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    I don't like the Torch N Saw, just is an inefficient use of energy. The point of the chain saw is to mine wood, not burn it. I would however support either a flame thrower using fuel cans, or an electric spark generator or a device, separate from the chain saw, that produces fire.

    I got a better solution, why not make it possible to fill a cell by simply right-clicking on a source block. Or better yet make it so when you hold a stack of empty and click on the liquid, it takes a single cell out, fills it, and places it in a different stack.

    I can not take credit for this idea for it has already been thought up. In fact Alblacka has even thought about including it in the official mod.

    Here is the link to the post.

    This seems silly but once you have full iridium armour i guess there no other use for it but it still doesnt seem like a very smart choice to make. Maybe make it less expensive?

    I disagree, on the contrary I would like to see teleport wires become even more expansive using the teleporter that is already built in.

    Actually AL, I might disagree that Nano is OP. Discounting PvP (That we don't even have on IR) total damage protection isn't all THAT hot. Quantum on the other hand is pretty insane. My suggestion is: Keep nano at total damage protection, make Quantum utility but NOT perfect protection and then add Australium suit that does both? (Including some awesome utility like acting batpack etc)

    Would like a piece of armor that serves as both a batpack and a jetpack. Don't like the name austrialium.

    Yea, but BC already has this for the most part, and theres a very small set of users who don't use BC and IC2 together.

    I'd rather the IC team work on making new things that don't already exist, rather than spend precious dev time on something that BC already gives us.

    I agree, but I would support a IC/BC bridge addon. This would be as small mod that would take functions from both mods and put them to good use. For instance I would Love a BC engine that is powered by EU's.

    remember that this isn't the first time the ygscast have showcased illegal modpacks.

    the yogbox was originally from the SA forums and did not have permission from the mod authors to use it.
    when the yogscast showcased it the mod authors gave permission beacause of the spam to get their mods in the yogbox.
    the yogscast also showcased the "now thats what i call minecraft" modpack which was cancelled due to a number of illegal mod redistributions.
    the yogscast have done this before,and they know what the're doing now.
    this isn't a mistake,they just dont care about the mod community.

    This is a wierd question but if Alblacka tried to sue the Yogcast for damages, how much could he really claim? For one thing when the mod was showcased Al got a bunch of donations form people explaining how easy it is to install the Technic pack.

    When right clicking with Resin in your hand it will create sticky surface on 1 side of a block.
    You will be able to stick 2 blocks. Sticked sand wont fall. When piston will touch sticky surface it will work same way as sticky pistons.
    Ever found your pistons doors looks strange because of visible pistons? With this you will do just this: P Rubber Resin Rubber
    P: Sticky piston Rubber - Any block except obsidian,adminium Resin - Sticky surface
    And any pistons will not be seeable.

    First of all I love the Idea. A mod called manufactoidcraft has a implemented the idea of glue but it is out of date. If somebody wants to turn glue into an addon you could always just steal the code for it is not being used at the moment.

    I got a better idea, why not create a wind detector which can detect where wind is . When some one right clicks the wind detector it shows the windspeed, so that you can know if your wind mill will produce power. Then when the wind detector is placed into the wind mill, it will improve the consistency of EUs per tick. So For instance instead of the EUs fluctuating between 1-3 the wind mill would produce 3 EU each tick.

    Could you please explain the progress step by step? :)

    I am currently in the process of revamping the entire system to make it more efficient. During this process I will be taking pictures and explaining what I am doing. Here I give you a picture showing how an automatic cobblestone generator works.

    This automatic cobblestone generator design is significant because it generates cobblestone out of thin air and places it in a chest. In the glass surrounded case there holds two liquids, which when they meet create cobblestone. The cobblestone is directly then drawn into the block dispenser or the mossy cobblestone like block to the right of the liquids. The block dispenser, being a Better Than Wolves item, places a block when redstone is applied and sucks blocks back up into the machine's inventory, when it looses the current. So in order to enable the Block dispenser to efficiently suck up blocks one has to provide an alternating current, one with a short pulse every two seconds. The blocks are then taken out of the block dispenser's inventory, using the wooden pipes. The blocks are then transferred to a nearby chest in which the pipes are connected to.