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    Love the idea, but I think it would be very hard to code. The Idea of robots collecting resources on their own could also be hard on your CPU, dragging peoples frame rate down. I personally like the Idea of a chamber of robots lying dormant created by a lost civilization (similar to the bosses in the Aether) better from a code feasibility standpoint, but if someone was able to code your Idea i would go for it 100%.

    Sorry Hc is hydrated coal dust, like carbon that is used to amend soil in the real world. The reason why I was putting in lapis lazuli and glowstone dust was to make it hard to obtain the saplings so as to make it so people would not be able to make rubber tree farms too easily.

    The reason why most IC players would want to craft saplings
    from leaves is because of the difficulty of obtaining saplings from rubber
    trees. The fact is that if this idea
    would be implemented I would want it to be nondiscriminatory or to be able to
    work with all the trees. Yet, I would
    want it to be a more economical use of leaves. Now leaves have a different
    damage value based upon which tree they come from and saplings drop at a rate
    of one 1/16 leaves. This is all according to the MC wiki (1). What this means is that it is possible
    to create different saplings based upon which saplings you place in the recipe
    and that my plan drops the leaf to sapling ratio from 1/16 to 1/10. This is all very good.

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    When one wants to cut down a tree he has two options, mine all the wood, let the leaves disappear and hope to get a sapling or, cut down all the leaf blocks with the shears and get no saplings. My idea is simple, give people a more definitive way to obtain. Now, in the perspective of things I would not want to make obtaining a sapling from leaf blocks simple.

    this would also make it easier to make a rubber tree farm with out ever loosing too many trees.


    L L L
    Hc B Hc = So 1
    L L L

    L Ll L
    D Wp D = So 2
    L Gl L

    mix so1 and so2 anywhere on the crafting table to create slm

    put slm in the extracter to get one sappling

    (L=leaf block; Ll= Lapis Lazuli; B=bone meal; D=dirt; Wp=wooden plank; Gl=glowstone; So 1=speciallized organics 1; So 2= speialized organics 2; slm=sapling like material)

    remember for L, So1,So2, and slm would be diffrent depending on the type of tree.

    I like the idea of a robot mob but I would only support the idea if the robots would be some sort of boss mod hiding out in a specialized dungeon. This would enable there to be a formidable foe compared to the nanosuit without a bunch of robots running around the minecraft world. It would also be a good addition to go along with the adventure update.

    thats cool, well then I guess it will not end up in industrial craft unless someone finds a way to create the x-ray glasses without modding the base-files. maybe this would make a great addon then. thanks for your commiseration MinecraftNotch

    It would still be cool if someone made this into a third-party addon.

    X-ray Goggles

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could see diamond or iron oar through the stone walls. It already is possible to do with the x-ray mod. The problem is that the ability to turn on this advanced function comes too easily, at the push of a button. This would combine the usefulness of the x-ray mod and the challenge of industrial craft. It would be worn in the helmet place on your inventory but would not provide any protection. The x-ray function to the goggles would turn on when one write clicks while holding the x-remote. When the x-ray goggles are turned on they begin to loose charge. After a minute the x-ray goggles will be completely drained of power and the ability to see through walls ceases to occur.

    crafting recipe for x-ray goggles
    Re A Re
    G L G
    Ov A Ov

    crafting recipe for remote

    G A G
    R Re R

    Re= Re battery; G=glass; L=leather; Ov= OV Scanner; A=Advanced Circuit; R=redstone; Cb=cable

    X-ray mod which I think has the most creative texture.

    link to x-ray mod:…the-x-ray-sspsmp-wip-v10/


    Leaf blocks to saplings

    I think that there should be a way to obtain saplings from leaf blocks. Just simply place a leaf block into the extractor and out pops a sapling. This would not give shears much more significance but it would also make it easier and more economical to produce biofuel.