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    You mean like Overcharging Lapotrons, to let them not storing Energy properly => Discharge. Thats a good way to defend against Quantumfighters or other Electricarmor-Users. It should also discharge the Lappack, so that their Nanosabers and Mininglasers are quickly discharded, or even anything Electrical they are carry with them. And if you dont come with a Tesla-Coil-Frame-Ship (TCFS), then these are stationary and so not really usable as offensive Weapon.

    But the best way to make the "Nerf ze Wantumzuit"-Noobs silent, would still be a config to disable only the QSuit-Chestplate (the remaining three Parts alone, are not making you invincible).

    I always found it odd that the chest plate itself is what makes the suit crazy powerful. As in how having nothing else but that can easily turn you into a tank. I always thought it should be something like once you're wearing the complete set it kicks in the near-invulnerability. I really support the drain effect tho. I think having Adv. Tesla Coils have that effect would make them useful for hidden defenses. Though it should also have an alt mode, say redstone activated, where all it does is drain without the whole damage indicator. Then it would be hilarious to see someone try sneaking in only to find themselves un-powered. Your TCFS sounds like a Faraday cage type of thing too.

    Well I have to say I wouldn't mind having an easy way to take down Q-Suits. I always thought that tesla coils should do bonus damage to the power armors, otherwise it's not worth the resources kinda like the old miners being way too expensive. But this sounds like an actually useful defense system. Like an IC2 version of the Rise of the Automatons defense lasers.

    Hmm, i hadn't thought of the upgrade system before but that has merit. It would fit into the current system for enhancing the machines too. Heck if it's not too difficult it could be even set-up like the dark matter pedestals , where you have to shift click to get into the interface. Thanks for all the support, I wasn't sure if anyone else would find it an interesting idea.

    I tried looking up in the suggestions if there was anything like this but couldn't find a thing. So the basic idea is that the Magnetizer could power the Iron Fences from the sides too. They could 'attach' to the side, like how they do to only themselves, and be powered 20 up/down from the one that's on the side. I thought of this as I was testing and looking up ways of using them for longer distances but couldn't find anything that didn't have it's own set of issues. Heck I would settle for the 'range' of the pull including the next block to the Iron Fences. That way you could just keep going up without slamming into the Magnetizers and having to setup elaborate systems around it. Thank you for the consideration.

    it will make a cone of explosion the common solutions is either to point this hole away from any thing you care about preferably towards bedrock. or add more 90 degree turns to you power line(the explosive force drops sharply with each turn it has to make) also you can spray wires with cf

    Hmm, didn't know that about the explosion part thanks for that knowledge. There are also teleport power pipes that can be found(cough*Bukkitt*cough) that makes it so there doesn't need to be a hole in the first place.

    That is an ingenious method for going up. I had never thought of something like that. Though if you make the iron poles from the first at least 20 high you can usu clear a 10 block gap once you reach the end. So you would be able to factor that in to save as much distance as possible.

    I've never understood why there even has to be a mode change for the electric wrench. It should be so HAYO it can do it all the time without loss. Oh that doesn't mean it can't still use large deals of power, but who doesn't carry backup bat/lap-packs. Especially since it will always be the one time you're now checking the mode that it glitches and reverts to regular and you lose the machine. There's no alt mode for chainsaws so they shear leaves, they just do it. It's also extremely likely that the only times you'll be using it is when you're setting up the real workroom, not the ad-hoc temp area while you get the resources to build your actual base. I apologize for any appearance of ranting but I always have to stop playing for a while, when I was playing simple IC2, when MC would twitch out and mess up the placement and I would lose the machine.

    I must be part of the many who don't have a clue, or care really, what people are raging over with solar, but I must say one thing. This is just beautiful. I've not seen many mods for IC2 I would use but this looks to be one I might have to get. Especially as I don't care for the convoluted mess that nuclear appears as and geo is dead.

    I have to say this sounds pretty interesting. The weapon wound be better being recharged from cells but having a mode system similar to the mining laser. Meaning it changes the mode from say flame-ball launcher to HE, and if they add armored enemies AP, with the basic attack using the least power. Though it would need something like the color at the end of the weapon changes with the mode or it says it when you cycle like the mining laser does. This way so the different modes use varying levels of power thus draining the weapon instead of needing new ammo types.

    I too agree that the concept of finding tech ruins would be exhilarating. They would have to be at a minimum decently rare, like pink sheep rare not endermen rare. The ruined cables being just raw cables do make sense. I also agree that finding the stuff in chests would likely make it overall much easier, I.E. modding the dungeon code instead of reinventing the wheel... err code.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has heard of it, but this just feels like it should be added. In case most people don't know what it is you can find it HERE. Basically it adds smog from burning things, imagine how much pollution would arise from nuking/meltdowns. I have no illusions that this would be simple or really useful but I think it would blend in well. Thank you for reading.

    I had this whole worked out idea of how to have tiers of this, then when I submitted My internet had spazzed out and I lost it. So Here is the summary. I had 3 levels of the A.I.O. (All-In-One) miner: 1-basic gen and basic drill, 2-Geo and diamond drill and 3-Nuclear and Mining Laser. In a design following the original formula but using the basic stuff, then using a GEN-(previous)Miner-Mining device pattern.

    Does this remind anyone of Rise of the Automatons. I'm not complaining, that mod looks awesome and looks to be a perfect mod to go with industrial craft. Though there are supposed to be remnants of ancient tech, I view it more as these are pods of a seeder ship. Meaning that the biomes from RotA are more of terraforming infections of Tech-Life. See this is where I could see the wild machines coming from, as there are a several machines that are neutral, hostile and passive. They are just existing and view you as an invader, so you have a reason to build up and fend them off. Otherwise the normal mobs are pathetic once you get the chainsaw and bronze gear., let alone mining laser etc.

    What baturinsky exampled sounds like a 'program' version of a redstone chest/box suggestion I saw once. You'd right click on the chest and large inventory/design space would open and you could lay out the design. Substituting certain blocks for various design parts. That and combining the idea with the advanced redstone mod allowing for 1 block making whole stadiums of wiring.