Any way to speed up Thermal Centrifuge heating?

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    I'm assuming it's heating / spinning up / both.

    The Thermal Centrifuge has a "prep" bar, to I guess represent i spinning up and / or heating. Is there any way to speed this up? The prep bar seems like it can take longer than the actual separating to happen.

    I added 4 overclockers to the process and got no appreciable speed on the prep bar.

    Not a "OMG Broken!" post, just a "can it be done" kind of post.

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    The heating is a constant rate which effectively blocks the recipe from processing until it hits the minimum value, so doesn't take into account things like upgrades. You can force it to maintain the maximum heat value by giving it a redstone signal, but there isn't any way to make it heat faster as it stands. Giving it HU has been considered for a long time, but no one ever settled on numbers.

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  • Yeah, having the thermal on half an hour before working on it is the way to go, anyway, you can't just dump heat into the drum half a minute before starting to work and be sure the temperatures spread evenly

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