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    I can't rly tell the difference since Thaumcraft is the main FPS sink. But I belive that Carpenter doesn't have that much of an impact.

    Your base killed my FPS, but it's hard to tell what caused most of the rest.

    Awesome job finishing it though :)

    I should have corrected myself, the textures are not final FOR IC2 classic, as the mod will be separated in 2 versions for both IC2 respectively, the IC2 experimental version ( the current one you see here, will also be the standalone version which will be able to work without IC2 but I will explain how it will work later, it's a bit complex, and yes blasphemy, don't blame me, as classic might take a bit more time ) have almost all textures done although I agree half of them they don't look like very experimentalish and if you really want, I can rework on them as it's not me who made those.

    I will mainly work on IC2 classic version textures :D

    Ok I get it. I was wondering because I received a PM about my old textures, and I might update them if the need arises.

    I've been thinking about this after I posted it, and I think an ae2 addon would be better. All the functionality and compatibility and the new items/recipes of ae2 with the simple recipes of ae1 would be ideal. I want the cool terminals with the directional placement, on wires, but the new recipes are expensiver, and more tedious.

    Google Minetweaker3. Download it, and write some scripts. Look on Github for examples, and see their Wiki for help.

    Awesome work! For the future, making a resource pack is easy. If you want, you can just start with a template (pick any resource pack you've ever downloaded), then just make the folders as they exist in the GT assets... pretty much what you've done. The only extra step is to edit the file at the top of your resource pack folder (any text editor will do) and change the name.

    My two cents on adventure mode:

    I have always hated it, and had it disabled on my personal packs. When I play on Kirara, I've tolerated it because

    • It isn't that hard.
    • I never wished to cause conflict, and other players seemed to have no complaints with it.

    For me, adventure mode has always been a toleration thing. It "feels" like some sort of MC mechanic is broken with it enabled, mainly because of the tool assignments and the fact that some blocks are unbreakable that in all honesty should be broken with anything including hands (sand and dirt, leaves and torches, fences, etc). It feels broken to me, but due to the fact that it never actually has been broken, I have tolerated it.

    I was so happy when a Kirara server was coming without adventure mode, and honestly Arch and I share a lot of the same ideas on pack design. I enjoyed it, and have never really questioned Arch's decisions. He has made really damn good ones. After playing for a week on HK3 without adventure mode, I had all but forgotten its existence.

    From a design standpoint (not even from a "feel" standpoint anymore), I feel that adventure mode has always been a bit useless. Yes, it promotes some level of "hardcore" play... maybe? I mean, having some tools on you to get yourself unstuck makes sense... but when you do get stuck (which happens a LOT more than people think), either by your own stupid error or lag, or terrain (*cough* Enviromine physics updates *cough* ;) ), you are completely fucked.

    This is where the game designer in me wakes up. Why punish a player for getting stuck? There is no suicide option in minecraft, so you are forced to jump until you starve to death. People argue that 1) you should not get stuck in the first place and 2) have a friend dig you out... but think about that for a second. The secondary condition requires the player to be on a server (which is why I tolerated it on Kirara), and the primary condition is just plain backwards.

    Punishing a player for fucking up is completely okay, but when all they've done is find a bit of terrain in a randomly generated survival game in which they can no longer leave, forcing a player to jump until starvation is a hacky-solution based around a botched game mechanic. I admire what Greg has done with adventure mode, making it an interesting mechanic that works nearly flawlessly, but in my eyes it has no place in a game based entirely around fucking up. Minecraft is literally a game about fucking up shit, then unfucking that shit in a different area. (For non-native speakers, I mean it's a sandbox game).

    With that said, I do not mind adventure mode on Kirara as long as some players feel it's necessary. From a game design standpoint, I feel that it is utterly useless (though maybe some tweaks could be made Greg, if you wanted to focus on it), despite being a nearly bug-free feature. I hate adventure mode, but I will always welcome it as long as there are people who desire it.