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    When you thought that the extractor could only extract the rubber from trees, you were wrong! Because of the advanced technologies, it can extract dyes. HAYO! Tired of not having enough cocoa beans around, or that light blue dye tends to run out too fast, Well with the Extractor you can now extract 4 dyes from each item. (some complications may arise from extracting Lapis Lazuli, or squid. (wasn't sure if that would be the same as duplicating? Sorry if this sounds like a double post but the last dye thread was locked before i could respond)

    As Al said, he contemplated adding this function to the extractor. The question is a balancing issue when it comes to the non flower dyes (Squid, Lapis, Cocoa beans, and Bonemeal). It could be coded to extract they Dyes from Wool (I would think), but what's to stop the person from dying a sheep, punching it, and doubling/tripling the amount of dye they used? But as it is now, the red an yellow flowers are near infinite (Bonemeal + Grass = PROFIT!), and would bypass the need for the use of the extractor to get more dye.

    Okay, I tested it with Flan's ModLoader 1.6.5, but it still had the same problem.
    I also tried it with administrator rights on windows 7, but that didn't do anything. There is no error message or anything, if I select the treetap it simply jumps back to the output slot.

    Do I have to rename the config file or anything like that?


    I'm going to assume you've changed your Minecraft.jar over to Flan's MLMP as well?

    I would suggest downloading a fresh server jar and trying as my instructions say (make sure you have Flan's version of MLMP and not SDK's).
    I haven't had any complaints from anyone yet with it not installing properly. If it has an issue this go around. post the error log for me.

    I've got my bat pack equipped. I've held it and right clicked multiple times. I had a fully charged chainsaw and mining drill. They both used up their charge and then stopped working. My mining drill disappeared after this happened once, I built a new one, recharged it, and used it till it was almost gone. I didn't want to loose another one at this point!

    My pack does show that it had a tiny bit of charge used up, but I don't know how that occurred. Any solutions?

    What version of IC are you using? In the current build (7.16) the regular mining drill's code is bugged (It's considered a regular tool, thus breaks). Are you using any other Mods (Sinlge Player Commands causes issues with the energy stuff from what I've heard)?

    Guess i could spent some time working on this idea. It would re-use the reinforced texture and thus solely consume a single block ID...

    Not sure whether i can easyly merge redstone-input with the hatches, though... Btw, can you open wood hatches with redstone? (because in that case i would only have to disable manual opening, easy)

    You can. ^^

    Ever wonder exactly how many terrain Sprites you have left? Have to change Block IDs for other blocks to remove conflicts? Wanted to keep all of your mods' block ID's in a simple, easy to read format?

    Allow me to introduce, The IndustrialCraft Block ID Table! HAYO!

    Just start off by adding your additional mods' ID to the right of the IC list, x-ing out the ID's that are already taken. To see your remaining IDs, just scroll over to your furthest added mod and look for blank spaces.

    I agree that this would be a nice alternative to the mining laser for horizontal clearing, but the only issue is, it's range. You can theoretically go on for ever with the digger (It would stop running upon hitting an unloaded chunk, or being unloaded itself).

    How would you suggest that we handle this balancing issue?

    The mining laser in all its awesomeness is definitely lacking in hardware. Drills and chainsaws can be put in generators, recharged from batteries,and given bat-packs to use, but the mining laser can't do any of that,and requires its own special machine to power it up. It seems wasteful to make multiple mining lasers to allow for longer trips, so I think that mobile rechargers should be able to accept energy crystals and recharge mining lasers, instantly of course. This would minimize on inventory space for its use and would give it more of an edge on the other tools.

    Also, maybe make a crystal pack made with the same recipe as the bat-pack but crystals.

    The mining laser used to only have 16 shots (Waaay back when it was first implemented). The reason it's only rechargeable a crystal generator, is to compensate the higher number of shots you get. (It's a balancing issue to have a stationary charging system, since the number of uses was increased).

    If you have a bat-pack the tools will work fine for a while, however randomly (it always happens at least once during the discharge for me) the bat-pack will stop powering the tool even through there is still power left in it. To make the tools work again you must take off the bat-pack, re-activate it, and then put it back on. After doing that the tool will continue using power from the bat pack (unless you did not notice you where running off of the tools internal power and the battery dies, but then you just need to recharge it once with a mobile charger to fix it.)

    I have not had it happen yet with the error log, logging but i will try again tomorrow to see if it outputs anything.

    Sometimes the Batpack stops discharging energy because you have taken damage.

    Yes, combining HVTs wuth Switch cables is a part of the "wire-fu" I was talking about. And yes, it is theoretically possible to to generate a UUM every frame. I may just figure it out on a flat map. ;P

    How does it get it there any faster? It's only traveling a few blocks, its not like we have to worry about energy loss. And anyways, it has to sit there and charge the HV for all the time it makes up.

    That's just a small scale example. =/

    For example, We'll say the MF has 5 inputs, (Top, bottom and three side). Assuming you have your MFE/MFSU set to the max you'd be inputting 320 EU/s total. Now, if you have 5 HVT's set up, you can be maxing out at 10k Eu/ pulse (Barring any wire-fu, which will be discussed in the tutorial I'm hoping). Each of those 2k lines, would have 4 inputs, which would average out to needing 500 Eu/s to make it pulse every second. Seeing that out max is 64 Eu/s, it would take no more than 8 pulses from each MFE/MFSU to fill the HVT to sending capacity, which 8 pulses multiplied by your 320 Eu/s you'd have from just hard wiring in MFE/MFSU would give you approximately 2500 Eu total for that time period. (Which about the same as ONE HVT would give you on average for an 8 second period). Am I being clear? It's just a simpler way to condense your inputs, thus getting more energy into the MF in less time, and space.

    I have a private server for me and my friend to play on. It worked well for hours, and I noticed it started making a lot of these .ssav files in the server folder. I didn't think anything of it, but all of a sudden I was disconnected after not being able to create/destroy blocks with a Read timed out error. I've tried rebooting the server plenty of times, but it reverts to an older save with weird bugs where placed blocks are still there but our old inventories are back too. The crash still happens after a few moments. Recently I tried rerunning the server after deleting the .ssav files (I made a backup with the .ssav files in case), but all it did with delay the crash an extra 30 minutes. Help! :!:

    The .ssav files are A neat little thing to help fight griefing. ;)

    When the server crashes, what does it say in the window? We might be able to distinguish more with an error log.

    I would also look into a Back-up script ( I run one for my tow private servers, which auto back up the server every hour, reguardless if the server is running or not, and deletes 3-day old Back ups) to help with the map issue (Players inventories won't be saved mind you).