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    there's always a good chance to get one of the plants you crossbred, so it is better to try breeding the stickreed. don't know aboput seedpouches, but if i recall correctly, they had a chance of dropping.

    was editing when you posted so will add here

    also i read that resists make it harder to crossbreed? or did i misunderstand?

    I am thinking breed for growth first.. then breed the quantity ? or is the quantity determine pouches?


    I got a StickyReed 4 1 2... ( this was before a world edit ( see other post by me))

    the question is now.. what to do with it?

    if i understand right a seed pouch plant always returns its pouch with picked? So i plan on planting it soon and trying to crossbreed with anotehr reed to make more?

    I presume this is the better idea to make more or is it just trying again and hoping?

    also i read that resists make it harder to crossbreed? or did i misunderstand?

    I am thinking breed for growth first.. then breed the quantity ? or is the quantity determine pouches?

    I am curious what others think of things like MC edit and going in to alter a biome to be better for things..

    My first opinion/thought is that its no diffrnet then using a in game mod to do it.. just faster and simpler?

    or is it that its external to the game that makes it more cheaty?

    is a map program that can look into caves bad because you can view it outside of the game a cheat or is it a tool to get information better?

    I made 2 edits to my world and feel they are ok because it allowed 1 major headache to be fixed and allowed better crops to happen for another! ( had i planned better i would have put myself in a swap area/had one nearby to grow crops in.. so i changed that.

    the other is a more drastic one but it should solve a major headach i am having with a mob spawner... namely that it works but there are alot of caves unlit.. so this filter goes in and puts torches all over !

    ( i could have used a terriformer flatification for this because it would have filled in the spaces with dirt, but felt this was faster/easier)

    I can see this being too much.. IE being able to edit willy nilly ruins some of the game!
    but sparingly used it can make things a bit better?

    Good evening all, I just looked at some of the blocks in my IC2 mod and came across a reactor fluid port, how can I use this in my reactor? Currently it is generating about 120EU/t and I was wondering if using fluid to cool the reactor would improve its efficiency minus the multiple 60k coolant components or will it completely obliterate my base?

    you need to do a 5x5 reactor.. search for that.. its very complicated to setup ! but meh ?

    The funny i tooltip button Thunderdark added says that the 5x5 is meant to output 100% of the uranium's power, while normal reactors are throttled to 50%. Whether that's total output or per tick isn't specified however.

    i understood eu/tick which meh :/

    No, as that'd involve either slowing down reactor ticks or increasing the max metadata of uranium fuel cells. The 5x5 could do with a greater output I agree, the effort in doesn't really equal the amount out.

    agreed :) but i don't feel it should give more EU/tick then a regular reactor

    IMHO a 5x5 vs regular reactor should be setup internally the same to give the same EU/tick.. just the 5x5 gives more EU/lifetime !

    Naaaah, 5x5 MOX is great fun. It's all down to whether you want an impressive looking build, or you want 5 windmills above your house.

    imho i feel 5x5 needs a major shift.. IE lasting longer vs regular .. not more power out at a time but lasting longer so more power over the long haul ( nukes got 2x longer in a prior patch so i say same EU/tick )

    the original reactor was more like a RTG type in terms it just made electricity without major normal mechanics..

    with this having more complication and parts i say the reactor should give out 4-8x a standard reactors life.. so normal reactor 2 hours and change i say 5x5 should last 8-16 hours with same

    is there a setting that I could change in the ini files to work this? not more EU/tick but longer lasting

    Crossbreeding is normally having different types of crops that are (optionally) different tiers, as they seems to change the values the most. Depending on what you're going for depends on what works best, but since there is an aspect of randomness there too, just playing pick and mix with the crops will get you something new after a few runs.

    problem is which crops is best to mix / highest chance.. and how much experimentation Ie would it be best to have 50 plots to have a resonable chance to get what i want within a timeframe? or would 5-10 be resonable ( IE within a hour or three of game time)

    The cropmatron will make sure that the crops have as high a hydration and fertilisation value as possible, but a bad biome with a cropmatron is worse than a swamp without one. But having one in a swamp just gives you the best chance of good crops.

    good! crops will just be better in swamp @ 128..

    question thoough.. what encourages crossbreeding? IE not stat increases but new crops? IE i have iron under my reeds but i bet its not changing anything yet?

    oh right, the biome. crops grow best in swamps/jungles, as these have the highest humidity i think, and higher than *insert forgotten y level here*, so better move your breeding area.

    so as long as its above 128 in a swamp biome then it has the best chance without a cropmatron or does a cropmatron give as good a chance? ( IE is there a reason to have it still in the right zone or does the cropmatron do anything really? )

    so my idea of keeping iron under the reed is ok just not expecting a result yet?

    i am growing in a desert area so i figure the cropmatron is making things better for the moment? ( keeping it watered enough)

    I wish there was a better way to work this.. the growing/increasing grow speed/yeild should be complex but i feel the cross breeding should be more controlled / goal achivable with a plan and not random luck?

    Ok so i am understanding the basic i think

    us the crop sticks 2 seed crops next to each other or diagonal and the empty tilled spot with 2 crop sticks per

    So its random if i get a increase on stats.. or loose? Hoping to get better.

    WEEDEX IS A NEVER USE? it makes the crops bad i am seeing? Why if the cropmatron gives it out?

    I have been using a cropmatron as experimental just to see if it gives better chances/higher numbers? ( does it? ) ( using distilled water and fertalizer only)

    Cropnalyzer wont take higher then adv backback for power.. the charging crystals/batpacks wont power it :(

    My goal for this is ferru and Aurelia then redwheat!

    so right now i have 4 plots of 4x4 for playing with getting better growth/yeild ( is there a positive for more resists other then trampeling?)
    This setup has the cropmatron helping..

    I have another setup under it in the dark cept for redstone lights growing reeds/sugarcane with iron bars under them..

    What advice can you guys give?

    What mistakes have i made?

    What can i do to improve upon this?

    how does one use the item buffer? it seems like it has a specific way but i don't understand

    use a ejector upgrade and select which way it should output!
    IE if
    you want it to go up out the top of a buffer then have the upgrade in
    your hand and right click on the bottom of a block and it will always go
    there !
    this way you can setup a mini refining station for ore to bars!

    as you can see i have buffers to put stuff in.. they output to the macertors in the back into a new buffer to wait and be washed! then what comes out from there gets sorted ! or bits dust get sent to the top two boxes .. the ore gets spun and its outputted to the furnace up top

    washers have a pump next to them to refill from a unlimtied water source!
    bottom buffer / box on right side is a compresser for bars/ore bits! ( not automated)

    centerfuges use there own power source since they use so much it was causing power loss for the others at times..

    (attachement is the pic but i can't figure out how to get it to show better?)

    Electric sorters are awesome, but for most common item-moving tasks I prefer hoppers, since they are cheaper and MUCH less complicated to craft.

    Also how much power does electric sorter actually use?

    they don't use alot.. i have a low end xformer powering like 6+ of them ( 128 eu/t max for a brief second).. they only use energy when moving items and there internal buffer is neough to work for a bit.
    major bug that was for a while was burning energy when holding.. ( fixed a while back)

    That is why we uptransform, regardless of cable.

    i feel thats bad in the long run.. a copper cable wont be able to take a 8k power will it?

    i feel its time for a better medium range cable..


    made from dirt.. about say 20 dirt for a small part ? macerate 20 dirt.. then wash most of the dirty away leaving a resedue ( in the wash it consumes 20 at a time ) then its centerfuged to leave the aluminum parts..

    or have a special machine to take it..and process it new?

    then use the aluminum bar and say copper wire in a craft table to make "un extruded aluminum cable" sorta like bronze but aluminum is the majority. and machine it in a extruder ( metal former ) and put rubber on that.

    aluminum works diffrently
    the higher the voltage the less drop you get .. but only long runs.. the longer the higher till say you get to 500 blocks

    so a 500 run has say 99-99.8% effeiciancy at 8k eu/t ( less and lower voltages)

    a 100 run has say 95%

    and 50 has 75-60%

    20 run is 30% ( huge drop the shorter you go )

    so your rewarded to make sub stations to convert down/transfer locally with better wires ( copper ) to distribute to a say a room?

    So I don't know what the deal is, but now that I'm playing with the new enet in a survival world instead of just test, I'm seeing much higher losses.

    I have a windmill powering a cesu that powers a miner. The cable run from the cesu to the miner is currently something like 12 blocks long, and when I measure the eu flow at the first cable block it reads 52 eu/t and at the miner it reads 44 eu/t. That's a loss of nearly 15% over only a dozen blocks!

    what wire are you using? as you can see in my tests copper is best till you get glass fibre for most cases

    I have no idea how exactly these condensers work. i pump some distilled water directly out of the second stage turbine but that only gives back ~10% of the Input.

    And i finally finished a complete cycle without changing something and storing all the produced Energy.

    480mio EU from 4 Quad Mox Rods. So 480mio EU /(10.000sec*20ticks) = 2400EU/t if nothing changed there.

    so its possable to store the energy in the coolent cells and not burn it up.. how do you automate removing and adding at a certain time?

    Put a condenser directly adjacent to the second turbine. It will receive the cold steam exhaust (stopping the steam explosions) and will condense it back into distilled water.

    yep thats how at the end.. put the condenstor and the fluid regulators

    If that is only half the heat you're getting out from the reactor, but still getting 1200 EU/t, guess MOX heat reactors could make EV emitting reactors (by proxy) a reality again.

    its at least a option to use the excess plutonium and such for some use?