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    Can you make it so that sodium can be used instead of potassium in the saltpeter recipe? Because Peru saltpeter(Sodium Nitrate, as opposed to Potassium Nitrate) works much the same as regular saltpeter. Also, can you make chloride (should be chlorine, btw) throwable to have an effect like a splash potion of poison 3? Also, might want to consider renaming wolframium to just wolfram, it's more correct.

    Check the config. May FTB enables the Steam-Nuclear-Reactor setting by default. (which means you can EXCLUSIVELY use the reactor in combination with steam engines (RC, if I remember correctly)).

    Ah. I didn't know that steam mode disables wiring to them. I enabled the steam reactor setting on my own, I thought it would cause reactors to do both. In any case, it's more realistic to have them produce steam and then have the steam powering a turbine (and it's nice because if you have additional pipes, you can teleport the steam out of your reactor without dangerous holes in it.)

    Edit: My reactors broke when I set the config (which had been at 10) to 100, and then it didn't fix itself when I set it back down to 10.

    It is supposed to be running with IC², I develop it especially for that. Just because it doesn't use the IC API doesn't mean it's not an IC addon. ;)

    It kinda does. It implies that it requires IC2 to function, and modifies/extends a functionality of IC2. Not is intentionally made compatible with IC2, because otherwise IronChests would be here, and it even has functions that require IC2 or some other bronze and copper adding mod.

    And some more:
    Schrankia howarthi (It's a type of moth)
    Tetrachaete (some obscure form of grass)
    Sørvik (A town in Norway)
    49th Infantry Brigade
    6255 Kuma (an asteroid in the main asteroid belt)

    All found using wikipedia's random article feature. I did ignore all the movies and songs and random people that kept popping up.

    Fusionreactor. 2048 EU/t without having the Reactorexplosionrisk. Extremly Powerfull but also extremly expensive. Also it needs a massive Infrastructure to keep it filled.

    That is Endgametechnology, but what you suggest is basically "put tons of Redmatter together to get Super-Energycondenser". Your Suggestion is Tier-V-Technology and Tier-IV has been denied already => you have to use or to make your own Addon.

    Since when is tier IV denied? Alblaka was hinting at it being worked on a while back. Group teleporters and some cannon thingy.

    1) I guess i could post on the thaumcraft thread about this.

    2) Fuck tecnic/tekkit, because fuck them i don't need a reason to hate people i just do.

    3) Quite honestly EVERY SINGLE THING in minecraft its unlimited, except time, you never have enough of that :(

    It's actually not. If you had about 100 million people on a single server, you could strip every single block of ore from the world, given a few months. The world is only 64 billionx64 billion.

    Why aren't you posting chapter 3 yet? You mentioned yourself that you had chapters 2 and 3 done earlier
    "TDC will probably have to wait for 1-2 days (luckily I’ve got a bolster of 2 finished chapters ready to be deployed :P ), as I had a second inspiration to another short story (though probably 20-30 pages), which I would prefer to drop in first (after all, mixing things up is the spice of life)."
    during one of the blog announcements.

    I'm getting the same error as the previous guy, except on forge

    Whole crashlog:

    Edit: Just tested with 160, same error.
    Edit2: Removed every single mod going into the .jar except for forge 160, still crashes.
    Edit3: I'm stupid. I forgot to install IC2 itself. /facepalm

    Use either a computercraft or RP2 computer to monitor the time in ticks that the redstone current from a detector cable is active (check for redstone each tick, then add one to a variable) and then multiply the variable by your eu/t on the cable, then it's a simple matter of calling that multiplied variable to the screen.