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    The 'trolls' around here are getting out of hand, methinks... Every new post has people criticizing from the start. One person implies something is off-topic and away it goes to the Off-topic 'graveyard' with no consideration of how it /COULD/ apply.

    Do tutorials get moved to Off-Topic because it talks of how to use BC pipes with IC2 machines? I think a forum with a list of threads like:

    "[Tutorial] IC2 + ComputerCraft"
    "[Tutorial] IC2 + BuildCraft: Sorting and Processing"
    "[Tutorial] IC2 + " etc...

    ...would be a very handy resource. That said- this tut is still in need of serious work so it's a bit early to be jumping on it because it doesn't go into express detail of how it can work with IC2.

    FenixR - So you're saying that anything that isn't strictly vanilla IC2 has no place in the tutorial section? Also- You view sniping of ideas as your job? How classy.

    You know, if you got problems with some peoples attitude, you usually talk to them, instead of going to a public place and ranting about them :3 Just a sidenote.

    Ok... I'll bite...

    ...and that only works when the person is WILLING to listen- And here I don't see much listening, I think I'm seeing something more like defensive sarcasm.

    ...The IC2 wiki is actually THE reason that I installed a recipe book mod in the first place because I got tired of other users re-writing half of a wiki page (category), adding a 'To be completed...' at the bottom and not returning to finish it for 6 months. (...and yes, it is still 'To be Completed'...)

    So in that light... it was the poor condition of the wiki that caused me to 'discover' 95% of your 'secret' UU-Matter recipes inadvertently. I think that's been referred to as 'shooting yourself in the foot'.

    ...I go to the wiki for info, not bad jokes. ...If I wanted bad jokes then I'd call my uncle.

    yep... and I get that, but having a separate section could serve as a psychological cue for would be posters to consider how relevant to IC2 their suggestion is and more importantly it would create a place to move those suggestions _TO_.

    I can understand the mods not wanting to delete 'non-IC2 related suggestions', having a place to move them could clean the suggestions area a bit so relevant conversations don't get buried quite so fast. I didn't say that anything would be done with the off-topic suggestions, but seeing a section for them might make people reconsider when posting something of that nature.

    I would like to suggest a sub-forum for 'IC2 Suggestion' ideas that aren't really appropriate to be rolled into IC2.

    I've been seeing a lot of suggestions started that would be great ideas for separate mods that get talked down on simply because they might shouldn't be default behavior. Example- a 'finite torches' idea getting labeled as stupid when as a vanilla mod it'd be kinda cool. Or the Teir 0 ;MacGuyver machines... not really appropriate as base-IC2, but might make a funny\cool Adv. Machines-esque IC2 addon.

    I dunno, it seems that the 'Suggestions' section has become a 'general idea free-for-all' regardless of real relation to IC2.

    I think this would best be an addon to the Rocketry addon (Insert Xzibit pic). ...Or a co-dependency with IC2, I guess...

    A new payload component that you have to have to set angle and velocity correctly to maintain orbit as long as possible, eventually the satellite can drift out of or into orbit, if it re-enters orbit then there can be a chance of it burning up or crashing back to the surface- possibly leaving a crater.

    Additionally 'decaying orbits' would introduce a 'maintenance factor' requiring launching replacement satellites. Later additions could allow 'advanced flight controls' for increased orbit time and 'advanced panels' for more power output.

    Personally I think this is a pretty good idea as a concept.

    However, in application I think it would add to the problem of people making a mad dash for UU-Matter farming. I think it would motivate people even more to make huge solar farms just for UU production.

    Linux, it's rather murder for servers requiring a nasty little hack job to get around.

    Can you describe the 'nasty little hack job'? I thought there were murmur's of this having been fixed since 1.0 (which I'm still at) so I wasn't really too worried about it.

    But I have a solution that I've been using with no real issues. It's a hack job, but I'm not sure I'd label it as 'nasty'.

    Start slow... No need to add all the addons.

    Start with the base mods then add the addons down the road once you get more comfortable. Going from 0 to 40 mods is an easy way to get yourself in trouble.

    Server protection comes down to one simple rule: Don't let retards on your server.

    That's a great view, unfortunately it runs counter to the idea of having a public server.

    it could go well but I can see this blocking a lot of creativity as well.

    Need to keep in mind that Bukkit is part of Mojang now and as such will have to act professionally as I doubt Mojang proper will tolerate very much foolishness on their part. The Bukkit team essentially landed open-source DreamJobs and it's not too late for them to fuck it up.

    ...that said... Spout may as well pack it up and go home- Now that Bukkit is Mojang, the Bukkit way will prevail. (I thought about it a bit and I'm not so sure...)

    Couchguy's 'Coke-Oven-Solar' is a pretty good idea... though I think that the individual oven blocks still have world checks to make sure they still are in formation with the other oven blocks, I think there is even a warning in the RailCraft docs that using Coke blocks as decoration will cause world lag for that reason. Basically it makes sure people don't complete the oven then remove the extra blocks.

    But since the concern isn't SSP-worlds but SMP and reducing server lag... how about...

    allow solar=true\false
    max solar=(x)xx

    allow lv solar array=true\false
    max lv array=(x)xx

    allow mv solar array=true\false
    max mv array=(x)xx

    allow hv solar array=true\false
    max hv array=(x)xx

    ...and make them like personal safes and are linked to character name. The 'max' configs would be on a per player basis... could be used as motivation for players to pool their solar allotments on some servers even. Coupled with recipe requirements to assure some degree of paced-upgrade, of course...

    Possibly. imo, it turns the engineering side of minecraft up to 11, but at the cost of the artistic side (without rp2 micro-blocks or alot of effort, the average IC2 factory is pretty ugly looking). My thanks to the team as well for providing this option.

    That's part of the challenge for me is to build a system and have it look good. ...Compact, efficient and hidden.

    I don't see why the number of panels is so debated... ... Array's are a tier-branch that require the same number of panels that they replace, plus a storage device of the appropriate tier.

    What if: the LV array's were made into a crafting-only item and couldn't be placed as world-blocks. ie: only use is as a crafting step to get to MV Array's?

    That means you'd need 64 IC2 Solar Panels to be able to begin using array-based solar power. Plus whatever else is added to the recipe tree ie: solar circuit, that means the mat cost for a first array could be something like 64 Solars, 8 Solar Circuit's (? 2 AdvCirc, redstone, lapis, glowstone + some rare mat (EnderEye, Blaze Rod, ...) ?) + a center crafting slot (middle of the MV itself)...

    LV array (crafting only) = 8 Solar Panels + 1 'Solar Circuit'.
    MV array (first array tier that actually generates = 8 LV arrays (64 panels + 8 solar circuit) + MV center slot (another high price array recipe, perhaps. An even more expensive center slot for the HV?)[/edit]

    And let's have some fun... let's go better than a config that defaults to off... a config that defaults to off AND is undeclared... Meaning Array's would only become active after someone visited the forum, found the thread, and pasted the correct syntax into their config file.

    I think that would make Solar Array's a suitable challenge both in-game and out. Anyone that keeps building solar after all that must be really dedicated to the idea...Yea? ...Nay?

    Adjust the recipe to allow for nerfing... maybe make a new 'solar array circuit' item to use in the recipe (a couple Adv.Circuits + EnderEye (or blaze rods or...) + more redstone, glowstone and lapis).

    Point is that this could be handy for reducing 'solar lag'. Throw an option in the config to disable solar array's if it's absolutely necessary (or be funny about it and make the config default to 'Allow Solar Array = False').

    ...I think the title sums it up. Be handy for those times you're happily building away only to realize that all those little hops have drained your charge.

    ...or maybe not sneak, maybe some other key to 'temporarily' disable flight in a 'off while pressed' fashion...

    I agree. And I think this sentiment is part of why Notch stepped away from Minecraft as he started to chase features that were pulling it towards being a dungeon-rpg and not the 'sandbox-envirionment' we've all fallen in love with.

    ...and that's not to say there is anything wrong with the dungeon-rpg style with the arrow-shooting skeletons, zombies and creepers. But without mods, Minecraft's got nuthin'...

    Afterall- what fun is it to FINALLY make it home from the End after killing the dragon only to find that your reactor went critical and you have no home. :p