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    I'm not entirely sure that 'release progression' isn't being twisted by a language barrier or three...

    ...small chance, but I think that by 'update progression' the original poster may have meant 'changelog', perhaps? Possibly? Maybe I'm just too much of an optimist

    ...if so, a changelog can be found attached to each post in the 'Official Release' sub-forum.

    Yes, the compendium is outdated. I have not had time to sit down and update it.

    The Compendium was a "Hobby Project" that I took upon myself when the forums were launched, to try to help Al out. I do this in my free time, which I have almost none due to my current work schedule.

    I don't think anyone could find you at fault for not having the time to do something I'm sure you wish you had more time to do. The Compendium itself is a great idea, and a well executed one at that.

    Again, I apologize for the issues that I have caused.

    Minor. And at least you tried. As I say to people concerning the viability of real life alternative energy solutions... you can't blame the concept for failures in implementation.

    An additional requirement to posts was added about a week ago (There was at minimum 24 hours notice before it took effect), and only 2 people have been able to follow it.

    Sorry, but the way this was implemented was crap. The fact that notification was edited into a post from September, 2011 with no indication that anything had changed.

    ...a lame rule is created to let the moderators off the hook for not moderating.

    Mod developers cannot sue anyone. They have first of all, not copyrighted their works because mojang already owns minecraft itself and as such the mod developers cannot copyright a modification to someone else's copyright.

    Nice try.

    quote@- Wikipedia;Fair Use;Common Misunderstandings:

    • It's copyrighted, so it can't be fair use. On the contrary, fair use applies only to copyrighted works, describing conditions under which copyrighted material may be used without permission. If a work is not copyrighted, fair use does not come into play, since public-domain works can be used for any purpose without violating copyright law.

      • Note: In some countries (including the United States of America), the mere creation of a work establishes copyright over it, and there is no legal requirement to register or declare copyright ownership

    Most of the mods have enough original content, code and functionality that they would qualify for their own copyright, even if they don't expressly declare it.

    I don't know the accuracy but according to Kakermix the only mods that have refused to give permission to distribute to technic are buildcraft and forestry and forestry is going to be removed due to incompatibility

    And doesn't it seem like a decent person would bow to the wishes of the creator? It shouldn't take for a developer to force incompatibility and write a landmine into their code.

    The days of Tekkit are most likely coming to an end regardless. Assuming Mojang does their API right then all the mods will move to it and there's your 'easy way'.

    Wrong, you don't "need to sue for damages". You can very much so file a suit to get them shut down.


    I have a friend whos a hacker

    Proof or it didn't happen. Besides, Minecraft is a global community- if the owner of the PayPal donation account is in a different country than you then of course the donation is going to go to a 'foreign' bank account.

    No mod developer can sue tekkit. All of it belongs to mojang.

    Bullshit. Flat out. ...Mojang has no claim to anyone's code except the code that they pay people to write. (ie: Jeb's code and the Bukkit team's POST-bukkit code.) Mojang doesn't even get to claim the Bukkit code from before they hired the ex-Bukkit dev's. What makes you think they have claim to Alblaka's (or Eloraam's, or SpaceToad's, or Krapht's, or Sengir's, etc.) code when they can't even USE Bukkit code?

    What Tekkit\Technic is doing is copyright infringement. Blatant infringement. Mods are the creative works of the programmers that make the mods. For someone to use that work, in it's entirety and without permission, is Copyright Infringement. EVERY mod developer that has not given Tekkit permission would be fully within their rights to sue. ...assuming there would be something worth suing for.

    ...learn about the subject before you spout opinions. Unless you want those opinions to be proven wrong, that is.

    If I had to choose between having IC and tekkit available or just IC. Then I'd rather have both.

    Then you are part of the problem, you know what the deal is yet you will continue to use Tekkit even though a number of developers don't want Tekkit using their works. I imagine most of those dev's would even say 'please' before they asked someone not to use Tekkit, and you're basically saying, 'Nope, don't care'.

    The same mods are available outside of Tekkit, you just want the easy solution so you don't have to worry about blockIDs.

    Yes... I am aware that throwing ender pearls is teleportation, but it's really just a novelty version of.'s really not versatile enough or predictable\controllable enough to really be considered a viable 'all-around' option.

    and make a rule in which tekkit/technic will not be supported or mentioned on this website without some sort of warning.

    I think he is asking for there to be an 'official' warning issued when someone comes asking about IC2 as it is implemented in Technic\Tekkit. a precursor to a ban I suppose?

    Personally I invite every Tekkit\Technic user to the site so that they can be informed about why EXACTLY tekkit\technic is not supported here.

    If I remember right, Mojang is going for a bukkit like API, Server Only, which means that there is still a serious need for Forge.

    Don't doubt that at all. It's more the 'make changes when bigger changes are on the horizon'... or 'remodel just before the hurricane' perhaps.

    The main desire behind the mod support I believe is a one click install fashion like you see with the curse client. Least according to jeb's twitter.

    And to do that won't they have to make their 'way' appealing enough to dev's so that they'll actually use it? ...I mean, they kinda have to deliver the goods right? ...has Mojang 'officially' commented about the future of competing mod apis?...

    On one hand I ask... 'Why, on the cusp of the introduction of the new API?' It seems like one would want to wait and see where Mojang goes with their API on the off chance that they get under the hood and start moving stuff around. Stuff you already took into account when you made your changes, thus forcing you to go back and rework.

    But on the other hand, maybe this is forge getting away in anticipation of Mojang's changes.

    You know that they are normally releasing Snapshots for Bugtracking? And releasing MC every six weeks or so (normally).

    That's a (couple of) gray area statement(s) if I've ever heard one... Snapshots are nothing more than a glorified, informal beta test. Majority of players don't even mess with the snapshots (only people messing with the snaps are modders (minority) and the people that absolutely, positively have to be on the bleeding edge (majority)) and bugs can (and do) make it through to the live versions. In addition, nothing is 'normal'. Updates pre-1.0 were irregular, updates post-1.0 are irregular. Mojang has a 'update timeline' that they do pretty good with, but have shown that they have no problems breaking from it. (and as the latest frenzy shows- sometimes for the better)

    Honestly, I don't care all that much personally. Mojang can update all they want, my 1.0 install is still doing just fine. My comment was mostly just to show that it's a case of '6 of one, half-dozen of another'.

    Why don't they just save the updates for like one HUGE update instead of a couple small ones like every week! I miss the beta and alpha days were they didn't update it every week! X(

    Because if they did that then it would be that much harder for them to track down the source of any new bugs that might creep up. (!)

    If you change 99 things, then something breaks it could be any of the changes you made so you have to recheck everything. (!) If you only change one thing and it breaks then you know right where to look. (!)

    If Mojang released monthly updates, then we'd have to deal with multiple (major) bugs per version, not just a couple of minor ones. (!)

    The modders that do know likely can't say anything, be it legally or wanting to 'stay in the loop' so to speak... the meantime we can only sit and hope they do it 'right'.