[Suggestion]Endgame target: Void Sphere

  • So no, nothing really useful just something to kill so you can get a closing on that world.

    An almighty dragon lord moderator that takes the world down in a great thunderstorm?

    Is the answer to this question no?


    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Mecha Dragon that can be summoned in a similar manner to the "Big Bang Bomb" i proposed earlier, after being killed it drops an "Ic3 Development Notes" item, but when you try to open it...

    Oh oh, summoned by impaled n00bs.

    And some thiswasatriumph-like song while we are watching a macerator macerate macerators. Cuz you know, when macerators macerating macerators is the end of the world.

    *level up derpiness*

  • Fusionreactor. 2048 EU/t without having the Reactorexplosionrisk. Extremly Powerfull but also extremly expensive. Also it needs a massive Infrastructure to keep it filled.

    That is Endgametechnology, but what you suggest is basically "put tons of Redmatter together to get Super-Energycondenser". Your Suggestion is Tier-V-Technology and Tier-IV has been denied already => you have to use or to make your own Addon.

    Since when is tier IV denied? Alblaka was hinting at it being worked on a while back. Group teleporters and some cannon thingy.


    It has become a little stubbly. Implement facial hair growth in IC²? Vision continuously grows more furry until you shave. (approx once every 2 minecraft days ;P)

    Steve shaves with his chainsaw.
    Check out Factorio- A game where you build a factory from scratch.

  • Yeah, think of SMP, will one of these spawn every time a reactor is placed/running, or will it be a one time "race to reactor" to kill this thing, and would there be any actual benefit to killing it (other than the obvious of keeping your reactor, assuming it would destroy blocks)?

    when i made that post, i wasn't thinking straight and looking back on it now, it was a crap idea. IC2 needs somthing endgame. the ender dragon is too easy, the wither will be the same. there needs to be somthing that even with IC2 tech, heck even RM tools from EE2 it will still be a challenge and using Vanilla tools, you might aswell be fighting a Zombie apocalypse with a spoon (IRL)

  • I'd say that it's more of a "Use this in creative mode to save a lot of time" item for building an amazing city or something.

    Something like.
    Anyway, there is no need to revive this thread. [This post had no replies since September 14th]

    Topic : Way overpowered. You suggested something that is near to creative.
    What would be the point of making generators, wiring and transformers if one item substitutes them all.
    Endgame (in my opinion) = having a fully automatizated base that automatically produces, processes and generates enough energy to keep itself.
    Tier IV+ : Addons

    Come on end-game objective is up to you, this is minecraft. This is a sandbox game. Think something which would need insane work\resources and try it.