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    You'd want to have a look inside the Binnie's Mods jar to see the structure of the assets/<mod>/textures/* files and folders to see how much it lines up to the resource pack's. If you're lucky there shouldn't be too much to move around.

    Okay, I thought of that, I didn't want to mess around until I knew what I was doing. So the folder structure's should be identical, I'll try that.

    BDCraft has a pack for Binnie's Mods (forestry stuff, extra bees etc.). There is an updated 1.12 pack, but it doesn't load.

    There was a time when I would know how to fix this, but that part of my brain is gone.

    I realize this isn't an IC2 question, but I'm asking. Do any of you super smart guys have any tips on what to check?

    Is this where you want your bug reports now? The re-direct in the bug forums is no longer working.

    In v200, the Scanner will not scan anything. The Pattern Storage incorrectly reports the amount of UU-Matter and Energy, and the Replicator also incorrectly reports the amount of UU-Matter and Energy and will not actually make anything. It will drain all your UU-Matter if you try to make something.

    Minecraft 10.2

    Forge 2281

    IC2 200

    Here's the crash log with v200 loaded:

    That's great news about Nuclear Control!

    My Advanced Machines is 60.0.0. I would love to update, but I saw you mention that it requires 192 or newer. As I said, everything above 190 crashes my client and server both. I'm using the newest Forge, and I have also used older versions with the same result.

    Any suggestions?

    Hey guys.

    When crafting the Impellerized Roller, it did not consume the Forge Hammers as per the recipe.

    I have placed the Impellerized Roller on LV Copper Cable, but the machine will not power up. Is it designed to not work with LV, or could this be a bug?

    Does this machine also do the cutting and extruding the same way the Metal Former does? I didn't see anything obvious in the UI to switch modes?

    I'm on Forge 2281 and IC2 190 (everything newer than 190 crashes).

    Lastly, unrelated to this topic, but who can we bribe to get Nuclear Control updated? That other group that was doing something similar seems dead.

    Keep up the good work guys, the new site looks great.

    I have put together a bunch of 128x resource packs using all SPHax BDCraft. There is a Gravisuite resource pack for Minecraft 1.7.10 that looks great, but doesn't seem to work in 1.10.2 (the default textures show).

    Here is a link if you want to look at it:…avitation-suite-t187.html

    Any ideas on how I could make this work? Could it be that the assets are named differently now?

    Quoted from "mustangdood"

    The only thing left unresolved, is the issue with the Steam Turbine constantly exploding. I understood what you said, but it's not actually working the way you describe. Pushing only 1 mb/t of Steam into the Steam Turbine, which has a Condenser next to it, still explodes constantly.

    Maybe this is a bug?
    1 mb/t of steam is very little (do you mean 1mb/t of water's worth of steam?). Either way, it should still work. Has the condenser filled up with distilled water? It's water tank is quite small relatively.

    Yeah sorry, 1 mb/t of water. The condenser fills with steam, and the steam is quickly converted to distilled water. The tank storing the distilled water has plenty of room. If you watch the condenser, it easily keeps up with the steam coming in; neither the internal steam or water tank is ever full.

    If you place a 2nd condenser next to the turbine, no steam will be used. I assume that means that all of the available steam can be handled by a single condenser.

    Basically, the setup is producing the least amount of steam from the least amount of heat. The condenser is easily keeping up, but the turbine is still constantly exploding.

    Thanks for the replies, it's appreciated.

    The only thing left unresolved, is the issue with the Steam Turbine constantly exploding. I understood what you said, but it's not actually working the way you describe. Pushing only 1 mb/t of Steam into the Steam Turbine, which has a Condenser next to it, still explodes constantly.

    Maybe this is a bug?

    On a side note, I really like the Railcraft boiler setup. Unfortunately, in the 1.10.2 version of Railcraft it's bare bones. No boilers. Not much of anything really.

    I returned to Minecraft and IC2 recently, and I'm working with all 10.2 mods on a dedicated Survival server. My IC2 build is 2-2.6 190-ex110.

    Let me start by saying I love this new chain, it's really fun. I really appreciate the complexity of it, and that you can create a closed system that involves so many different things.

    Having said that, the whole steam thing in IC2 is new to me, and I have some questions. It could be that I don't fully understand the mechanics, or that the development of these new machines is still a WIP. Here is what I what I tried doing:

    I had lava in a railcraft tank. Using EnderIO conduits, I piped the lava into an IC2 Liquid Heat Exchanger. I piped the Pahoehoe Lava from the Liquid Heat Exchanger into a tank for later disposal. I used Heat Conductors in the Liquid Heat Exchanger (more on this later). For the most part this all seemed to work.

    I used a Steam Boiler adjacent to the Liquid Heat Exchanger. I piped steam from the boiler to a tank. Distilled water was piped into the Boiler from another tank (filled from the turbine and condenser). I set the bars to 0 (more on this later) and the output to 1 mb/t (more on this later). This machine kind of works, but not as I expected.

    Steam from the tank was piped into a Steam Turbine (machine) with a Steam Turbine (part) in it. Distilled Water was piped from this machine to a tank. The Steam Turbine functioned, but would constantly explode. The amount of kinetic energy produced would fluctuate, and I couldn't find a way to control how much steam I was pushing into the machine (more on this later).

    A Condenser was adjacent to the Steam Turbine. It would collect Steam and then convert it to Distilled Water, which was piped into a tank. The heat vents seemed to do the opposite of what I expected them to do, adding them made the machine much less efficient; it held more steam longer and produced far less Distilled Water. I thought the idea was to manage the steam by converting it to Distilled Water as fast as possible, because when the steam in the machine is full it no longer prevents explosions? In any configuration, the Steam Turbine would continue to explode constantly.

    A Kinetic Generator was adjacent to the Steam Turbine as well. The generator would create around 40 eu, but this did fluctuate.

    Okay so hear are some of my questions:

    1. Are these machines working as intended?
    2. The rate at which lava is consumed in the Liquid Heat Exchanger seems very high. So high, that it might be impractical? If the only time heat is created is when lava is converted to pahoehoe, you can really consume a lot of lava very fast. What do you do with that much Pahoehoe when so much is created so quickly? Is this working correctly?
    3. The Heat Conductors confuse me. I understand that you create more heat by adding in the Heat Conductor, but what exactly is the math here? One seemed to do nothing, but multiples of two did something. Any more than two didn't seem to give any benefit, as you can increase the temperature on the Steam Boiler regardless of how you have the Liquid Heat Exchanger setup.
    4. I don't really understand how the Steam Boiler controls work. How do you make more regular steam? Increasing the water or the bars of pressure didn't seem to increase steam output.
    5. Does super heated steam work? I tried creating it with 221 bars of pressure, but the Steam Turbines seemed to work exactly the same, and I couldn't chain two of them together.
    6. The Steam Turbine constantly explodes regardless if it's alone, with a Condenser, or with another Steam Turbine. How do you prevent this?
    7. The Condenser doesn't seem to relieve pressure of the Steam Turbine. How do you do this?
    8. What effect do the Heat Vents have? It seems to be working in reverse where adding them makes the machine work slower and less efficiently?
    9. I used Copper Insulated cables from the Kinetic Generator, and they melted. The reported voltage was well under 128 EU/t, so that wasn't what I expected. Am I missing something here?
    10. Given the complexity of the whole system and all of the machines and parts involved, I expected a lot more EU to be produced in the end. You can setup a single Wind Turbine in about 5 minutes with only basic materials, and make more power! Is this still being balanced?

    Clearly I need some help here. If anyone can give me some assistance it would be appreciated. I really like the whole idea!

    It's great to still see IC2 alive, and some of the old timers like Choco are still moving it forward. You're doing god's work son. :P

    Yeah, with very little/no AE crystals I'm a long way off an AE system

    Go mining probably, no other method lights the dug area with torches

    I will take a look at Steve's Carts. It's been a long time since I last used it.

    I increased the cluster of AE Quartz by 2, for new spawns (2 extra will spawn). I'm also going to look (again) at re-popping ores. The last time I tried this, I had numerous issues that I didn't have time to resolve. I will pick a time that the server is not busy, and see if I can get it done.

    On another note, I just reviewed all of our mods for updates. I see a few minor fixes, but nothing big, so I don't have a planned date for updating the pack yet.

    The smelteries bugged out last night without any automation. They are just not stable in many configurations. Maybe it was 9 3 high smelteries being so close together, but whatever it happens just as soon as I finish building the smelteries(placing the controller as the final block) and the chunk is loaded the next time. Personally, i'm just not going to use smelteries at all. IC2 ore processing is better anyway and the tools from the TC are slower than the thaumcraft wands for most jobs, so i'm not going to miss anything from TC.
    Also it doesn't matter to me either way, but the tablets had nothing to do with the problem outside of clicking the drain. The real problem was the redstone timer circuit hitting 3 drains at once with a redstone signal in the oreberry farm while the chunks were still loading, which was still active after the tablet was removed because I had forgotten it was sealed in the wall. That is why removing the tablet initially did not resolve the problem. The issue was a combination of the lag from the drains and whatever is causing the smelteries to lag when they are built so close together. I've been able to reproduce the same effect on my test server with a similar smeltery setup as I was using on Saga which nearly brought the test server to its knees. Anywho, tablets can be banned but you're likely going to have further issues with smelteries on down the road when you get a player that thinks outside the box. Quite simply, they are a ticking time-bomb.

    Have you reported the issue(s)? You should do so, especially if it can be reproduced. I'll keep my eye on new versions of TC for a fix.