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    If you just want some pearls, there is a quick solution using Buildcraft. Dig a big cave near your spawn point with Filler (or a big box), and light it with redstone torches only. All sorts of nasties will spawn there, including endermen.

    Or go hunt in The End.

    You don't call The Asshole "Pookums". That's what you call your annoying little child, or your wife/husband. Not some random internet kid that has a tendency to burn you to death.

    You know, I think calling dumb assholes "Pookums" is a good idea:) Not as good as just ignoring them, though...

    (Ontopic) About this idea, I really don't give a shit either way. While requiring variation might be cool, it could also be annoying. With the buttons example, it's still ridiculously easy to do that, and it would create problems for people with automation mods, seeing as how there is only one input slot...

    May be it's better to set minimum chance to 1/8 (as before). This way those who don't want to bother will just not notice anything, but those who are willing to go lengths for better results will be able to get their bonuses.

    this will be extremely unintuitive and noob hostile and definely will cause hurge wave of hate.

    I think "you can get more from recycling varied stuff, than from recycling cobble only" is quite intuitive. But yes, everything less than trivial is too hard for most IC/MC players. And anything that can make thinking player be more effective than newb is seen as a cheat.


    and interesting structures eh? there is extremely limited number of mass renewable resources in game.

    You can make at least 25 differently named things from stone and wood alone, and they are (mass) renewable. Even just from cobblestone you can make stone, button, sand, sandstone, glass, giving 6 total.

    Just an idea of how recyclers can be made more interesting. It is probably too revolutionary for IC2, but may be for some mod...

    Different things should have different chances of giving scrap when recycled, based on how much this (or similar) item was recycled in this world already.

    There are many ways it can be done. Here is one:
    Chance of gaining scrap is equal to max(1, (total numbers of items recycled) / (number of items with same first word in name recycled) / 64)

    For example, cobblestone, cobblestone slabs, cobblestone stairs, cobblestone triple panels etc are all in same group, because they share same first word in name, and if you will only use them you will get very low output. But if you will recycle cobblestone, smooth stone, sand, glass, oak wood, chests, furnaces, etc you will get much more scrap. So, it encourages making interesting constructions, instead of spamming same old cobbleslabgen each time.

    First thing I do when I play with IC is replace Q and M bindings with each other. That way I can switch tool modes without moving my left hand out of WASD. EXTREMELY handy both for laser and jetpack.
    Ah, and NEI is on N

    That setup can be improved by simply making mining wells try digging straight into MFFS fields (with block cutter upgrade).

    Either I'm doing something wrong, or forcefields with breaker upgrade don't drop blocks anymore. I assume you use old 1.2.5 version?

    As for wells digging into bedrock, problem is, they turn off completely then, just like filler do when they run out of work. Same when they run into forcefield or IC safe.

    And yes, I tried placing bedrock or safes on cleaning Filler's way. It skips over bedrock and destroys safes. With content disappearing.

    Finally made it work... Filler+miningwells generate pipes at a price of 50 mj/pipe. Procesing them at recyclers and mass fab takes 45 + 166000/34/8 = 655 eu/pipe. So, you can fulfill need for junk by spending just 1/6 of your energy on it (at 2mj/5eu ratio).

    Price of setup is minimal, and you can get more pipes by increasing mj that you give to filler and wells. Just make sure that filler gets more energy than wells, even if just by a tiny bit. It can be done by adding stone conductive pipe to wells wiring. With one filler, you can get maximum of 64 pipes/second, which is enough to feed 2000 eu/t mass fab.

    I use MFFS here to keep filler green. There is exactly only block of forcefield in filler area, and this is enough, regardless of filler speed. Force energy consume is minimal, one full load of bluewhateverthingie is enough for over three years of real time.

    If you don't have mffs, but have turtles (or any other block breaker), you can tune system to have wells getting tiny bit more energy than filler, and put block breaker somewhere in the middle as regulator (Fig.2). But it requires much finer tuning.