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    More to the point, it would be impractical to use them on /glass/ cables.

    Perhaps make it so that detector/splitter cables are updated every so often (several thousand ticks would work) based on the surrounding cables. Among the cables touching the detector cable select the highest resistance cable and mirror it's output; during scans other detector cables should be detected as a cable with infinite resistance and not allow passage. This would have an unfortunate side-effect of making each type of detector cable take up several damage values.

    That's just it; so rarely -do- I want to store it instead of using it. If I have too much I'd rather massfab it once I'm at that level. If I have too little I simply have too little. There was only a single rare time when I'd have been interested in the electrolizer (which I would be had I known it worked with MFEs too); during mining ops at my stage II period it would have been worth the energy loss just to save me 300 trips up and down the bloody ladder.

    By popular request here is my own shell script for remixing minecraft.jar files and packing in the plugins I prefer. I offer no support, no documentation (read the source so you know what it does! it's short), and only state truthfully that it works for me. If you can't figure out how this script works, you either need to learn more (man dash is a good place to start) or shouldn't run your own server (pay someone else to or join a community one).

    Here's the script, I think it requires you have a working java installed (pack/unpack maybe, can't remember offhand) and know you need p7zip (often called p7zip-full) installed.

    (c) MJEvans 2012, released here under GPLv3 (however it is mostly built out of facts and nothing prevents you from assembling your own collection of facts)

    Please file any legitimate bug reports for this script under this thread.
    (This does not include you being unable to get it to work at all, since I know it will work and getting the folder structure correct is an intentional lack of documentation to force you to look at how it works and understand what it's automating for you.)

    Agreed on the dual-mining or better thing. I have more than enough to do everything I want at the moment off of buffer and just running the initial /breeder/. By the time I'm done I'll have stacks of fuel to run frames with once the power converter for that comes in to existence.

    Please also make sure that

    1) nothing is redstone powering your storage unit or the transformers you expect to step the voltage down.
    2) there are sufficiently few wires between the source and destination such that power is still able to reach it.

    I have a script that combines a bunch of mods -in to- the server.jar file. However if this is throwing you for a loop it's more likely that my script would just confuse you more; it performs several remixes and more or less depends on the packages I expect to be installed being there and the mods I want being in locations that make sense to me.

    It's a shame copyright would prevent me from distributing the result even if I did get permission from the IC2 authors and Eloraam for RP2.

    Your breeder there is -very- expensive; less than 3:1 ROI for input cells (planner + rough estimate is 4 total runs (with one annoying babysitting run) to enrich 32 cells at the cost of 8 cells) and the material and time costs are nothing to sneeze at either.

    If it were that expensive I'd really look in to any other option.

    As for smart placement; how about if I plunk down a transformer and there's one more more orientations that don't cause things to blow up using that one?

    Actually my biggest issue that way recently involved an organically grown system and what wound up being nearly parallel lines of 32 and 128... yeah I'm not happy about the mess but the easiest fix was drawing the MFE output 90 deg away, placing cables, painting and then drawing it back.

    Up to two insulated (2x) gold cable in to the 3-dot side of an LVTF. Route up to 4 insulated copper cables from the output face of the LVTF to your MFE/MFSU. If it's more than that many blocks away use another LVTF-3dot (at the end of the copper 4-length cable run) and repeat across up to another 4 copper. Lather, rinse, repeat (again and again and again). Enjoy 128eU/t max over copper while it lasts.

    Edit: PS: At the end of your copper link you'll have to 'split out' the 4x32eU/t packets. An LVTF in 'step up' (redstone powered) mode might work wonderfully if you have another gold cable to patch from it to your storage.

    PS: 3-rubber HV cable (4x in icon) can be used for ONE BLOCK losslessly.

    I think you messed up installing forge.

    Please try to reproduce this bug with JUST IC2 and the stuff it requires.

    I know it works with RP2, and should work with buildcraft2; those mods you can whitelist in also if you were using them.

    Anything else add either one at a time or using a divide and conqueror (split the set in half until you find the cause of the error).

    The increased glass fiber recipe cost should make splitter cables properly valued. -HOWEVER- diamonds are more rare in 1.x than in the 1.8.1 you increased the cost of making glass fiber cables in. Please adjust the number of glass cables that can be created to compensate for this change (probably cables from RS+diamond to 6 and Silver(RP2)+diamond to 8 ).

    Edit: GD Smilies... can we please just get rid of the smilies part of the icons?