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    got what i figure is the max

    2.207k eu/t for one macerator and canning machine!

    so that 61 fermenters

    217 semifluid generators and 2 mb/s extra

    I might be off by one fermenter and 22 mb/t of gas but its dam close and thats alot that it can do from a small place!

    IC2 Pipes! simple non complex.. normal pipes!!

    should act like electric wires ( connect on all 5 sides output or input don't need to choose.. but might have a upgrade option to limit? )

    should take on the color of the fluid flowing through !

    more advanced piped have more "pipes" so they can push in 1 fluid and push out one fluid

    IE think of a fermenter push in biomass and push out biogas and have water for the canning machine?

    The fluid distributer along with fluid regulator can allow you to form pipe lines, at high flow capacities too.

    yes but they cost toooo much for piping..

    gonna try to add a recipie to the ini later on to make the distributor cost less!

    ok i got it working.. added to the INI file

    ; Fluid Distributor
    IC2:blockMachine3@4 = "   |TCT|   " T:IC2:itemTreetap C:IC2:itemCellEmpty

    only issue is it wont show in craft guide propperly but it seems to show in NEI propperly!

    for a pipe imho this is a decent cost.. the original cost imho is just too much :(

    I did find out that adding


    # = anything for a machine causes a crash because you can't make stacks of a machine even though it is stackable ( same for glass fibre cables which i had tried to alter some in the past since i felt the recipie was too stingy)

    What pipes are you using? Both GT and BC have fluid slushing if they can't find a tank by the time they reach the end of the pipe.

    neither, the fluid distributor ! its the "pipe" of IC2 which we need a propper one!!! ( or to have the recipie for this lowered ALOT!!!) http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…p?title=Fluid_Distributor

    In real-life you have higher energy loss when storing energy in that thing where they pump up water, and it's still done.

    Pumped storage, using cheap power at night to pump water back into hydroelectric dams. The fact I have a physics exam which could ask about it in a month is totally coincidental ;)

    its the other way though.. pump at night release at day and its a "loss" only in the fact of the ammount of energy used is wasted however it stores more since the furnaces kept runing 24/7 loose effeciancy if they shut down at all ( takes forever to get hot again) so they are using power that would have just been wasted to store the water and
    make use of it when its needed later on!

    :) its viable just not efficient .. i figured if someone asked again we could point here :)

    gonna work on it after raid and see how much a single farm can output..

    and i am trying to think on how to have excess sugar be routed to a recycler to be scrapped :/ but only excess not the main.. i have a idea but it would take time

    also fluids in game behave weird... when i have a long line of machines to use fluid it will sometimes get the first machine full and thent he last.. the logic is weird to me

    The food was supposed to be purely cosmetic (unless canned food spoils...which seems counterintuitive). Buffs for beer i can see.
    Could we build a multiblock version of the fridge (walk-in INDUSTRIAL freezer, similar to railcraft tank dimensions) using multiple blocks?

    I think there are things we can do here if we figure them out.

    could be good but honestly alot of work imho when people talk about adding spoiling.. esp when canned food did not work out too good in game ( IE 1 stack of things vs alot of random )

    i say put NEW FOODS IN .. only!! ones that give buffs.. and that have lifetimes.. require the fridge..
    but only the new stuff will rot!

    make canned versions that give the same buff but for less time ? ( non spoilings)

    and while in fridge the spoiling stops 100% .. maybe making it so that spoiling is reversed? ( if its a higher end fridge?)

    I have been playing with a fermenter power setup the last few days and figured i would share some findings about the fermenter

    In my experiments i have a 9x9 farm with 5 spots cleared! using a crop harvester to pick the sugarcane!

    1 macerator and 1 fluid/solid canning machine with a infinite water pump setup

    1. the common thought.. using electric heat wont work/generate enough energy is 100% wrong... after a certain level! I had 4 electric heaters running on 4 fermenters and was making more then enough EU/t to power them and the supplies with about a 200 eu/t excess

    honeslty its not SMART .. yes you get more biofule but the cost to run is alot higher ! so its good for the first setup/get the ball rolling.

    2. I set out to see how much this grid/setup could produce at max production (using fluid heat generators) .. and found out about 1.2k eu/t with enough fermenters ( had about 40ish running and that was darm close to the canning machines limit ( maybe another 5-10 would have maxed it out but i was getting unweildy and was not powering all the generators

    3. i wanted to figure out how/what the scales/ratio of fermenters to generators when using the fluid heat generators


    both the fluid heat generator and the semifluid generator use about 10 biogass per tick/second

    the fermenter takes 6 seconds a the fluid heat generator's heat level to have a full run.
    so you need 60 gas per run or 600 per minute, this is easy to generate since each run gets you 200 biogas

    thats 140 leftover to run.. about 2.33ish generators ( comes out to be 20.2 biogas per tick profit)

    1 fermenter can power 2 generators with 2mb/tick left over
    5 can power 11 generators which is 176 eu per tick.

    there is some slight overhead with the macerator/canner/crop machines but its very low and honestly the best profit for eu/t

    next thing i will do now that i know the ratio is finish up on # 2.. figuring out how much it can do

    makes sense.. not huge cheats but removes the silly time wasting stuff you would have to deal with normally!

    I say anything is fine as long it is still fun for you. The only rules there are the ones you create.

    creative is for testing/playing around. survival is about working for what you have, accomplishing something. if (at least that''s the case for me) i want to seriously play survival(not the semi-creative i do as i hate plaaing in creative), cheating just makes it boring. so there actually is a point in not cheating when plaing survival, otherwise it is boring.

    and what you both say here is i think the best point.. i have a creative world.. that i play with to run experiments on because with nukes for example its too dangerious/costly to make mistakes.

    i play survive on peacefull for the most part.. lately i have been leaving it on easy since its not too difficult with the tech levels i have.

    I am constantly learning .... the farm issue i did not realize when i built my base it would be a issue.. i woulda tried to have found a better place.

    I do have fun figureing things out.. last two days i have been messing with a fermenter setup.

    Cooling Reactor Components for realism inside a Fridge? Sure that makes so much sense.

    well not really.. because you then have to cool the fridge.. normal cooling in game now for coolent is good enough :)

    maybe make some options to buff food some beer ? sodas?

    spoilage is not a issue with food so .. its not a major issue there..

    maybe its used to make something else? IE it has to cool down to X temp before it can be used to craft something??

    making ice blocks/snow would be a good option as well...

    what do we cool normally outsde of food ?

    liquid nitrogen/oxygen for specialized items? combine with a compressor ( if we had propper pipes it would be easier) Super coold coolant that can absorb more heat ? ( still running a energy loss though to cool it down)
    use it to compress bio gas for something?

    I can see uses but nothing that would be a increase in features/options but if something came around player could incorperate it..

    Who says steam is the only way to use fluid reactors? iirc, Stirling generators can handle variable heat, and even if they produce less EU than superheated steam, I'm fairly sure there are designs that output more EU that way than the best EU-reactor designs.

    the issue is best bang for buck.. a stirling is just not worth it.. at all unless you don't want the complications of setup and maintaining the turbines!

    one of the main issues is pipping thats not in the mod.. it needs it badly to move things around.. it gets MESSY easily and quickly when you try to take the full output

    I know. That's why I said "even" using Stirling generators, which are quite a bit easier to set up than a stable superheated steam setup - I've watched some of the tutorials on the latter, and still don't feel confident in my ability to do so. (iirc, using non-superheated steam produces about the same amount of power as a Stirling generator)

    superheated steam is not hard to setup.. 221 bar 1 mb/tick 200 hu/t each generator..
    however its not "fun" it uses a TON of mats and does not feel like its worth it in the long run

    or you go for biomass. that requires lots of plants and lots of fermenters and liquid heat exchangers, but apparently it gets a lot more power out than steam, and you don't have to deal with calcification from what i've gathered.

    a 9x9 ( with 5 squares not used for transport) was getting about 1-1.2k EU/t biomass.. Gonna redesign since i sorta gota confused on my design after a while ( was trying to see how much biomass/energy a single macterator and canner could do.. and it was near the 1.2k limit.

    What version of Minecraft and build of IC2 are you using? The official design thread has a Mark I design that produces 420 EU/t, both active and effective, and I'd be surprised if you could get your effective EU/t that high with a Mark V. However, if you're using MC 1.7.10 and a recent build of IC2, and are willing to deal with the complications and hazards of a fluid reactor, you might be able to get higher output EU/t (even via Stirling generators) and efficiency with a Mark V design, since it continues to heat the coolant fluid even during the cooldown periods.

    sterlings are about 1/2 of what a full steam setup can get out sadly!

    a fluid reactor can give alot more though 2x the EU/t!

    You should use more than one heat exchangers, although I don't see how that is viable with IC2 only at the moment.

    using fluid regulators ( which imho should just be made into simple liquid pipes) its possable to use up to 4 on a boiler.. though i don't think it helps to have more then 200 HU/t or increases the steam!

    what i did was have it like the pics i attached!

    interesting but meh :)
    nice mod option :)

    My fluid reactor has the problem that the liquid heat exchanger doesnt convert the hot coolant fast enough to normal coolant, wich causes the reactor to overheat.
    What can i do?

    setup:liquid heat exchanger full with conducters, outputs coolant with enderio fluid conduits back to the reactor.

    (fixed), i've didnt used enough vents

    good that you got it fixed.. when i have tested this i have found you need a bit more coolent sometimes then you planned :/ because its sometimes outside of the reactor pooled in the exchanger

    lighting up caves is definitely a cheat to me - a), it gives you torches(which are renewable resources, but meh), b), you can just build the mobgrinder on top of an ocean(i think, deep ocean was the thing without mob spawns, right?), as there isn't any ground for the mobs to spawn on there but for the grinder. Also, as you said, you could have used a terraformer.

    For the Biome thing, exploring can be a nuisance, so i don't think it is that bad. You could've changed the biom(in a small area) with blood magic, but that would've required a lot of infrastructure to be set up and cost a lot of stuff.

    I have spent like 20+ hours finding "unlit caves" in a ocean.. i did not build near a deep one so i am having that issue :( ( wiki does not state they don't do caves so maybe it is deep ?)

    i don't have that mod that does the blood magic but it makes me happier to know :)

    Growth: Makes the plant mature faster. Over 23 it will make the plant act like a weed, while being immune to weed itself.
    Gain: Makes the plant yield more on harvest. There is no special condition for this one. The higher, the better.
    Resistance: Makes the plant be more resistant to weeds and trampling. Also gives you a better chance of recovering a seed bag when left clicking a mature plant. Over ~20 (I dun remember the value) it will make the plant take longer to breed.

    All stats maxes on 31. Crops with higher stats (and tiers) require better environment conditions to grow, otherwise they may grow slower, not grow at all, or simply die (the crop will vanish).
    Environment conditions are soil, biome, height, space, sunlight, fertilizer and hydration.
    Better environment conditions also makes crops grow faster.

    thanks!! i was going about it a bit messed up then! still growth = faster cycles and resistance gives more bags/better chance.. gain can come later then :)