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    when I tried to load your patch it crashed the game

    I currently have a shit-ton of mods downloaded including:
    IC (obviously)
    Pfaef Allocator
    Factory Craft
    Recipe Book
    Spawner GUI
    Electric Fishing Pole
    Extra Build Craft Pipes
    and maybe some more that I am forgetting

    Here are some pictures of the cobblestone to diamond factory that I made.

    My whole factory

    Back of cobblestone Generator

    front of cobblestone generator

    power source (note would use repeator if it did not crash game)


    Automatic induction furnace

    produces 64 cobblestone per redstone tick
    8 stacks of 64 cobblestone diamond ore block which can be transformed into 2 diamonds
    when the cobblestone Generator was tested could be run at a redstone tick every 2 seconds

    To make this factory I used the following mods:
    Industrial Craft
    Build Craft
    Equivalence Exchange
    Better than wolves
    Eloraam's Red Power
    Pfaef allocator mod

    Here is my config file from BTW along with instructions on how to save it.


    Place this code into a text file and save it as BTWConfig.txt in the .minecraft folder.

    don't use this code posted above because the forum has screwed up the config file.

    use this attachment instead


    • BTWConfig.txt

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    Here is my config file from BTW along with instructions on how to save it.


    Place this code into a text file and save it as BTWConfig.txt in the .minecraft folder.

    Sorry about that, the allocator mod is open sourced so if you know code you could make it into a server mod.

    So I thought about the "Dimensional Pocket" a little more.

    Here are my thoughts:

    • Inserting or removing items cost a set amount of power per item.
    • Upon depletion explode at the players position (small) and toss the items everywhere. The pocket is destroyed in the process.

    I like this Idea if and only if you are able to recharge your pocket. My personal thoughts are that the pocket might take 200k eus to reach full charge, and would deplete 10k eu's per use. This way the pocket would not take a small amount of energy so as to make people think before every time they use the device.

    love the idea but I would like to expand upon it a little bit. I would want there to be a kind of boss mob similar to the boss mobs found in the aether only these would be robots instead of mystical beings. These robots would be found in hibernation (to preserve energy) and would contain a power source (like a full MFE). To obtain the the materials hidden inside the chests one would have to fight the robot.

    What I suggest you guys do in the mean time is use the allocator mod. Since allocators have a filter they will only pick up the items you want them to. So if you wanted to smelt some iron ingots out of iron dust what you would do is place a single ingot in the filter and you won't loose any dust out of the Induction furnace.

    Yea I think that a clone machine would be a great Idea. Maybe have two machines, one that synthesizes the DNA and another that would grow a custom clone. The synthesizer would work by taking an item (e.g. a feather or a sapling), consuming it and spitting out a number in Quaternary. Quaternary is a number system that has a base four and has parallels in genetics because their are four nitrogenous bases in DNA. That number would be transferred between the machines when the machines are placed next to each other. It should also be noted that it would be possible to manually enter the numbers in. The cloner would then clone the lifeforms when both power and redstone current is applied to it and would spawn any animals, plus planting any seeds or saplings into the ground.

    The problem started when I tried to download Equivalence Exchange Industrial Craftsqrd addon which can be found of their EE mincraft fourms page 1 and got a black screen. When I checked out the modloader text file it claimed that there was no "itemPartIndustrialDiamond" file. Then when I went back to my old .jar file I found that the IC^2 was not producing industrial diamonds. I then tried looking through the class files and found that there was not class file for industrial diamonds in my .jar. So I tried redownloading IC^2 and still could not find it. Could someone help me out and tell my how to get industrial diamonds back?

    The Problem according to the modloader text file