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    I want a obsidian tipped electric wrench, but I want it to destroy all of my machines 100% of the time just for creating it in the crafting bench.
    the UPGRADE... diamond tipped electric wrench - for just reading diamond tipped electric wrench your saved world has just been deleted from your computer.

    Sure, right after I finish the electric saplings.

    So you're saying that /half/ the chunk likely won't have ore? That... actually sounds like something I've experienced before, but didn't have a large enough sample size to conclude it was anything more than bad luck.

    Yeah. I didn't think I saw it happening when I opened up a slice of ground on one of my live maps, but I swear upon my IDE that statistical sampling of the locations of any ore (vanilla or IC2) in my test environment gets things like this every time:

    Adding a bunch of rainbow ores with no use (except maybe make a shovel) is what 12 year olds do with their mods. She's obviously planning on adding more, but right now it looks like an infantile attempt to do everything that's going nowhere.

    I'd actually argue that it was a good decision to add them all now. As you said, she's obviously planning on adding uses for all of them (presumably well before making a stable release). And this way we don't have to regenerate our maps when she does, because the ores will already have been spawned. :)

    Is there also a way to play a sound of an electric zap when it's incorrectly deconstructed? It might be overkill, but I do want to drive the point home that Something Bad (TM) happened.

    Thank you for taking interest in this suggestion.

    I'm pretty sure we could, yeah. And I agree, a sound would go a long way in making especially the wrench failures less surprising. Even if it still annoyed some people, at least they wouldn't think it was a bug like occasionally happens now. :)

    Odd request this might be good or bad. I was thinking maybe consider adding the ability to power up a bench through external power source. Use the Crystal as a buffer. I really really love these benches there great at public places like tree farms and such. But be nice to offer perm power to them even in my own house I love using them it just sucks that I can't use it directly to the grid.

    Thanks again for a kick ass addon.

    They should already join the energy net and be cable-connectable. Are they not hooking up for you?

    I'll have to investigate more when I get home and get my real game. But unless my test environment is well and truly screwed up, it seems Minecraft can't generate deposits of anything (vanilla ores, dirt, anything) where X % 16 > 8. Deposits can be drawn through those stripes occasionally, but they can't start there. Odd.

    The BuildCraft API isn't backwards-compatible between the stable 1.X branch and the newer 2.X branch, so we would be making IC2 incompatible with one or the other by adding this right now. I'd suggest implementing it as an Industrial Pipes addon, with special pipes (cobblestone+wire+cobblestone?) that provide hookups to IC2 machines. Then the addon could be released in 1.X and 2.X editions. (Doing that kind of split release with the entirety of IC2 would be a right pain, so I'm discounting that possibility.)

    We should totally do this. I think it was Forge that added the hook, but yeah, we can provide a whole list of crap to drop when a block's destroyed. I think it'd just feel right to have a couple pieces of fried electronics and half-burned wires laying around after a machine explodes. Especially if it was relative to the components that went into it. Maybe 70-90% or so of what went in, except in fried form, with salvage values of about half their non-friend counterparts.

    My test environment isn't generating terrain that looks like that. I might have to try it in-game when I get home. Do you happen to have the seed and coords (including Y) of a sample where this is happening?

    Wow, that's... suspiciously even spacing, isn't it? Precisely the size of a chunk, if I'm not mistaken. The copper deposits don't seem to be affected though, which is weird, since they use the same code. That's our tin, right, not RedPower World's?

    Yeah, webs can't be harvested in 1.23. I put a tweak in to let both the chainsaw and miner pick them up for next version though. Now, you said in this case it was stopped while pathing to a valuable ore with a web in the way, not by a web directly on its path down? I'm pretty sure that being able to harvest webs will fix that too, but I'd better make sure.