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    Unfortunately Project Red is not compatible. Extra Utilities and Factorization offers duplicated functionality with the other mods. Ender Storage, Portal Gun, and Morph are too imbalanced, and don't fit well with the pack.

    Mystcraft, Thermal Expansion, and Open Blocks are being tested / evaluated.

    As already mentioned, new to the pack in the next update is Tinker's Construct, Advanced Solars, and Bibliocraft.

    I appreciate the suggestions, thank you!

    Any ideas what the problem is with this error message in my SMP server console?

    24.11 02:00:35 [Server] WARNING EnergyNet.addTileEntity: aroma1997.compactwindmills.TileEntityLV@2d92ca8 (aroma1997.compactwindmills.TileEntityLV@2d92ca8) is conflicting with aroma1997.compactwindmills.TileEntityLV@46dd8b65 using the same position (already added, prev. te not removed, overlapping), aborting

    ok, so here is my problem. I have been trying to get ic2 experimental to work on my server with no luck so far. ;( I use a hosting service, i have tried using ftp to install on server side and it won't run the server, and gives no codes as to why. Then i talked to the hosting service IT, he told me it need to be done only on client side of the game and it should work. So i did this... and bam! it works on single-player. :thumbup: Now when i log into the server it doesn't work at all. :evil: It will not let me place blocks or make anything. I thought that maybe it was possible that i am missing it on the server side, so i installed it once again on the server side and started the game only to get ID mismatch code. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i might try differently?

    You will need custom jar support, and have to install forge.

    Do Forestry farms work with IC2 crops, and if so which electron tubes do I use?
    With the old single block farms from pre 1.5, which one of those would I use?

    I'm pretty sure you cannot use IC2 crops in a multifarm. The fertilizer isn't even the same. I'm not sure about pre 1.5, maybe someone else knows more about the farms before they were changed.

    I would like to join your server... but I also would like to see more mods... I mean tech mods like enderio and some others.

    Is this a whitelist server ? If yes.. please.. whitelist me... Tozzy2012

    Thank you !

    I like EnderIO, I'm familiar with it's basics. The last time I checked, it was still in pretty frequent development and tuning cycles. I'll go take a look and see where it's at now.

    What other tech mods are you interested in?

    I'm in final testing with configuration now. I'm taking my time to make sure there is enough interest before I start paying on a monthly server plan.

    EDIT: I have added Twilight Forest and Gravisuite, and am testing out Ender IO to make sure it doesn't have any big issues.

    Server closing on January 27, 2014.

    Minecraft Forge 1.6.4- is required. We are using the latest development builds for most of the mods; enjoy the cutting edge features, and be patient with undiscovered bugs! Guests are required to register after they have connected, and will be upgraded to member (builder) status within 24 hours (usually much quicker).

    Server Rules

    • MustangDood is the Admin.
    • Give each other plenty of space to build.
    • If you grief, you get banned for life. No warning, no appeal.
    • If you dupe, or exploit bugs intentionally, you will be banned.
    • If you break into someone's house uninvited, you will be banned.
    • If you take someone else's items without permission, you will be banned.
    • If you ask for hand outs, you will get kicked.
    • No conversations about illegal activities, including drugs.
    • Play nice, and have fun!

    Mod Pack:

    News 12/28/2013
    I have changed to a new Service Host (The Smelter). Unfortunately, this means a new IP and port (in the image above). Also, if you want your old waypoints back, go to the following folder and rename the file with the old IP to the new IP: mods/VoxelMods/voxelMap

    An optional Resource Pack is provided (link below), including all Sphax PureBDCraft 64x patches.

    Live Streaming will be broadcast on a regular basis, with the possibility of content to be shared on my YouTube channel. By connecting to the server, you implicitly agree to this.

    Installation Instructions -
    Live Stream -

    Forge (FML) -
    Required Mods - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…39324/Required%20Mods.rar
    Optional Mods - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…39324/Optional%20Mods.rar
    Optional 64x Resource Pack - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.…

    Yeah, that's not good. I looked around the Nether for about 45 minutes, and couldn't find a single block. I previously hadn't explored very fall at all, so I'm positive I generated new chunks. I'm wondering if the ore is actually spawning naturally?

    As far as heating up a boiler with Ethanol, that's pretty crazy. I prefer to use the largest size high pressure boilers, so they run easier long term. It takes ages to make that much ethanol!

    Did you know that Raiclraft recently - in the release before the fuel nerf in fact - added an item, found in the nether, that has no other purpose but to heat up boilers really quickly? ;)

    Ahhh, no kidding? I will definately look into that. :whistling:

    Lava is a bad fuel game play wise, it's so easy to automatically get from the nether in practically unlimited quantities through various transport mechanisms that it eliminates energy as one cost component to a large degree. From a physics point of view the energy lava contains is just its heat compared to obsidian, so geothermals should probably just convert lava+cooling (water?) to obsidian and a small amount of energy from the heat differential.

    The semi fluid generator uses fuel values which we considered to be reasonable and are fairly close to the Forestry bio generator or other low end energy producers.

    BC fuel values changed to get closer to their originally intended ones and being more in line with solid fuel. The RC boiler is intended to be significantly more efficient than using the fuel directly in engines/generators, but not by a huge amount.
    Being able to run your whole late game setup from just a fairly small tree farm or small amounts of oil and therefore being the by far best energy source is not what we're looking for. You'd have to think quite long term to have a benefit from large scale, fail safe and zero maintenance options like solars, wind or rtgs considering their huge initial cost.

    I appreciate you sharing the thought process. This makes sense to me, I'm always in favor of balance.

    I always use a combination of energy sources, including boilers, SFG, nuclear, geo, and wind. I'm not a fan of the water, it would be great to see something new with water mills.

    The only thorny part with the new heat values in Railcraft, is how incredibly hard it would be to heat up a high pressure boiler. I'll wait for someone to make the "electric heater" mod. :P

    Yep, absolutely. Without proper documentation, everyone speculates based on the bits and pieces of information we can find, which as you pointed out can be stale.

    Having all of those mods working cooperatively to balance should be a successful approach. I say "should", because the first hint of balance (fuel and ethanol heat values) was very shortsighted.