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  • Seeing how far people got on KH3 and how poor I am on this server (also note I didn't enjoy the trip that much because of low performances), I'll give KH4 a try. This should be another brand new map with fixed Oregen, right?
    I have 15 days to play, from which you can subtract up to 8 days since I'll spend some times IRL other than playing. So not today and not until a long while. That means I'll be playing when GT6 will be finished, since my next long holidays will start on may-june 2016 (although I'll consider working to get money, so really only July to September)
    Arch what about wiping off TC in preference for Botania? Just decrease drastically the flower gen, make mana steel requires steel, dragon stone requires diamond + endstone, elementium would be titanium thrown into the portal (+ maybe one mana steel ingot, so 1 ti + 1 maSt = 1 Elium), and probably make the flower cost a bit more pricy (like the ore generating flower, this one while hard to get required me 1 day to get in SSP, from putting down my first white flower thingy magicky turning stone and wood into living things to kekimurus production). Botania isn't heavy on world gen at all and I suppose most of the people will like this. But really, it's just a toy, don't see this mod as a wide depth game play such as what TC used to offer.
    If my computer (or my new one, idk the future) can't handle KH4, I would be glad playing with GT5Ex and botania :p

    Honestly, I'd rather have TC than Botania. I'd still prefer having none. ;] If K5 comes to be someday, maybe, then this would be the one to include TC. Certainly wouldn't do any balancing about it though. And if for some reason I cannot quite understand it'd become really popular, I would include TC in future servers... I guess.

    Or maybe such server could replace K1 once nobody's interested in it anymore. (Then would be the time to make K2.0 maps available, by the by.)

    Sorta lost right now as to what to do. Lots of conflicting ideas. Some even in my head. ._.

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  • Well TC adds so much stuff it is almost a game extension on it's own (just like GregTech, but in a different manner).
    Having the possibility to walk / run faster without having to drink speed potions is really appreciated, and for some reasons the qsuit doesn't yet allow uphill assist.
    I remember when I saw the players for the first time, except for Bloody, everybody was using the thaumostatic harness over the complete qsuit. Everybody had the TC gear and had a TC setup early game, or asap should I precise since spending 1 day according to the statistics still feels like early game for me.
    Basically, I really only find awesome the runic stuff, although not necessary, the ability of the shovel of the earth mover to place 9 blocks of the same type at a time akin the builder's wand but worse (I really miss it playing on kirara), the ability to track ores with PFAA's worldgen, how one flies with the thaumostatic harness and the primal crusher. The first time I ever used TC transmutation was with my high stat coppon farm on kirara 4, but it was only because of no extractor.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • The one reason I like TC is because of its magic tools and TC-GT integration.

    Balancing could be done, but that is work, of course.

    Balancing a mod that big against GT is a lot of work I'm not willing to do for a mod I don't quite know well enough. That being said...

    Since aaall the TC fans are gonna bug me over and over, I might (Probably will...) include a poll in here soon to see if KR should have it. No balancing will be done about it, or any other mod as well, since if everything is balanced but TC... Well that would mean lots of work for very little results. (As in in would remain unbalanced even though I'd leave only TC vanilla.)

    On another note, it's still nearly 40° outside and I'm unable to do anything remotely productive. I'll try to keep the deadline for KR, but HK4 might be pushed a bit further. Sorry.

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  • My feelings on TC are well-known by now, so I won't repeat myself.

    My feelings as to what is gonna happen is this as of now :

    HK3 stays open. Of course.

    HK4 will be. While it won't be all too useful now, it will be someday. Better be safe than sorry.

    Why won't it be useful NOW ?

    Well KR will see the day. People will fucking rush to it, especially since summer is about to end. KR will overflow.

    K1 which is almost dead will shortly be replaced by KR1. This will be the final step for K2.0 and I will then release pruned maps with manageable size for nostalgics to download. (People who wonder what happened to the old map will then realise.)

    First two and last two servers are gonna get linked through qCraft portals in pair.

    I expect KR to be semi-short-lived and rather intense while HK will get a long hiatus while Greg works on stuff.

    As GT6 becomes more complete (and the pack as well.), people will slowly get back on it.

    KR will then die slooowly... As in excruciatingly slowly. And that's about as far as I can see.

    A TC containing server could possibly open as a fifth slot for a short time, as I know the server can handle it well. (We've had 5 maps for a while, you just never seen the fifth one.) This would be vanilla stuff. If it ENDS UP being popular, we'll see. I doubt it'll see that many users though.

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  • So... Wow. This place been dead.

    I'm working on the pack. As always. Finally done with a good portion of the mass update for HK3 and the opening of HK4.

    I will split this update in 2.

    First part, which will happen right now... Is basically just updating GT, the oregen config and loot tables and have it all regen. (Except of course bases on OW.)

    So the only thing that will get updated is GT which will go from 6.00.50 to 6.00.51. Configs as well will get updated, but I doubt it matters if you have the correct one since it's all server-side stuff. I'll update all configs when I do...

    The second part. Second part will be tonight if I can, else it will be tomorrow. I will review all configs one last time and will update all mods. This is more of a typical update.

    Then, the day after the second part, HK4 will open. Probably. Well it will, but I'm uncertain as to when EXACTLY.
    Then I will resume working on scripts for HK while I can do something about KR.

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • It's Zulfurlubak here. Haven't been on IC forums for a while and now have troubles logging with my old account.
    Anyway, I'm really confused with a lot of stuff happened connected to Kirara so could someone clarify what's going on? Last time I checked there used to be K1/K2/K3 with GT5 and K4 with GT6. Do I understand correctly that K3 and K4 have been wiped out and K1 with K2 are going on being updated to GT5-BloodyAsp version?
    I would also appreciate if someone could post gregtech 1.7.10-5.08.23 required for K1/K2 since I was unable to locate it anywhere.

    PS: add IHL_0.572 to the list

  • Short announcement in the absence of Arch

    Arch has been absent nearly 4 weeks, and the next payment on the server might be due any time. Therefore I have done offline backups of all worlds, and will continue do so for KHC. For K1 players, give me your region coords (or just plain block x1,z1, x2,z2 if you can't figure it out) and I'll do a daily backup of those unless I for some reason can't.

    Luna have offered to host a server in case it goes down. We are thinking about having a tech server with GT5ex. If you want to have any input on what goes into it, now is your chance to come with suggestions. We might also do a test run to see how stable it is, like before KHC.

    All your nerfs are belong to us

  • My thinking is that when GT6, and those (such as me) with crazy-ass lives right now IRL become stable, maybe we should go back to something minimal and small.