[Bug] v200 Scanner, Pattern Storage, Replicator

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    In v200, the Scanner will not scan anything. The Pattern Storage incorrectly reports the amount of UU-Matter and Energy, and the Replicator also incorrectly reports the amount of UU-Matter and Energy and will not actually make anything. It will drain all your UU-Matter if you try to make something.

    Minecraft 10.2

    Forge 2281

    IC2 200

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    I think the UU graph broke in 198 when Player changed it a little, and as a result everything has a value of infinite UU to reproduce (which the scanner automatically detects means it can't be made so doesn't allow insertion).

    The Mantis bug tracker is where bugs should go though, looks like the link on the bug section broke but the link on the top bar still works. http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=2157 seems to be exactly what you're seeing too.

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