
    ChangeLog of Gravitation Suite 1.9.8
    + Fixed bug with discharge at GraviChestPlate and UltimateLappack
    + Changed balance of Items:
    AdvLapPack, advJetPack and AdvNanoChestPlate 1 000 000 eu -> 3 000 000 eu,
    UltimateLappack and GraviChestPlate 10 000 000 eu -> 30 000 000 eu,
    Vajra - 1 000 000 eu -> 3 000 000 eu,
    GraviTool - 100 000 eu -> 300 000 eu,
    AdvDDrill, AdvChainSaw 15 000 eu -> 45 000 eu

    Wait normal updated version for MC 1.6.4

    as well as compiling GraviSuite for 1.6.4(IC2-272 experimental) i also took the effort to compile a version for AdvancedSolarPanels, you can get it from here

    hopefully the author wont mind as i mentioned in gravisuite thread, thanks for a awesome mod :)

    Thank you for support my addons :) ASP new version is coming soon. I am working on device which replace "matter" in ASP recipes. Develop sample of this device you can see here. This is "Molecular Transformer". Principle of operation - nuclear transmutation of elements ultra-high magnetic field with microwave radiation. Some result sample: 1 iron ingot + 10 000 000 eu = 1 iridium ingot.