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    The bug I have encountered with Bat-Packs is after activating (I assume its active, I put it in my hand and right-click, but nothing happens) and then attempting to equip it to the chest slot, my screen goes to the dirt background with a double-image of 'SAVING CHUNKS' and then there is a flash of an error screen before my Minecraft window goes completely black. After being forced to quit the game and reopen, my game gives me 'SAVING CHUNKS' upon loading and the millisecond og error report before black screen again.
    Rinse and repeat.

    Make sure you have the nano-suit file installed, and enabled, as well as the config file in your .minecraft and .minecraft/bin folders.

    I deleted the entire .minecraft folder and restored it to the default. The way I understand the directions I am to copy all four folders into the minecraft.jar file. Then I am supposed to modify the config file and place a copy of it in ./minecraft/bin and .minecraft/

    What am I missing here? Should i post a copy of my minecraft.jar for you?

    Hmm.... Have you tried these instructions to install IC (Making sure you're using Flan's version of ModloaderMP)? And are you copying the buildcraft zips (as a whole) into your mods folder?

    And no, you shouldn't post a copy of your minecraft.jar file.

    If the information I just gave you doesn't help. Walk me through Step by step what you've done.

    What would be the purpose of this? I know you're trying to convert Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy, which we currently only have two generators that do that (Wind and Water mills) and produce at least 10 times that amount of energy (Based on the cap of 20 FPS, and each Machine producing a minimum of 1 EU/s). Based on IC already being Sprite heavy, I highly doubt that this Idea will be approved by Al, unless it's fleshed out a lot more (Possibly something other than a manual trigger, a higher Eu output because of the material cost, etc).

    Seeing as a lot of people are having issues installing and setting up their Medieval Craft server, I thought I would give a set of highly detailed instructions (Note: Medieval Craft edits a metric tonne of Basefiles, and is Highly incompatible with most mods out there):

    Installing Minecraft for Survival Single Player:

    • Browse to your .minecraft folder.
    • If you have a vanilla (unmodified) minecraft.jar file, skip to step 3.

      • Create a back up copy of your bin folder (This will save mods you have installed).

      • Start minecraft via 1.3 Launcher (The new one) and click 'Options'.

      • Click 'Force Update', and log into the game.

      • Congratulations, you now have a Vanilla .jar file. Exit minecraft.

    • Open your bin folder and right click and open with your minecraft.jar with your preference of Archiving Software (Winzip, 7zip, Archive Manager, etc).

      • Delete the META-INF Folder.

      • Copy the contents of ModLoader's zip file into the minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of ModloaderMP (Client side) into your minecraft.jar archive

      • Copy the contents of "into minecraft_jar" (Leave it's sub folders alone, as in copy them as a whole) into your minecraft.jar archive.

      • Copy the MedievalCraftConfig.txt file into your bin folder as well as your .minecraft folder

    • You now have successfully set up your Minecraft for Medieval Craft!

    Setting Up Medieval Craft On A Server:
    [size=10](This requires that you at least know how to set up a vanilla server, so I will not go into unneeded details).

    • Start by downloading the minecraft_server.jar file from here .

    • Open the minecraft_server.jar file and copy in the ModLoaderMP server file .

    • In your Medieval Craft zip, there should be a folder named "into minecraft_server_jar" Open it and copy it's contents into the minecraft_server.jar archive

    • Close your Archive folder, and copy the config file from the MeC zip, into the parent (main) folder, where your minecraft_server.jar is located (Togglable effects and other settings for the server are located near the bottom)

    • If you've done everything correctly, you should have successfully installed Medieval Craft on your server.

    (Note: This post will be "prettyfied" (even more) once I get around to it.)