Suggestion: Transportation.

  • So, you've spawned in a plains biome with mountains in the distance, made yourself a base in the plains, made some wind mills in the mountain... But you get SICK of running back and forth for that energy for your hungry machines. Glass fibre cables are hell expensive and you're too lazy to install RailCraft (plus, rails are expensive). What would solve this? Pie? CAKE???? GIBBL????!!!!! Nope. Cars. Yes. So, here aare my suggestions:

    Energy transporter - Works like a portable BatBox/MFS/MFSU (actually comes in three tiers).
    Freighter - Hauls your items. Has inventory of an alchemical chest in EE
    Car - Easiest to craft, has inventory of a single - chest, average - slow speed.
    Sports car - Basically, an extremely - fast mini - freighter (also has inventory of a single chest).
    Dump truck - Same as a freighter, but easier to craft and can only carry dirt/cobblestone/other crappy materials.

    So, we:
    1.Have one more use for that rubber - tires
    2.Have a double chest full of iron? Make an army of DUMP TRUCKS!
    3.Use that extra fuel you've extracted from your cacti farm!
    4.Have a fun time exploring Minecraftia with your sports car!
    6. ...
    7. PROFIT

    And, if you think that this isnt matching the IC2 theme, imagine an industrial world without any basic logistics. Jeb (or was it Notch?) also said, that there will be more reasons to go to specific biomes, sooo...

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    P.P.S. I REALLY need to know what you think about this, please comment. Also, it bumps the topic, so Alblaka can see this. Thanks! :)

  • Vehicles were denied already. The only vehicle ever to be in IC/IC² was the electric minecart which was buggy and not available without cheating. It was in IC.

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  • I'm pretty certain Railcraft/Steve's carts covers most of these, I know Railcraft has the energy carts, and Steve's carts has a few carts that allow you to drive them around and I think the miner cart would cover a few of these combined, it's not quite what you are looking for due to the drawback of them needing rails, but it's pretty close

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Or you could use the instantaneous transportation system provided in the mod already, in the form of Teleporters. Sure if you go long distance it can take a nice chunk of energy, but I've never had energy shortages(maybe in the very beginning if I'm hurting for coal for coal cells, but even then), and I'm sure most players of the mod don't either.

  • But, railcraft isn't that fun, begause you only ride your minecart through an already designated course. Plus, the more you go, the more your rails cost,and they're quite expensive, although it's a good way to fully automatize your world, but, again, not that fun.

  • Oh, so it's more about exploration and enjoying the environment than efficiency.
    That'd really be nice, but as anyone else said it's highly unlikely to happen in IC.
    Your best bet would be to hope there's a mod for that somewhere out there.
    (Your idea does sound like material for a separate mod anyway)

    By the way, railcraft really isn't much expensive if you got a nice miner setup going on.

  • if you knew you were going to put your power generation in the mountains why the hell did you put your house in the plains.

  • If you want to explore you could try the Airship mod. It's a bit buggy and it doesn't always handle mod blocks being used for ships well, but it's a start.

  • Dude, u really need to at least read the compendium for posting a suggestion! It says right under denied stuff: vehicles

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  • It's so happy to see that people are interested in my suggestion, yet so sad that it might not make it (although robots are planned). But I can't find it in the denied stuff.

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    Fun idea, doubt it will ever happen though.

    Fyi I don't make the decisions on what gets added or not, just my 2 cents...

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  • Btw, ElecCart is eventually coming back, Richard already contacted Railcraft in this regard. We were discussing whether to put the EnergyStorage carts in IC or RC, though.

    Huh. How about that. =P

    Personal opinion, Al, but since Railcraft is the one with the unloaders, probably would be best if the EnergyStorage carts remained in RC.

    And as to the ElecCart, what all are the details behind this? Is it like a Maglev system?