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    Overproduction is not the real problem, overgathering is. Instead of crafting 1000's of screws, people just store the ingots for 1000's of screws and don't craft anything with them.

    It's not entirely stupid - what if they need 1000's of motors instead? Then they didn't spend all their ingots on screws.

    It's still a little bit stupid, because you're not going to need 1000's of motors and not 1000's of screws.

    Can someone else test inserting Tine Twigs into a chest minecart with a RailCraft loader? When I do this, they don't stack in the cart. Most other items stack fine, and I can insert stacks manually. Hoppers do the same thing. If I replace the chest minecart with a chest, they stack normally.

    A Torch is something that can be "removed" for a second to open it, just like a Chair, gah, damnit all those stupid arguments. I am still not going to do it, even though that is a valid Point. I will either do a Check for things in front of the Block Sides for things like Torches, or I will do nothing.

    If it makes it feel like a less stupid argument, I can also open a machine that has an anvil in front of it (in Minecraft, not in real life).

    For the Record, in 1.8, the MetaData thing is no longer possible. You can use it on Items (obviously for damaging Pickaxes and Stuff), but you can no longer use it on Blocks.

    You can use the equivalent. Several vanilla blocks have "variant" states. For example, dirt is minecraft:dirt with variant=dirt. Podzol is minecraft:dirt with variant=podzol, rather than being minecraft:podzol. It's even more dumb than before.

    Sure, you can't open a GUI from a Side, which is blocked by something, no matter how small that something is. Try putting a Chair in front of your Oven, and open the Oven from that obstructed Side. You can see the Oven handle, you can touch it even, but you cannot pull that Handle without removing the Chair first (or moving it away in the process of pulling).

    How come I can open a GUI from a side with a torch in front of it?

    Also, the current solution is more like "you can see the oven handle, but you can't reach it for some reason, even though the chair doesn't look like it's stopping you from reaching it".

    Another inconsistency is that I can place blocks behind a torch, but not behind a tiny fluid pipe.

    Btw Greg, anything that starts with "XBONY2_" in the ore dictionary is a private prefix. Just letting you know :P

    Greg will just tell you to use xbony2: instead (with a : rather than a _)

    Need to do it properly or not, doing it improperly is still bad coding, and if you carry out bad coding practices you will have people like axlegear never let you hear the end of it.

    For the record, in 1.8, the metadata thing is bad. In 1.8, separate blocks being separate blocks is a good thing, since it costs nothing.

    The biggest issue I have with Blue Power is that it is very, VERY clearly trying to be a rip-off. They say it's a 'faithful recreation', but in reality it's re-skinned stolen concepts that have been done better by other people. Notably, Eloraam, and the Project Red team.

    Isn't that the whole point? People want a mod that is exactly like RP2, so they made a mod that is exactly like RP2.

    Aaaaaand a new Q/A Question.

    And I will never do that btw. Just for realism Reasons.

    Can you elaborate on the reasons?

    Actually, there was a similar suggestion last month: Heat conductors

    I think it's already possible to do something similar to what you describe, using liquid heat exchangers, hot coolant, and fluid regulators (or liquid pipes from another mod like BuildCraft)

    1. Liquid heat exchangers can only cool down liquids, not heat them up.
    2. It's harder than just adding more heat generators.

    I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested yet.

    You should be able to make heat pipes out of copper and rubber. They can be connected to the orange dot sides of heat generators and consumers. Heat produced by a heat generator will be distributed evenly to all connected consumers. (What currently happens if heat is not consumed?)

    Problem what its searching for exact recipie , but it could just search for output... that would be a lot faster , trust me. If you removing 1K recipies that would be a lot faster. (btw, it currently is X * N * M , where N is count of recipies , M is count of removing recipies. But you could make it even N * log M , wich would be even faster that just search for output. Search for output would be N * M. )

    for N log M you would use HashSet. Oh btw, wait a litle bit - i'm relaunching my MC instance with profiller - you would undestend what i mean with a lot faster startup.

    HashSet operations are O(1), not O(log M), assuming a good hash function. So even better.

    Install Java 7 (or 8 ).


    • Fixed rubber tree leaf rendering.
    • Attempted fix for sound-related crashes that I can't reproduce.

    trcx wrote:

    immibis what are your plans for this? Are you going to be adding some of the new ic2 exp (minor) functionality or is this strictly a port of the old ic2?

    Personally I'd love it if the ejector upgrades were ported, and if the circuits could be ore dictionaried with mekanism circuits. Also the request for macerator recipe nei integration would be nice.

    Any changes I make would be disliked by someone (Ejector upgrades are OP since they make pipes useless! Circuit ore dictionary is OP because they have different crafting recipes!). The easiest winning move is not to play.