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    FALSE, the heaviest Item in Minecraft is a Banner created using Notch Apples, which results in a Mojang Logo. And since you can craft the Logo onto the Banner multiple times, it would be even though being invisible, much more heavy than a single Notch Apple.

    Meta-items not stacking in minecarts is probably because they implement IFluidContainerItem and Railcraft by default prevents you stacking liquid containers in chest carts (presumably so you'll use tank carts).

    This is entirely on Railcraft's side, and I would have reported an issue, except that apparently I'm banned from the Railcraft repository on GitHub. I didn't even know you could ban people from repositories, and I didn't even know that repository existed until now (so I can't possibly have done anything with it to get banned).

    Let's see if I can get someone else to make a PR for me.

    GregTech obviously needs azidoazide azide (isn't that the best name right there?) as a troll item.

    Supposedly it will explode if exposed to just about anything. Or just randomly explode after a while anyway, even if it's not.

    Add cheap-looking recipes for ITNT using it, but when you try to make some, the machine you made it in explodes instead.

    (I'm also going to keep reminding Greg about meta-items not stacking in minecarts with Railcraft until I see some sort of confirmation that he knows about the bug)

    Last time I tried using a new Forge version (1277) all IC2 and GregTech textures were completely broken (in multiple ways), so I still use 1230.

    I have no texture problems with Forge 1277.

    Also, a random thought that probably doesn't belong in GregTech, but GregTech is still the most likely mod to add it (despite not being very likely):

    It would be cool if IC2 heat generators could fuel Thaumcraft alchemical furnaces.

    Supposed to? There is no "supposed to". You can, at the cost of fuel efficiency.

    Greg, I am already preparing the torches for an angry mob of farmers which is going to be the leading force of my proletarian protests against boiler monopoly on energy production.
    Only a matter of days now ;)

    Good, you can use the torches to light your pumpkin farm to grow pumpkins to macerate twice, flood with water and ferment.

    Since GregTech currently relies on IC2 (still), all of IC2's content is effectively GregTech content as well.

    Tested it also with coppon fibre, plumbilia leaves, NAND chips, and tiny piles of tin dust (just random items I happened to find first).

    None of them stack when loaded into chest minecarts. Complete stacks can be inserted manually through the GUI.

    (I made an educated guess that a "meta-item" is one of the GregTech items that are packed into a few item IDs using damage values)

    1. public static Item bucket_tarPitch = new IHLItemSimple("bucket_tarPitch");
    2. public IHLItemSimple(String unlocalizedName1)
    3. {
    4. ...
    5. GameRegistry.registerItem(this, this.itemName);
    6. }

    This is a slightly dodgy way of registering items. It means that, for example, if some other mod accesses the IHLMod class before FML does, then tar pitch buckets will be registered under the other mod instead of IHL.

    Since I feel like nobody actually noticed my post before as they were busy talking about other games, and I see nothing in the Q/A about repeat posts after a few days:

    I see there are no tiny or small item pipes. Is this because the items wouldn't fit through them? Small pipes at least would be nice for low-tech automation, being 1/3 of the cost of regular pipes. (I am not demanding small item pipes, just wondering why there aren't any)

    Fun fact: about 1% of the client startup time is GalacticCraft not loading until it's finished downloading the list of capes. Another 1.5% is CustomOreGen loading it config... and another 50% is GregTech registering recipes for every possible shape of every possible material. Of that 50%, the vast majority is spent looking for recipes to remove in case they already exist. O_o

    Minecraft also spends 20% of the time loading textures.

    Hey greg, regarding your Thaumcraft 4 integration, the recipe for cobalt (an alchemy recipe) works fine one at a time, but if one attempts to do multiple operations at once, it only gives the output of 1 operation, and the cobalt nuggets are consumed, rather than being used to craft more cobalt. (Eg: throw in 10 iron nuggets, and 5 flint, enough for 5 operations, then throw in 5 cobalt nuggets, you receive only 3 back, instead of getting 15)
    Can anyone else confirm?

    That's because you threw in 2 iron nuggets, and then your 3rd iron nugget was used together with the metallum from the first 2 to give you 3 iron nuggets back.
    Then it happened again, and again, and then you threw in one more nugget, leaving you with 1 metallum in the crucible.

    Then you threw in 1 cobalt nugget (with 1 metallum), and 1 more giving you 3 cobalt nuggets.

    Then you threw in 2 cobalt nuggets and they got melted for aspects because there wasn't enough metallum to transmute them.