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    So I'm confused with the extrabiomes. I found on the wiki that bauxite spawns in forest and plains biomes, and I'm currently mining under a shrubland biome from extrabiomes. It's very frustrating as I can't seem to find any bauxite to work with. Should I just do all my mining in a mystcraft world that has specific biomes set up?

    And the rest of the logfile. (part 2/2)

    Returning from an age (part 1 of logfile)

    I'm getting weird logs from IC2 when I'm starting my maps and switching ages in mystcraft. I think it's IC2 based off the console log.

    I can get this to repeat every time I join a map with IC2 things running.

    Starting the world up for the first time.

    I'm not sure about power output.
    I'm getting same amounts of EU/t per pulse as before.
    Single cell: 1 pulse, 1*10 = 10eu/t
    So double cell is like 2 adjacent cell:s (1+1)+(1+1)=4 pulses, 4*10=40eu/t
    Quad cell is 4 cells placed 2x2: (1+2)+(1+2)+(1+2)+(1+2) = 12 pulses, 12*10=120eu/t

    I'm not sure about the eu/t you're getting. I'm getting 60/t from a single quad cell, 20 from a dual, and 5 from a single. Maybe check your ic2 config file?


    This was made a long, long time ago. Redpower didn't have regulators yet.

    Detector cable, invert that signal (so when power is flowing the output is off) and run that to your reactor. There might be small amounts of waste while it ticks over, but that will shut it off when power isn't flowing.

    mine melted quite in the beginning. i got 2 full cycles
    but when i putted new uranium cells in it i went away and when i came back it was melted

    OH you're running into that 'feature'!

    When a uranium cell finishes, it has a chance to become a near depleted cell. This cell upsets the perfect breeder balance, and will steadily cause the heat to rise after the cycle has finished, as the re-enriched cells still generate their 1 heat per second.

    I resolved this by using pistons to block water flow during operation, and drop and allow full cooling on cycle completion. Use a not or nor gate attached to the output of the counter to control the pistons, and you're golden.

    Also, be careful of how much ice you have generating and in storage. I'd ask you to upload your version of my reactor, but I'm using a heavily modded and altered config files :(