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    Lol greg is pissed, also, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THIS THREAD has not actually researched antimatter. If you had, you would realize in about 5 seconds that antimatter doesn't explode the second it touches any matter, it has to touch corresponding matter. So, you make hydrogen antimatter, it can touch anything but regular hydrogen, and nothing will happen. If it touches hydrogen, then it's mass is converted to energy, along with that of the hydrogen. Same thing with any other antimatter atoms. And person who read Physics of the Impossible, it states in that book that it has to touch corresponding matter.

    Another option, if you don't like ccsensors would be to use one of those power detection cables that emits redstone if EU is flowing. If you can build a fairly lossless system and know how much eu/t you are pumping through the line you should be able to count the ticks the redstone is turned on for with a computer and using simple multiplication figure out what amount of EU has passed through the line. Not sure how accurate it would be since I haven't tested it, but might be worth investigating.

    Works perfectly, I've been setting up/testing something similar for a city build (albeit using RP2 computers, should be fine with computercraft though) that charges citizens for their electricity, which is generated from a bank of 16 hv solars, then stored in 160 mfsu's, and transfered throughout the city with a big loop with 320 mfsu's in it (blocks of 16 to keep the massive flow going, at intervals so no eu loss, rest goes into a massfab.

    In SSP, the client seeing it as invisible would be hella hard.
    In SMP, it would be the opposite, at least for other players. There are quite a few plugins that make people invisible, and those don't have forge or anything.

    And how would you spread the virus?

    And just had the craziest thought: How strong do you think the spam filter is on the spambot's email?

    Not very...
    Idea: Set up fake email account, then set up bots to spam the bot. Counterspambot.

    You have a point - having both dye crops and dyed wool drops would be redundant. I'll remove colored cotton in a sec.

    Red, Yellow, Brown, and Black dyes are all farmable with IC2's agriculture system, plus some secondary ones. The only primary ones that aren't there are Green and Blue. Eventually we'll probably have a Cactus crop, which will solve the green. Maybe some crop could be added that drops an item that has the blue dye ability of lapis but isn't lapis - much like how charcoal is renewable, but you need real nonrenewable coal to make IC2 stuff. That way you can save your genuine Lapis for Lappacks and such.

    Indigo crop, anyone?

    Everything but the energy tap would be exploited terribly. People would just use a pair of ULV transformers every some blocks and tin cable to have super long distance 32 eu/t energy transfer. The energy tap, however, would be pretty nice.

    I think the suggestion would work well. For recipes, the storage block should be 8 lapisblock with a glowstoneblock in the middle, and the control block would be storage+circuit for t2, storage+advanced circuit for t3. Each storage block would store 200k eu. Also, controlblock should be the energy input and output, storage blocks can only be placed on control blocks, and it refuses to let you place a either block if it will connect 2 controlblocks.