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    "Nobody" wants to, but its the most "Easy" solution (*cough*Kinda like stacking overclokers in machines*cough*) to the problem of several Solar panels causing extreme lag to servers.

    Necessity trumped over the need for balance (Especially because people mostly stubbornly kept stacking those damn solar panels instead to upgrading to nuclear or something less laggy >.>).

    Also 3 post really? theres a goddamn Edit botton for f*** sakes.

    lol, yeah sorry for the triple post, i had actually got distracted and didn;t realize i was over-posting. i'm at work and people keep harrassing me for help.

    yeah i also need to update my server to the newest version if IC2 SMP but BC isn;t up to date yet for SMP so i'm kinda hosed on the "not being able to upgrade machine" problem, for example my cactus scrapping facility is 32 recyclers with usually about 24 of them running non-stop pumping into a 512X6 Mass Fabricator. i'm sure that's causing quite a bit of strain as well, luckily my cactus farms are really quick on the transport section of the design.

    i hear ya loud an clear about the whole people stubbornly stacking solar panels instead of upgrading to nuclear, i actually started stealing and collecting the solar panels on my server and building reactor FOR people because of that, then set it up for them and all they have to do is insert 12 cells once a day, i'm the only person on my server that really uses fabricators luckily and i usually have the solar panel array turned off entirely untill like 11pm, then i activate the solar panels when no one is on and AFK Fabricate Matter over night. sometimes people get on at like 3-4 am though when i have my solar farm going and they complain. but i'd like to be able to compress all my solar panels and simply use my Reactors as a really heavy energy Booster for when i need to fill up my central energy storage chamber. because it takes forever to fill up again for my burst fabrication room when i actually have to drain 1mill a second.

    in short, i'd like to be able to leave my solar panels running 24/7 to recharge my MFS chambers and not be considered a douche on my server. lol

    I also remember reading in the RP thread about some kind of Solar towers in real life, that uses huge amounts of mirrors to redirect the sunlight to a specific spot of these towers and would make use of the heat to evaporate water that would move some internal turbines or something similar.

    that is correct, that might have been my post you read, they use mirrors in a huge U shape to redirct sun onto a black pipe filled with high-temp oil, and the oil is pumped through a loop, this oil is taken back to a generator room and fed into boilers to evaporate the water to make steam for steam turbines. they are making these alot over in india at the moment.

    you are correct, i currently host a server from my house that has 4 constant players and sometimes up to 8 in the evenings, the server recently has died off ALOT because of the server issues and crashes my server is having with all the solar panels and wind turbines and my server is a beast of a server. although they might be doing something wrong cause i think we only have a total of about 600 solar panels and 200 wind turbines, and it's starting to cause issues even with 8 gigs of ram on a Linux Server OS.

    i don't recal anyone wanting to place 512 solar panels into a single block, however, you can fit alittle over 5625 solar panels in range of an MFE using tin cables. so piling them "into" an MFE simple saves you some stacks of tin cables and ALOT of server strain. how about just making a box, similar to a nuclear reactor (Solar Array for now) that you have to fit "solar assemblies" into. 1 assembly would be 8 solor panels and an MFE which could be placed as an "advanced solar panel, or placed inside the Solar Array which could hold 9by7. the solar array would be 8 assemblies and an MFS. so if you completely filled this assembly it would cost you 63 MFEs instead of like 8 stacks of tin worth of cables. then this 1 complex Solar Array would generate 504 eu/t and output 512EU packets. this would cause it to be significantly more expensive but much more compact and significantly less server strain.

    would these enchant the armor or the player? could i inject ALL of these into Steve? and then also enchant my gear? loving the run speed idea, i want to be able to move fast enough that my computer couldn't keep up, as it is i use legs and Speed 2 pots.

    how would you apply these to equipments, would it be a crafting recipe or a special "enchanting table"? would it also allow regular enchanting? could this be put onto any items, for example, could i put your version of "fortune" on my nano saber that has efficiency 3 and mass harvest leaves? (i was hoping nano sabers were counted as a sword but it appears they are actually coded as an tool, similar to an axe.

    also would some nano-bots be type specific or items specific, like a nano bot made for "Tools" or specifically a pick axe? Currently i believe nano sabers, and mining lazers are "tools" not weapons.

    yeah sorry sebra, don't agree with you there. rather just be able to burn through my uranium cells faster and get a much higher output and have the possibility to cool the reactor down faster so it doesn't explode. not fully automating or causing an infinate production, just trying to speed up an hour long process alittle bit at the cost of the same uranium and a higher chance of causing an explosion.

    how about some more techs involving magnetic applications.

    1. like a Cart Booster, that when powered by a magnetizer works similar to a gold track, however, it will boost the minecart forward instance at max speed when placed to the right of the tracks, this way you could prevent boosters from launcher you the wrong way using detector rails to turn the magnetizer off when coming from the wrong direction so your cart will stop, or set it up to correct your direction and launch you the other way.

    2. Coil-Gun, works like a mining lazer set at Long Range but travels 32 blocks destroying everything in it's path regardless of the material, except for reinforced stone and bedrock. will only go through 8 reinforced stone blocks or so. this however costs 1 Refined Iron as well as 100EUs per shot. Recipe would be something like this:

    :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :MFE-Transmitter:

    :Teleporter: :Teleporter: :Teleporter:

    :Metal Block: :Mining Laser: :Metal Block:

    :Teleporter: =Magnetizer

    3. Unit Accelerator (player cannon). when filled with 10,000EUs and applied a redstone current, players equiped in metal armor would be accelerated and "thrown" roughly 128 blocks (on a flat terrain) at a 45 degree angle at the speed of quantum legs when leeping with boots under the effect of Speed Potion 2, into the air at the specified direction. you could then either make a pool of water to catch you, a rubber trampoline to bounce you back up and resume your flight for long distance travel, stop yourself with your epic Quantum Boots, or simply pray you survive the fall by slamming into the tip of a mountain. when used in unison with quantum boots you could set of precise landing points to land on a stone pressure plate and launch you again in a different direction. this would be a hazardous yet more efficient and advanced form of transportation after aquiring quantum armor to survive the journey. or if you did the calculations paerfectly, you could use it as a catapult to get into you mountain side or arial living quarters. i suppose you could also specify this to shoot you straight up to the top of the world (for those of you that want an arial castle or ship with no ground access point other then getting "beamed up").

    Its the mushroom biome generator, what did you expect? Puppys, Unicorns, Rainbows and Sunshines?

    first off this made me lol pretty hard.

    secondly, it is a bit rediculous that mushrooms are growing on other mushrooms. it seems a bit excessive but it also gives me ideas, similar to once i made an entire castle area and forest by planting forests ontop of forests until i hit layer 120 roughly, then went back in and carved out rooms and laid plank floors, i think i might try this mushroom terraformer and do something similar!

    mainly, i didn't even know this exsisted either, thanks for the info!

    I don't like make nuclear reactors more complicated that they are.
    But the last 2 ideas are valid! we need a valid compact restraint chamber for nuclear reactor! 4-5 layer of reinforced stone aren't that thin...

    well you aren't being forced to use the new reactor stuff :) lol, but i thought the exact same thing when i first started experimenting with reactors, then i discovered i could make them output well over 512 EUs, which fried my wires at the time, but generated a rediculous amount of heat, i would mind making it alittle more complicated and "rediculous" if i felt like putting the effort into setting up an absolutely perfect nuclear reactor set-up to generate 800EU/t usualy automatic ice block insertion and advanced heat dispersion via Iridium Heat Sinks.

    and yeah, i made a reactor power plant with decked out reactors inside and it was rediculous that i had to make a wall 6-8 thick as ALL sides of each reactor to ensure they didn;t explode and take each other out on accident, it took up way more room then i'd like, lol. i thought this would be a nice solution for a REALLY advanced nuclear reactor facility. or just to make a really pretty explosion proof house since my friends have a bad tendensy of firing off nukes close to my house. lol, even my yards, trees, "lakes", ect. are reconstructed out of CFoam and painted the appropriate colors :p looks like someone reaplaced my yard with legos.

    1: will do from now on, thanks for the tip.

    2: i was thinking more of an advanced type of coolant, so more like a Hink Sink then mere heat transferance.

    3: i use 4 accounts for long range projects usually protaining to BC Quarries though. but i figured something similar could be done with wiring, and HV wiring has a very high energy loss rate and glass fibers only handle 512, so iridium wiring would be a combanation of the 2 really, and would be used to power Teleporters within a city styled area. like if i want a teleport pad from bedrock to go to the top of the world and about 40 blocks away, i'd like to wire them both together from 1 central energy storage location os about 32 MFSs in order to transport myself back and forth without having to make entirely seperate energy generator arrays or storage devices.

    4. thanks for the helpful critisism to the fullest without coming off as rude. lol, i appriciate people that dig into stuff for the sake of agruement even about minor issues in order to make everything perfectly suited or understood amongst all parties. so nit pick away my good man! lol

    i kind feel iridium doesn't have enough uses. granted is hard to aquire till you get a significant amount of power generation going or a Scrap Farm. but once you get that you tend to have more iridium then you'll ever use as long as you keep your quantum armor charged. so i thought of a few new, fairly realistic uses.

    1: Iridium Reactor Plating: this would be an internal Nuclear Reactor component to increase Hull Temperature Capacity by 2,000. this would make breeder reactors alittle easier and help prevent reactor explosions. the recipe would be 4 iridium plates, 4 advanced alloy, and 1 diamond.

    2. Iridium Heat Dispenser: this would function the same as the current Integrated Heat Dispenser but would also cause .5 of coolant power up from the IHD'ss .1, would require 1 reactor heat dispenser, 2 iridium plates, 2 advances alloyed, 4 coolant cells.

    3. Iridium Wiring: EV wire that cannot be insulated, but only loses 1 EU every 10 blocks. this would be great for transfering energy over really long distances or upgrading the current EV wiring in your house for the use of teleporters and creating large scale Field Generators. however: since they cannot be insulted it runs the risk of killing anyone who touches it when charged, so you have to be careful with your wiring. recipie would simply be 3 iridium ore in a line to create 6 pieces of wire. this would mainly be used to force field generation and Teleporters, as it losses the same amount as Glass Fiber Cables, simply on a scale of 4-1. this could also be used as the most powerful electric fencing.

    4. Iridium blocks: Show off how effective your Mass Fabricators are by creating Iridium Blocks! a simple block made from 9 iridium ores that have a sleek Pearl like look to it. these blocks would also be the most explosive and heat resistant material in the game (since iridium is only .12% less dense the the densest material known to man). A wall made 2 thick of iridium would stop a reactor explosion.

    the reason to add this would be to minimalize the packet spam on a server, it fixes the issue and saves space. and i agree, the higher teirs should not be nerfed, it's simply more expensive to maintain server integrety, it's not like it's making it more efficient, and when you got 6-10 people on a server, this would help ALOT!

    i use a Second moniter hooked up to my computer as my NVG, my main moniter has the brightness set for normal, the side moniter runs at maxed brightness which appears as about lighting level 8 or so. if you have a second moniter available i'd highly recommend this. lol

    as for the records, not many people know this but if a skeleton gets the killing blow on a creeper then the creeper has a 20% chance of dropping a record. this i alot easier then you might think, just look at weapon damages and creepers life and calaculate it out, lfor example (these are not accurate calculations) 1 chop with an iron sword, 2 chops with a wodden sword and then let the skeleton shoot it for the kill. it's fairly easy to do,

    milk is not only used in cakes, alot of people missed this but Milk cures determental affects on players like poisons. canned milk could be used to cure poison as well i suppose, or used in the crafting recipie instead of buckets of milk, cause i get really sick of having to place 2 buckets of milk for every cake i make in a bakery/coffee shop building.

    how about making 2 recipies for the luminators, a basical luminator has no storage, if you add a RE battery then it gains it's 10k internal storage? the "normal" ones only have a internal storage of 10, so when they no longer receive power they die in a second or so as previously stated by someone.

    or also as someone mentioned earlier, all they are is an inconvinient torch. so how about increase the light they produce to that of sunlight within a 3 block radius from the source. with this you could also make an artificial Sun Room for solar panels in an underground enviroment or in the nether. they would require the same amount of power (.25EU/t) but be able to power 9 solar panels if placed directly under it, i do not feel this would be over power cause your basically creating a minor Over-Unity system to run at the cost of minimal energy, when one can simply put solar panels above ground and save the trouple of placing all that additional wiring. doing it this way you could conceal your base under ground and not have a big Solar Mushroom sticking out over your "hidden" base.

    first off..... good god, that is alot of wind turbines, second, you should set the up in a more effective array, you could get like 15 times more power out of those things. the best array i found is to have them at layer 125 in rows, each turbine in the row is spaced by 1 and each row is spaced by 2, then drop the tin cables down by 3 and fill the 2 wide gap at the bottom of the 3rd with solar panels, this is the most efficient array with wind turbines and a touch of solar panels you can create without worrying about your wind turbines destroying themselves in a thunderstorm.

    however, you also gave me a great idea if you have thousands of them and would rather have server stability instead of energy efficiency, instead of using cables in the middle, just have a column of MFSs with their outputs pointing down. this gives me a few new ideas, lol. that would also create some very rediculous mass energy storages for my Mass Fabrication plants.

    ok, however.. back to what i was originally going to post. how about we simply make something like a "Generator Array Block" for solar and wind turbines. these would be a single block that would react much like a Reaction Chamber on a nuclear power plant. however make the inventory only accept solar and wind turbines. the generators inside would still produce energy and function as they might outside of this Array Block, but basically you would use a Solar Panel or Wind Turbine AS the upgrade, so say if it have a 9by6 inventory inside and you filled it all with solar panels, then it would output 54 EU/t, and if you put a wind turbine in it then i suppose have set values, like (generator array block height)-1 per block inside of the inventory. so a max energy output as though the wind turbines were at layer 80. that way you wouldn;t have to worry about the Array Block destorying itself or coding that in as well.

    i highly agree with this idea, i am currently very limited as to my generator usage simply because if anyone even goes remotely close to it that their computer locks up and sometimes crashes, also if i leave my energy grid running it will crash the server an a couple of days and even quicker is other people build something similar. at the very least could we have Tin Cable tolerance upped to like 52, cannot be insulated or painted, and increase almost all generators internal compacity and have them send packs of 52 instead of 1? reason being is i use ALOT of solar and wind generators in a perfect assembly at layer 125 and would like for my wind turbines to also not cause so much strain on my servers.

    Or we could just go with the solar array recipe as stated above. Would this only take up 1 block and have the transformer designs on the side to designate what type of array it is?