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    I'm aware of that one, it was a possible alternative to going whole-hog for Modular Powersuits. I wasn't sure how current the mod was, since it's something Mauve Cloud made several years ago, and he's not currently playing.

    Um, if I'm reading this post correctly, you seem to be crediting me with writing either Gravisuite or Modular Powersuits (it's not entirely clear which you mean). I did not write (or even contribute to) either mod.

    1. Have you tried running Forge by itself, to make sure it's really IC2 causing it?

    2. Are you using Java 9 or higher? Forge is known to not support that, at least until the upcoming 1.13 builds (and will crash without a log if you try, so this could easily be what you're running into). I haven't found indications of whether there are plans to backport Java 9+ support to Forge for older MC versions later.

    For me, it was mainly the "no guis, do everything with in-world interactions" philosophy that Greg seems to be using now that kept me away from GT6. The ranges of RU/KU/HU/whatever shown for the different machines in NEI don't exactly help in making me think it's "simpler" and something to switch to if I thought GT5 was too complex - I'm confused by ShumnayaBulka's logic in making that switch. Sort of a moot point in my case, since I've switched to MC 1.12 with other mods for now (and I might play MC 1.13 vanilla for a bit after it officially releases)


    Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    This one's pretty simple. You need to allocate more memory to Minecraft. I think doing that for a server is a little different than doing it for a single-player game, but it shouldn't be too hard to Google for how to do that.


    Operating System: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1

    Java Version: 1.8.0_141, Oracle Corporation

    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode, sharing), Oracle Corporation

    Memory: 96684480 bytes (92 MB) / 259522560 bytes (247 MB) up to 259522560 bytes (247 MB)

    JVM Flags: 0 total;

    Based on these lines, I'd say you're running 32-bit Java, and 247 MB allocated is really tight for trying to run modded Minecraft. I strongly recommend running 64-bit Java if you can. What other mods are you planning to add? Perhaps I can come up with an estimate of how much memory you should allocate.

    I wish there were a tool to remove paint, or just that machines would forget their color when picked up, like cables do.

    There is such a tool. It's called a water bucket. I don't usually paint my machines, so there might be things that could interfere that I don't know about, but I found the place in the code where it checks for it:…

    :( oil drilling rigs (or at least the fields they drill) were nerfed somewhere along the line. They require MV power at least now (even for the lowest tier oil rig - the higher tiers drill several chunks at once, but with the same effective speed), and last I checked, there was only about a 26% of getting an oil or raw oil field that could even produce enough to break even (presuming you process the oil into light fuel and use it to power the oil rig). 22% with light oil. If you want to get double the energy you used for drilling, that's 14% with oil (maybe called "crude oil" now, not sure) or raw oil, and 10% with light oil.

    There is a still-open bug about it here:

    A few months ago, I looked at the different fuel types, but not just at their fuel values, also at how fast I could produce them, depending on whether I had only LV single block machines for processing or multiblocks such as the distillation tower. Pre-distillation tower, light fuel wins out (I usually used oilsands ore, but I think oil berries would also work, if you're willing to take the time to breed some). After the distillation tower is craftable (and especially once the pyrolyse oven is craftable), methane is more attractive, since it looks fairly easy to make it renewable from crops (and water). Admittedly, GT5u makes the Crop Harvester recipe harder by default now, but if you have another way of automating a crop farm, such as a Forestry multifarm, you can use that.

    As far as I know from my old GT5 Days, you can create new large veins in order to make it possible to disable all small ores. And every small Ore should have a large Ore equivalent too.

    Yes, I'm fairly sure custom ore veins are still possible, and I agree with the idea that there ought to be large ores to match the small ores. However, looking at the default configs, I see the following small ores that iirc don't automatically get large ores for them:

    • Amber (the material was disabled by default for a few builds if Thaumcraft is not installed, but the GitHub issue says FixedInDev, so I'm not sure whether pre4 includes the fix)
    • Amethyst
    • Bismuth
    • Blue Topaz
    • Fool's Ruby
    • Red Garnet
    • Yellow Garnet
    • Jasper
    • Opal
    • Saltpeter
    • Tanzanite
    • Topaz
    • Zinc

    I’m not sure why you’re suprised the macerator requires diamonds. GT5U macerators (all flavors) have required diamonds for as long as I can recall. That the lathe now requires them was an unpleasant surprise.

    Sorry, I thought you were saying it specifically needed industrial diamonds (even for the LV-tier versions of those two machines), and that normal diamonds wouldn't work. It looks to me like either kind will work for the LV macerator and lathe. Looking at the FTB Wiki page history, I don't think it's new for the lathe to require a diamond - the page from 2 September 2014 shows a diamond in the recipe, and that predates Blood Asp's fork.

    Compressed coal balls can only be made in the assembler.

    In a test instance with only the following mods (and I even deleted the files in the config folder to force them to refresh):


    I can see the compressor recipe for the compressed coal ball in NEI. Perhaps you've unintentionally done something to the config files to disable it, or one of your other mods is interfering, but based on my results, I'd say you're unfair in blaming GT5u for that change.

    I'm waiting for GregTech CE to be buildable into a playable-in-survival-mode state, but as far as the string requirement for cables, I seem to recall that you can use a packager to bypass that. Or once you make your assembler, you should be able to use molten rubber.

    However, I just loaded up a test world with 5.09.32pre4, and looking in NEI, I can't reproduce your claims about compressed coal balls requiring the assembler or the LV macerator and lathe needing industrial diamonds. Are you sure those aren't limitations imposed by your modpack, rather than GT5u itself?

    4357 is the item id, which will be specific to your setup and list of mods (e.g. in one of my worlds, certus quartz has item id 4926 instead), and should be ignored for this. The 0 is the meta data value you need, so try this instead:

    appliedenergistics2:material@0 = 1000

    What extra info do you need that it doesn't already provide? Also, there are some finicky details that make it impractical to try to calculate everything ahead of time instead of simulating things to find out how well a design works. For example, if the heat generated by a component doesn't divide evenly into integers for the number of adjacent heat-absorbing components, one of them will get a little extra. Then there are the heat exchangers. I don't fully understand the technical details myself of how they work, so I had to get special permission to adapt from decompiled IC2 code.

    Does the 1.10.2 port of GT5u have feature parity with the 1.7.10 version? I realize it's much more unstable, but is it as complete as 1.7 GT at least feature wise? I apologise if this has been discussed before, my (brief) research didn't turn anything up about this topic.

    It's not up to date with the latest 1.7.10 version - I think it was branched back around the time of 5.09.27 or so, meaning that newer 5.09.xx versions won't be there (like the new circuit system or single-block machines that go all the way up to max voltage). I don't think there were any features deliberately omitted or postponed, if that's what you mean. Here are some major issues to deal with, though:

    1. Item pipes don't work at all.

    2. Fluid pipes go crazy if placed adjacent to cables.

    3. Seismic Prospector scans can't be printed.

    4. Unless you use an older build of IC2 that does not include crops, you'll need a special "shim" made by Chocohead (available in this post) to keep it from crashing because of the crop textures.

    I suggest you also search the GitHub issues for "1.10.2" to see some of the smaller problems (including the "closed" issues, since many of those were closed as "wontfix" in consideration of the planned rewrite)

    If you open IC2's jar file with WinRar, 7-zip, or whatever, you'll find it as assets/ic2/config/general.ini. When you run Minecraft with ic2 installed and no ic2.ini in the config folder, it essentially extracts this file and makes it config/IC2.ini. (I'm not certain of the exact mechanism it uses for getting this file, or at least the contents thereof, to use as IC2.ini)

    However, if config/IC2.ini already exists, it tries to use that instead. If you have a leftover one from 1.7.10, this will cause problems, as the recycler blacklist will include "IC2:blockScaffold", but at some point the internal names were changed so that it now needs to be "IC2:scaffold" instead. If you edited this file heavily while playing 1.7.10, you might find it easier to change that one item. If not, it might be easier to delete IC2.ini and let it make a new one.

    Just in case I'm misinterpreting your last line: If you're claiming that you don't have an ic2.ini in your config folder (as opposed to not finding it in the jar file, which was my initial interpretation), I can only guess that you're looking in the wrong place, because I can't think of a way you could get that error message without it.

    I am VERY sure there is a way to disable Recipes in the GT5 API. I made sure there is one, and it still exists in GT6, so the GT5U Devs must have removed that one.

    I stand corrected. When you have the actual recipe object, that can be done. However, looking at GTTweaker's source code on GitHub, it uses the IGT_RecipeAdder from gregtech.api.enums.GT_Values which does not expose that functionality.