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    Not really. I want to build a geothermal farm in the nether without bc, so I thought about RP rubes + buckets filled by IC Pumps.

    So is it a bug or not wanted?

    Not sure on redpower tubes, but you could use buildcraft pipes and pump the lava directly into the goes.

    Snow slides off of some of them IF its a solar panel designed for heating and not for electricity(though im not saying it doesnt but there would be the lack of heat there to allow the snow to slide. None the less though Solar panels irl still requires maintenance, more so than you think. Most companies suggest that you remove any debris and dirt and ensure all connections are tight on a monthly basis. Theres plenty of more things that are required to do.

    Last thing is most solar panels are rated to last 30(ish) years but if you dont do daily/monthly maintence you can expect them to break within the first few months.

    Nope. Solars designed to generate electricity. The guy powers his whole house with an array equivalent to about 12 solars in minecraft. He charges batteries with them, so he can have electricity at night. Of course you have to check on them once in a while, but they are pretty passive. Very rarely does he have to do anything, and that's like, a couple times a year.

    And solars lasting 30 years? That's the equivalent of 3650 hours of minecraft time. that's 152 days of straight minecraft playing, no breaks. I'm pretty sure your computer would break before the solars in minecraft would :P

    The reason wind mills break is they produce a massive amount of power, compared to solar. Solar are not nearly as powerful, and should be passive. Do solars break in real life? (Don't give me the "This is minecraft" argument, the generators are based off of real life.) I've seen solars irl, they require little to know maintenance, even the snow slides right off them.

    Just stating my facts and expressing my opinion. Um... I believe it's called Freedom of Speech. :) :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor:

    LOL, we aren't getting anywhere. Stating your facts? The only facts you've given are on that nuclear produces power. Can you please describe to us why nuclear is overpowered, instead of shouting it over and over. I'm not trying to be mean, but you do need to support your suggestions with at least some kind of evidence. Personally, in a legit world, reactors are not over powered, as for me, they take a long time to set up, do require maintenance (reloading cells and making sure it doesn't overheat) and take up quite a lot of space, especially if you have a whole room dedicated to controlling the reactor (like me) .

    You mentioned EE. This is still horrible imbalanced with IC2. I know. I've used it. Almost made me delete the world it felt so hacky. but I deleted EE instead. So the resource cost is higher there if you dont use EE. As well, the components are not stackable, causing a headache when trying to make reactors (thank Alblaka for PC!) I guess my final point is : Why is it overpowered?


    And its more powerful for a good reason. What if we only had the normal generator? That would suck. See above this on balancing with other forms of power.

    Reactors are by no means cheap, and a mistake with one comes with a cost greater than the investment you initially used... I highly doubt there is anything OP about them (except for CASUC's, ofc, lol)

    And how many on these forums even attempt a CASUC, let alone can build a stable one? Not many. It's an incredible resource hog, as well as quite a bit of mental power must be dumped into it.

    don't force your masochistic ways on all of us if you want things harder for yourself then grab your self a normal generator, a detector cable, some redstone, a stack of tnt, and your imagination.

    I like this.

    And op, you still have yet to prove that reactors are overpowered, and have yet to give solutions to the problem, besides "sitting and pushing buttons" or something to that effect.

    Let's just say the Devs want to make nuclear harder. How would they o about it? You see, if you give an idea, please be ready to back up your suggestion with valid points, such as practical ways of having to monitor your reactor, why the reactor is overpowered, and suggesting new ways of balancing the current system. I personally believe reactors are pretty balanced, as they do take up quite a large amount of space, depending on your cooling and control area, as well as have a relatively balanced power output (I wouldn't say low output, as they were recently buffed.) Just keep in mind that you are coming up with the ideas, you want the devs to do as little speculating as possible, and leave them to make the final decisions on a wide variety of suggestions. Just my opinion