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    I've always had your problem, Psusi, with the ore washer. I run a really, really fast one usually and it backs up terribly when all 6 outputs are full because it only outputs 1 stack at a time. If the last output (or any other) fills up before it can shift the stacks 1 at a time, the machine will stall.

    Do I understand correctly?

    The only real solution is to use a slower machine or speed up the rate it dumps somehow

    ^ Opinions I disagree with.

    It's realistic. Wood can't really cut wood IRL, so why would it in the game? Turns out we solved all these problems a long, long, long time ago.

    It's called tying sticks and rocks together! XD Romans did it for their mining right up until their fall, because metal was too expensive but rocks were everywhere. Smashy smashy rock, hit it with de rock!

    It just requires the player to think logically, rather than linearly. And adding a few minutes of playtime to minecraft is hardly a sin.

    I'm also amazed anyone would complain about startoff this late in the mod's development. It's only been like that for what, 4 years?

    Gold has almost miraculously wierd metallurgic properties as an alloy ingredient, making a few exotic but legendary steels. However, for obvious reasons, even as a minute component the cost is ludicrously prohibitive.

    Furthermore, ultra-hard alloys are kind of a gigantic pain to work...

    But yes, titanium-gold alloys are something we could have today if the world agreed gold is better used in electronics and specialty alloys than useless jewelry.

    Fractured but a bit of info. If it wasn't an hour after midnight and I weren't drunk, i'd probably find better information. But TL;DR: It has a lot to do with crystalurgy, an abstract portion of metallurgy regarding the atomic and molecular alignment of things. Fascinating stuff!

    Okay, let's see if I can figure this out. Also I swear seeing an update/changelog/forum/etc constantly showing my name has made me feel like I have some sort of terrible brain-eating disease or something. >.o

    I'm still getting this error. I can't tell what mod it is and have definitely gotten brain cancer from all the trying. HAAALP!


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    I wonder when other types of batteries (NiMH? Lithium/ion? LiFE? Etc.) and if any sci-fi ones will be in it?

    I'm to my phase of engineering Bear knows well. The 'holy crap that's a LOT of batteries!' phase where I horde power like money at a bank.

    Been eyein' that Patreon post since. :V

    Would be a good time to wipe and renew an old, abandoned server, too.

    I can't wait to see what complicated, exotic materials processing i'll need to do for the sci-fi and macguffium batteries. :D

    Amen and here here! Plus it looks aesthetically neutral, which is great for my underground labyrinthine dystopian thylacine tunnel-cities. If you do change the texture, make sure it at least maintains that neutrality for uniform combination. Gotta make good-looking soviet bunker-tunnels!


    I'd say technologically the most important are:
    Zinc Chloride and/or Alkaline

    Lead-acid/ SLA/AGM/VLSA and variants

    NiMH (which replaced NiCD)


    Molten Salt


    With a possible special appearance from mercuric if you feel like fucking the environment completely

    Pretty much everything else is either theoretical without prototype, niche or specialty and not general purpose, or prohibitively inefficient or expensive.

    Actually zinc-chloride, acetic, sodium-salt, and ferrous-phophate batteries predate alkalines and lead-acid by decades, centuries, several decades, and years respectively.

    Not counting capacitor-esque stuff since they wouldn't be able to run actual machinery or lights for any length.

    Damnit Greg, circuits for the individual batteries now? You ever seen a circuit in your car battery?

    Yes, actually. Overcharging or shorting a battery is extremely dangerous, so most modern batteries (especially Li-Ion, LiPO, NiMH, etc.) have a tiny button-sized wafer stuffed underneath the positive terminal that will act as a fuse in the event of over charge/discharge, and prevent flow if the battery's voltage is too high or too low.

    Most 18650's for common use are either 'flat top' or 'button-top' and most button-tops are that way due to a control circuit.

    Every single laptop has a control circuit, usually quite a lot more advanced, monitor individual 18650 or LiPO pack cells and whole performance, temperature, and more.

    A protection circuit costs about $0.25, $3 for the high-end laptop ones custom made. I can make them with zener diodes easily as a voltage regulator.