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    IC2 had the same bug a few months ago. It's much worse than 6x, since a full multiblock reactor has about 30 sides that you could pull energy from

    Yeah it has 30 sides but only 6 Extra Connections to Reactor Casings. And Every Reactor casing (so max 6) outputs it energy. I will fix that anyways soon by installing the MultiStructure IC2 Exp API into the Nuke (which was anyways intended to be there).
    But there is a couple new bugs fixed. XD A example. The recipe which is required for the Nuke is not aviable. I removed it at the time where i cleaned up the code... Its added again.
    But comes only next release and for that i wait a day because there is more todo. Also my mod requires work and i did it laying around for a couple weeks now...

    Also a cool thing is that IC2 Classic seems to be very stable even so that i use a very uncomplex code for the Energy Calculation.... It seems to be that IC2 Made a little mistake by that :D

    Nostalgia... ;(

    But this addon will at least kinda survive ;)

    but he did make 2 bugs. In Ic2 only 1.
    1: On servers rotors will be unbreakable. Because of an Sync issue
    2: ClientSide Renders eat a lot of Ram over time! Will be nodest only on weak computers.
    And because he did not fix it in 1.6 i copied his mod.

    New Update:
    Added: NEI Plugin for: "Compressor", "Extractor", "Macerator", "Scrapbox Chances",
    Fixed: Nuclear Reactor Components. They should work now smoothly and share the Heat good.
    2 Bugs still exsist with Nukes.
    1: Every Side Export energy (so you can make the output times 6).
    2: Heat Exchanger remove only 99% of their own heat so they will keep a little amount intern. But that will effect almost nothing. With nukes.

    Here i come with the IC2 Classic Version which is Compatible to IC2 Exp Mods

    Relevant Links:
    Patreon Page

    GitHub Main Page for the Project

    Releases, Changelogs and Dev Stuff

    IC2 Classic Wiki (may include information from 1.10.2 releases)

    Bug Tracker and Suggestions Please Post Reports/Requests here. I get e-mail Notifications so I reply faster. If that is not possible then post it here.

    If you want to support me and IC2 then use this link: CurseForge Page
    IC2Classic has now a Patreon: Patreon Page

    IC2 Classic has now an IRC Channel. If you want to join #IC2-Classic on IRC (EsperNet)
    or on Discord: Discord Link

    There is now a Forestry Fix that allow you to run Forestry with IC2 Classic. Download in the attachments. Thanks to some russian people!

    New Features which do not exist in IC2 Classic from Immibis:

    Almost Every IC2 Exp Addon or Mod should work with this. (Note some are not but i try to make it compatible)
    Nei Plugin for normal CraftingRecipes (other will follow soon)
    EU Reader give a couple more information when you sneak RightClick on a Machine that require/produce/transfer Energy.
    That also counts for Addons.
    Energy Transfersystem is adjusted to the IC2 Exp API.
    Multible Energy Packets are back again. But also Explosions.

    Important: These downloads here are for Minecraft 1.6.4.
    1.7.10/1.10.2 Downloads are found at the top.

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    Hehe, I would also like a 1.4.7 GT done for 1.7.10 :D

    Yeah..... Do not ask me. I am not a fan of GT. And even GT helped me a little bit with coding i am still a little bit skeptical of his reasons.

    Anyway Last couple days work. Managed to Fix the bug with Forestry First. I Overrided the Class that causing that problem and,
    And replaced it. Now IC2 Classic Exp Works fine.
    Nodest 1 Bug with Railcraft SteamTurbine. I did not added yet the MultiStructureProducer/Consumer of IC2 Energy to the Support List.
    Working on that as soon as i understood whats going on there.
    Transformers send now Multible Energy Packets again (in 1.6.4 or higher) it was removed because of a bug.
    And i adjusted my mods to the New API Files i created.

    Personally, I'd just change Forestry to not have the code checking. You'd probably either have to fool the fingerprint to look like unmodified IC2 (grabbing one out of the Jenkins builds, that probably wouldn't work without some tweaking) or make your own based off your code, although it might not like that either. Put Railcraft in and I bet you'll have the same problem.

    Sadly i can not override Forestry... I can not do it and also i do not want to override it...
    The sad thing is i do not know how to insert a fingerprint.
    I know i have the one that Forestry requests... But i still need to insert it and there is the point where i have no knowledge about that...
    I simply have no clue. I saw that the current Forestry team removed it because Mods crash the game if they try to use System.exit(0); which is in my opinien not a good thing....

    Anyway could someone explain me how to insert a fingerprint? (the @Mod event has it already in...)

    Note: I tried it without Forestry and everything was fine...................................................

    Yeah Progress done.
    Replaced the items which are in the IC2 Exp list... (so making it crashproof...)
    Thinking so.
    And now Forestry Blames me again with this message which i totally expected!

    ic2.core.IC2 failed validation. Halting runtime for security reasons. Please replace your mods with untampered versions from the official download sites.

    So now the Question how to solve that?

    I know now that it has something todo with Class Fingerprints...
    And this version i have do not have any Fingerprints.
    That is a reason why it crashes.

    Now the Question:
    How can i insert the IC2 Fingerprint?

    Use IC2 Build 395 Its a version that is compatible with Powerconverters.
    I am also playing 1.6.4 as Maingame MauveCloud

    V497 soon there will be a IC2 Exp Addon Compatible version of IC2 Classic for 1.6.4 (IC2 classic is IC2 from 1.4.7 for 1.6.4)
    I am still working on that but it will be soon there!

    Wut animes :D I finished 3 of them recently :D

    I am watching currently 3 at the time. They are kinda small only 40-60 episodes.
    And my todolist on that has at least 5 more. Note that i expand it more and more. XDD
    Also some other things xD i still thinking about if i should buy me the managas of an anime series i am waiting for. Because there are 15 books of them....

    But todays work. Finished the Gui Bugs and Installed it into my main coding area for 1.6.4. which crashed instantly because an IC2 Addon which i copied from someone (Arroma1997) uses items which are only IC2 Exp and because craftingmanagers do not like it if you insert a null the game crashed.
    So now i need to make the Ic2 Exp Items into the IC2 Classic version and replace them with something else in IC2 or mark them as no use Items to prevent adding machines which have no use and also prevent crashes....

    By the way Gregtech. I think your mod will not work correctly if you use more than the API files....

    OK good thing to know. At the moment i am lazy like a sloth again. Mostly because having a tone of animes to watch, Forestry Bee Time is now (Tipsy Bee) and also some real life stuff is happening.^^"
    But trying to manage everything. But now... gotogoto IC2Classic.

    You should start releasing it once you got the most terrible Bugs squashed. That way people here may be able to help you find the other Bugs.

    Yeah i know G. (Hope you do not mind this Shortcut). Most bugs are away i could even release it by now as standalone mod. The only bug that exsist in the standalone version is that machines update their progressbar not correctly.
    And after that is done the only thing that scares me is simply forestry. The last time i tried to change something in IC2 (file Replacement....) Forestry simply called the System.exit(0); thingy.
    If that does not happen and i did some changes to the API (only ic2 classic additions, multible energy packets per tick simply) then everything is done.

    Just to be clear, are you making it for 1.6.4?

    Yeah the current Version is 1.6.4.

    But on request from Asie (BC Dev) i will also try (if i success is a differend thing) to make that work also.
    But i am not 100% sure if i use the same source or if i will use the 1.7.10 version of Immibis IC2 Classic....
    Decompiling bugFixes took me only a couple hours (12 in total i think),
    and the API Adjustments should be then easy enough because i repeate the same things again and it should be maybe even faster (if we leave the enegyNet out).

    But the 1.7.10 support is limited because i do not like it to handle 2 versions at the same time. At least if i support 1 thing at both versions.

    As Mr Gregtech said (and he is a dev of ic2) i can release this mod when it is finish in the IC2 Forums.
    So yeah. Until i fixed a few bugs and hope that every mod i use work with it i will release it. I will make a list of mods that will not work (during my testing).

    I really enjoy this conversation ^^"

    To the Mobgrinders that could be a solution, But again the powercost would be insane at night,
    the cables do not lose any power when entities get close to them. Its just roasting them.
    The only thing you need to handle is to keep a extreme voltage and a good balance between powerloss and powerproduction^^" That is not that easy.

    Resource cost would be almost the same.
    But i like the idea that you can build a Chicken Toaster with those old cables.
    If you search for a creative build with cables search for Redled72 in this wiki.
    I think gregouriousG is quite happy that he is no longer active xDD You understand it maybe when you read the comments under his chickentoaster threads

    Coils attack everything if you want to make your house save with electricty without damagaging yourself cables were the best options instead of teslacoils. Because Mobs do not see cables as a problem like lava.

    Another thing i do not play those subversions which are not counted as the final version (1.8.1, 1.0,1.1,1.2.5, 1.4.7) Nightvision goggles were creative only in IC2 1.4.7. and the boats were only implemented in IC2 Exp.

    And the energy consuming is maybe mostly at addons but the EnergyNet Could have done that better at all i mean they can ask for the requested amount of energy but do not use it at all.

    A little note even if they say no i can still play with this version for myself privatly. The request here is only that i can share it with you guys ^^"

    You useing the API wrong. Let me explain it.
    IC2 have those Empty Classes laying around in the API.
    When the Game Starts and IC2 Loads it starts to fill those classes automaticly so your mods do not require IC2 (which is a nice way of doing something)

    You simply go to the class they store those recipe holders and simply say add the recipe. Make sure that you know that ic2 exsists.

    Here an example:

    1. //This comes in any of your MainClasses.
    2. public static void initRecipes()
    3. {
    4. //The Recipes class from IC2 API
    5. Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(new RecipeInputItemStack(yourInputItemStack, amount), null, yourItemStackOutput);
    6. }

    I would say extract the API files and read everything what you need. Its better to read the programm blind into the world.
    Simply the W questions:
    What do i need?
    Where do i get it?
    When do i have to use it?

    And why is optional:
    Why did they do that like this?
    Why do i need this?

    And and and. I use those Language rules in the programming. And they help imens!

    Chocohead i think you do not get the point.
    IC2 was until the big changes one of those mods that had every feature working (that was in not cheatgame aviable) after a new version of MC came out. That was a not common thing.

    To the Extrem powerconsuming: I had that 5 other addons, even with IC2 (if you count AE and Powerconverters and Foundry as ic2 addon) that produced that bug.
    It os just not that obvious if you play like that you require a huge power system for everything.

    And i know what features are in 1.7.10 aviable but its only a part of what they did. I saw their energy system, i readed every single line and to compare it. It is 20 Times more complex and does the same thing before as in 1.4.7. Only that it autodraws energy (what was before the work of the generators and storage units to send the energy itself). So in my eyes it seems to be that they did something for nothing.
    Longer and complexer code means simply more work for the processors while the old energy system code covers maybe 120 lines.

    Also i did not list everything. What bothered me.

    Here really cool idea that should work with IC2: Build a mobfarm where every mob get killed by IC2 electricty, without using a tesslacoil. The parts what should damage Entities have to be IC2 Cables,
    Only with ic2 vannilla!
    If you use IC2 Exp: That will fail to 100%.
    If you use IC2 1.4.7 or lower or IC2 classic: That will work really smothly and pretty!