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    I wasn't sure there would be any better alternatives, but I thought I'd ask. I realize it would be impractical to completely keep up with all the IC2 changes, but I hoped there might be a texture/resource pack that was updated more recently than six months ago.

    FWIW, the main PureBDCraft resource pack by Sphax has been updated for Minecraft 1.8, so there's one high resolution that's fully updated, although only for vanilla minecraft, not for mods.

    Out of curiosity, do you use any resource/texture packs or just go with default 16x16 textures for everything?

    EU/t is the normal reactor output that I'm used to from older builds of IC2 experimental, and what it shows in the reactor interface when it's connected to electrical cables (or maybe just when it doesn't have an item/block to make it output other forms of energy), so I don't intend to remove it from my planner. I'm willing to consider adding a display of HU/t output, but I haven't actually looked into how to make it output HU/t (and why - iirc a blast furnace only needs 1 HU/t to maintain operation, so using a nuclear reactor to heat one directly would be overkill, but I'm guessing there are other uses for heat output), so if you could link me an explanation of how that works, that would help.

    I'll go ahead and add live-updating when I have time.

    I've been using HanFox's 128x textures for IC2 that go with Sphax's PureBDCraft resource pack, but there is a note at…strialcraft-115-t155.html saying that HanFox has abandoned updating those textures, and according to the changelog, they haven't been updated since IC2 experimental build 431, but I've been playing build 645, and as of posting this message, 647 is the latest build I see in Jenkins. I was wondering if anybody knew of some other high-resolution (preferably 128x, but I might settle for 64x) texture pack or resource pack for IC2 experimental that's a bit more up to date? (similarly-themed resource packs to go with it for vanilla Minecraft stuff, Biomes O Plenty, Applied Energistics 2, and NEI would be nice too)

    What about making NEI show a text description of how to make an item in the canning machine, kind of like Applied Energistics 2 does for "in world crafting" of Fluix Crystals? I realize it wouldn't be as elegant as showing the canning machine gui, but as it stands now, if I click on something like a coolant cell to ask NEI for the recipe, it doesn't show anything, which leads me to wonder whether the item is even craftable in the current version of IC2.

    5 million? That's freaky. I figured it might be off by a few percent due to hiccups in IC2 or Minecraft itself, but would not have guessed it could be that far off. It makes me wonder whether it's even worth fixing the discrepancy in my planner.

    Okay, I think I've set it up in GitHub. I hope this is the right url for others to view it (GitHub's help isn't completely clear on that point):

    As far as the power production, I think that might be an issue with termination conditions rather than with rounding. However, I'm curious: have you actually tried setting up a simple 1 fuel rod and 1 heat vent reactor and left it running for a full cycle connected to an MFE or MFSU with nothing else connected and confirmed that it generates exactly 2 million EU?

    I have sent the message asking for permission, and I have recompiled my planner with JDK 1.7 (I had to revert the lambda expressions that I'd only added because NetBeans suggested them), which I'm hoping will resolve the crashing issues. In a little while, I will see about signing up for GitHub and posting the project there.

    You are allowed to decompile it so long as you don't use any source code without permission. just crashes when I try to start it X(

    As far as decompiling, I presume you mean under the clause "Modifying any or all of the files of IC is permitted without limitations for private use only." I'll try that.

    As far as the crashing, could one of you please post the exception details? Thanks. I developed it using NetBeans 8.0.1 and Java 1.8.0_11, but it didn't crash for me even when I ran the jar standalone outside NetBeans.

    does it need to be java?

    could it not be done in HTML 5 or something thats less... risky to run untrusted ( Not trying to cause anger from offence ( i do mean to offend) sorry but we don't know you as well as we know player and mojang )
    for me i don't let java run in the browser and limit its connections otherwisewhen running manually.

    second if you use a non java it might be easier to run ? who knows :)

    Technically, no, it doesn't need to be Java, that's just what I'm most familiar with. I could view this as an opportunity to learn HTML5 or whatever, though. :)

    It's standalone at the moment, so I'm not sure how you'd make it run in the browser. I can't really blame you for not trusting me, but I can run it just fine inside Sandboxie, in case you're concerned with security - it's almost completely self-contained, except for reading an optional user-specified (and remembered via Preferences.userRoot) path to a resource pack (I have a 4k screen, so I don't like settling for default 16x16 textures). Would it help if I posted hash codes (MD5, SHA1, etc.) so you can verify that the file hasn't been corrupted or hacked on the server?
    I have a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional stowed away, but if I used that and C++ or C# (both of which I'm rusty at), the program wouldn't run (except via emulation) on Mac or *nix, and might be considered even more risky than Java :S

    Java da bomb though. Screw HTML :P if this was open-sourced and on Github, that'd be great though.

    I was already planning to make this open source, but I was hoping to get some feedback and develop it a bit further first. Also, I was thinking SourceForge, mainly because I hadn't really noticed GitHub. One thing that concerns me is that Wikipedia lists "Commerical" for the "Self-hosting" feature for GitHub. Could somebody please explain what that means? Thanks.

    Update: I've looked at IC2 in a decompiler, and fixed my simulator to do two passes per reactor tick (one for handling heat and one for handling energy output) instead of three (one for generating heat and energy, one for vents dissipating heat, and one for exchangers transferring heat). However, I've looked at the code for the exchangers, and I don't really understand what it's doing. I think I'd have to mostly copy the decompiled code to get those to simulate correctly, so who can I ask for permission?

    One thing I notice is that in your screenshot, the bottom center slot is an overclocked heat vent, while in your design it's a reactor heat vent. Using IC2 build 645 and creative mode, I couldn't reproduce your results either way - that overclocked heat vent near the upper left degraded pretty fast.

    I have made my own version of the reactor planner, which supports the latest IC2 Experimental reactor components, as well as components from GregTech 5 Unofficial. Components from other add-on mods may be added once those mods are fully released (and the details of their components are finalized)

    • Supports both EU and fluid reactors.
    • Allows different simulation types: Simple Cycle (turn the reactor on and leave it running until the fuel rods run out), Pulsed Cycle (use redstone control to turn the reactor on and off based on time and/or temperature), and Pulsed Automation (also replace components when they get too hot or too cold).
    • Supports importing designs from Talonius's v3 planner (paste either the bare code or the full url). Legacy components that no longer exist in IC2 Experimental will trigger a warning dialog and their slots will be left empty in the new planner.
    • Allows CSV (comma-separated values) output, of the core heat and damage/heat of each component after each reactor tick, which can then be imported with spreadsheet software and graphed if desired.
    • i18n capable (will need others to provide translations to languages other than US English, though)

    Here is the link to the GitHub releases page for downloading the latest version of the planner:

    I've started gathering numbers for making my own. The new gui shows the core temperature as a percentage, and I'm presuming that without any plating, 100% core temp = 10k heat. Other components seem to take 10 damage per non-dissipated heat, so I can use that for measuring things.

    I'm sorry if this has been brought up before, but when I used the forum search, I didn't find a mention of it. I'd like to suggest a third category of reactors: plutonium generators. For those that want to generate a lot of plutonium stably, to convert either into MOX Nuclear Fuel or into Pellets of RTG Fuel, but are less concerned about efficiency and total energy output. Low cost in terms of other resources would be good, though.

    As an example, here's a simple one I quickly came up with using the v3 reactor planner (but see also my question below):
    6 chamber
    efficiency 1
    27 uranium cells, none dual or quad
    output: 135 EU/t
    Resources (according to the reactor planner): 292 copper ingots, 18 tin ingots, 233 iron ingots, 27 uranium ingots, 7 rubber, 8 redstone dust, 2 glowstone dust, and 2 lapis lazuli.
    Resources (according to my own calculations, which I think are corrected for newer recipes): 304 iron ingots, 27 Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel, 30 tin ingots, 146 copper ingots, 72 lead ingots, 7 rubber, 8 redstone, 2 glowstone dust, and 2 lapis lazuli.

    Also, I have a question after seeing this remark:

    Looks like you've found what happens when you use an outdated reactorplanner to test reactor designs in an updated IC2!

    Is there a newer reactor planner we can use? If not, maybe I can try to make my own version of it that works for recent builds of IC2 Experimental. Using NEI, I can easily determine the updated recipes for the components, but I don't know how to determine the correct numbers for how much heat is generated or dissipated by each component type. There was a mention that the cooling systems were buffed by a factor of 2 at some point, but details on the "official" IC2 wiki seem to match those used by the reactor planner. Is there an alternate wiki or at least a forum post that lists the up-to-date numbers? Or can somebody advise me on a way to find out in creative mode what the correct numbers are?

    It would be nice if a compressor could be added ontop to auto give compressed air with a ejector upgrade?

    I tried this with the build I'm using (#645), and it seems to work (idk whether it worked in the build that first introduced the blast furnace), except that the refined iron ingots can end up in the compressor's input - I checked the compressor recipes via NEI, and apparently the compressor can convert 9 refined iron ingots into a refined iron block, which seems redundant since I can do that at a crafting table for 0 EU cost, but if I make just over 2 stacks of empty cells, I should be able to leave a few in the compressor's input thereby preventing it from accepting refined iron ingots ejected from the blast furnace.

    Chocohead  crafteric2 as of build 645, the ash from the solid heat generator hasn't been added to the default recycler blacklist, so putting it in a recycler might be slightly better than throwing it onto a cactus or into lava.

    The reasoning it takes so long is that it works differently. It turns iron + air into steel + slag.

    I'm not sure that really justifies it taking an entire minecraft day to produce 4 refined iron ingots in one of them, but on the other hand, by the time I have enough energy production (e.g. nuclear reactor(s) and/or Radioisotope Thermal Generators) to consider adding overclocker upgrades to my other machines, I should easily be able to build and run several blast furnaces in parallel. I might have been trying to build advanced solar panels too early, and I hadn't noticed the addition of the RTGs (which now that I look at their description on the Wiki seem more attractive than advanced solar panels).

    I appreciate this thread, since I had figured out that I'd need to place a heat generator next to the blast furnace, but hadn't realized I'd need to make the colored squares touch each other.

    I have a couple of things to mention about the Blast Furnace and related items, though:
    1. I tried with build 645, and the Electric Heat Generator now has 10 slots for coils, and with them all filled, it outputs 100 heat (10 heat per coil).
    2. The new Blast Furnace is painfully slow - even when preheated first, and kept hot with that 10-coil electric heat generator, it takes about 3 seconds to progress by 1% (regardless of which of the 5 possible items is used as input), which means it takes about 5 real-time minutes to make one refined iron ingot, or 20 minutes to make enough for one advanced machine casing (not even counting the time for converting the refined iron ingots to plates). I crunched some numbers, and starting from the mined items (iron ore blocks, tin ore blocks, copper ore blocks, and coal), using a macerator, electric furnace, metal former, and compressor, with no overclocker upgrades on any of them, and not leaving items processing in some while I use others, I could make the rest of the items for an advanced machine casing in a little under 19 minutes. I could easily speed that up by running several of the machines concurrently and adding some overclocker upgrades (and possibly even smelting un-macerated ore for the iron plates and tin plates), but I see no way to make the blast furnace run faster. For comparison, the longest processing time for a GregTech Industrial Blast Furnace is 100 seconds (when processing Tungsten Dust or a Tungsten Ingot with a Steel Ingot (and btw, the latter is distinct from a refined iron ingot in GregTech), according to…/Industrial_Blast_Furnace), and even a Railcraft Blast Furnace only takes 2 minutes 8 seconds to smelt iron into steel (according to Any idea why it's this slow?