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    Also a question.

    Obviously the client needs this mod (for SSP), but what of the server? Same mod file in to the same place (well different but...)?

    Yeah, the server will need it installed the same way for SMP. And since it's just mechanics tweak, you can actually run it on the server without any of your clients having to install it (unless they want it for SSP too).

    I don't think I've ever seen even the worst Java code crash the JVM like that (that's not a challenge!). I have, however, experienced that crash when I had some really bad RAM. That's probably the first place you want to look if you haven't yet.


    Did a fresh instal of everything + the soundfix, and it no longer crashes. :)

    Or that. Glad it's working now. :D

    I would /really/ like these as things that add on to IC2 instead of replacing core files.

    Now I'm going to have to repack IC2 in addition to minecraft.jar.

    I'll leave implementing a separate perfect wrench item to another addon author, mostly because of time constraints on my part, this one's gonna stay just a lazy quick fix for now. I do highly encourage someone to pick up the idea though!

    (Technical details for anyone who wants to try it. It can't be done to the existing wrenches without overriding our core files. But to create a new item with perfect wrenching, all you'll have to do is extend ItemToolWrench or ItemToolWrenchElectric and override onItemUseFirst().) :thumbup:

    You're a hero.

    This'll make me happy, but there are going to be a lot of pissed off people who don't even know this forum exists until this "feature" is solved.

    Agreed. As important as it is for the player to have a strong sense of ownership of their accomplishments, it's at least as important for them to own the bad things that happen to them. If I'm down at level 8 with an inventory full of goodies and a creeper kills me and dumps all my stuff into the lava, I own that consequence. I could've kept better tabs on my surroundings, blocked off the area I was working in with scaffolding, left the mine more frequently to minimize the loss if it did happen, or made myself a suit of bronze armor (thinking earlier game options obviously) so I wouldn't die from one creeper blast. There's really no ownership when the game just decides "oh, i >= 80, so let's destroy that nuclear reactor". There really are no other options or additional precautions you can take if you absolutely have to move something, whether because of mod updates or just the sudden urge to do some remodeling. Plus, one of the things I've always loved about Minecraft (and I suspect one of the things that most people have come to expect from Minecraft and its mods, thus all the surprise and anger over the wrench) is how nearly anything done can be undone without a significant resource loss if you invest the time.

    That's my interpretation of why it keeps coming up, anyway.

    This topic isn't going to die until someone comes up with a way to get a 100% wrench rate. So here. Not actually tested, because I made it on my lunch break at work, but it was a 1-line code change, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna work fine.

    Personally I support the config file option too. A multiplier for wrench failure rate, 0 for no failure. But that addon should tide folks over until such a setting does or doesn't become a reality. :P

    Name: 100% Wrench Rate
    Summary: To each his own.

    Replacement for ic2/common/ItemToolWrench.class that always returns the wrenched item.

    Open your IC2 jar file and replace the existing ItemToolWrench.class with one of the files from the zip. The client one for the client IC2 jar, or the server one for the server IC2 jar.
    NOTE: Installing this on a server will affect everyone on the server, the client mod is only needed for single-player.

    Version History
    Previous versions are now available in an old version archive.

    • 1.90-1
      Update to IC2 1.90
    • 1.81-1
      Update to IC2 1.81
    • 1.70-1
      Update to IC2 1.70
    • 1.64-1
      Update to IC2 1.64
    • 1.42-1
      Update to IC2 1.42
    • 1.337b-1
      Update to IC2 1.337b
    • 1.23-1 Initial Release

    Copyright Info
    Since this mod consists entirely of removing a bit of code from the original IC2 class, the rules going to be a bit different from my other mods. Porting, mod packs, and code reuse are covered by IC2's own rules. If you have permission to port or package IC2, then that permission extends to this modification. (As far as the original idea of deleting that code, I don't claim any kind of exclusive ownership to it. Go on, make 100% wrench rate mods to your heart's content, just as long as you follow IC2's rules.)

    There is indeed a small internal storage. The transformers (in non-redstoned mode) fill that with the energy injected, and emit up to 4 pulses of their output voltage per tick. Similarly, a redstoned transformer uses its internal storage to charge up to its output power level and then emits a single pulse every time it's got enough.

    Switches can be faked a few ways, like with a BatBox/MFE/MFSU (redstone effectively turns it off until it's full, which is at least similar to a switch) or a transformer (with the right wiring, reversing the polarity of the transformer will create a situation with no power flow). The Power Systems IC2 addon created a switch block, but it's out of date. I've contacted the author to see if I can nab the source for it, because it looked useful. :)

    Yeah, I think Albos (awesome name) and Eloraam's system are going to end up like the BC quarry vs the IC2 miner. That is, two alternatives for solving basically the same problem (automated mining), but different enough (aesthetics, power sources, area, blocks mined, easy of setup, etc.) that it's a meaningful and interesting choice rather than a pointless overlap. I mean, it sounds to me like you're designing an end user focused system with a simple automation language and specialized peripherals for dealing with specific tasks like EU flow control. She's making a Commodore 64 with redstone IO. Don't get me wrong, the idea of a redstone C64 is indescribably awesome. I just think that the two will end up appealing to different audiences, and even those who are interested in both will probably find that each works best for a different situation. :)