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    MalWareBytes has found nothing so far, and Norton says the same thing.

    Don't mean to advertise or anything but if malwarebytes didn't find anything maybe it's not there...I haven't encountered anything that that software can't fix ... yet.
    Maybe it's one of them toolbars might have installed it without realizing it...just because these days everything that's free comes in a package with a toolbar and a homepage change.
    Even stuff that's free from the developers main site...when you take it from certain mirrors they ask you to install a mother f-ing download manager and toolbar to download the content....I would publicly hang the marketing genius that thought of that.
    ON: I wouldn't mind ads on these forums...even if they are ads of china made industrial machines and RL fertiliser...and have no impact on us gamers...just as long as it doesn't ask you if you're sure (to confirm) that you want to leave the page.
    this thread got me thinking about youtube ads...I always close them when I watch minecraft related videos...because they block the view of the inventory.Is there a way to move the ad ? How do you watch minecraft videos with ads on?

    You should have watched the videos before answering this guy.

    TO Original Poster:
    I hope you understand me. It is absolutely beautiful. It looks amazing.
    The Rp2 frame crane is the cherry on the cake.
    I admire you for taking the time to build such a thing...and the details...just ...just...beautiful.
    Now to answer you question: Casuc was an accident that was never intended...and the chances that the IC2 dev-team will bring casuc back are ....0.
    The replacement for the CASUC (constantly aplied single use coolant)......CRCS (constantly refueled cooling sistem) uses redstone dust and lapiz lazuli to cool the reactor instead of water and ice ... so with the new sistem you can't make such a realistic build.
    Still...complex cooling sistems can be made with cooling cells and cooling reactors if you want to build it for fun...
    Congratulations on such an amazing build.

    PS: to everyone who decides to post a reply:!!!
    Before you start flaming this guy for asking for CASUC back take a look at the 3's just 15 minutes but it's totally woth spending the 15 minutes.

    Tin does stack never need all of it if you mine with miners or other ways of mining everything.
    One solution would be to change something to use more tin...I can think of something that needs just that.
    Solar panel!
    instead of crafting it with a generator you could craft if with a machine-frame (machine-case, you pick a name) wich is made from 8 would also be more realistic this way...real solar panels don't have generators with heavy iron casings in them...they're light-weight so you can plant them on you house.
    like it is now a solar costs :======= 4 tin, 10 iron, 3.5 copper, 3 coal, 6 redstone, 3 sand and 7 rubber
    with the new item they would cost : 8 tin, 02 iron, 3.0 copper, 3 coal, 4 redstone, 3 sand and 6 rubber
    that would take care of the iron-tin gap in IC2.
    Unfortunately over 9000 mad forum users will say no to this suggestion and it will never be implemented.
    So just make the tin into blocks and build stuff out of it.

    Because chests have too much space and automation mods already do that.

    I really can't think of anything that is more wrong than that reply in a thread that's based on the fact that recyclers are not viable without an automation mod and wich aims to make recyclers useful with JUST THE MOD THAT THEY ARE PART OF installed. actually did it...for a while now I believed you we're just trolling and never bothered to check the thread...but this morning before i head out to work I checked it...and surprise surprise...
    I'll go test it now.
    :) :) :)

    I used to get allot of those on forge 353....upgrading to 355 seems to have fixed it for me...ever since i got 355 I stopped receiving that error.
    Also a friend told me that it is a Vanilla bug.
    thing is when i got forge 355 i also got optifine updated from b4 to b5 and this is in the changelog from b4 to b5:
    fixed ConcurrentModificationException crash
    so maybe try optifine see it it fixes it for you.
    also this error is mentioned in a logistics pipes changelog so maybe the code that fixes it is there:
    hope it helps you...i used to get it every half an hour...did you only get it once?

    Thank you for making an awesome mod.

    If you consider asking an eightball every number from 1 upwards and waiting for it to say yes...

    an eightball would be would help with questions such as:
    Should I tell this new guy that just joined the server and decided to be my neighbour that all this land around my house is mined with IC2 miners?
    Should I nuke the bastard who decided that my rubber-farm is a shared server resource?
    Should I ask the admins of the server before building a massive cobble gen for my massfab?

    Every cell add 2 to explosion power (quad cell will add 8, single cell 2)
    Reflectors drain 1 static, not affected by tier
    Plating drains percent based
    Heating cells provide 0.1 per item (6.4 full stack)

    To provide 10 power explosion we will need 5 cells

    number of chambers doesn't factor in?

    It's so bloody simple ... just do some research and the nuke problem is fixed ... and not a single line of IC2 code has to be changed.

    I will change the OP once I'm not on a mobile.

    I've been recommended to withhold porting to 1.4.3 until it's decided if something (I don't know if I can disclose it, Mojang contacts you know) will happen or not.

    If I may I would like to recommend something also:
    2 versions of the Beta...2 branches
    Beta InDev - where new features that are likely to cause bugs are added and tested
    Beta Stable - where fixes and buffs/nerfs are added.
    That way the Beta Stable can be used to test more stable builds for minor/subtle bugs and know that last 10% that is harder than the first 90% but wich makes the difference between a piece and a masterpiece.
    And the Beta InDev can be used to test for run of the mill bugs that come with new features ( such as the reactor change from build 71)

    * The recent beta releases have shown you that you have a community behind you that is willing to help and put time in beta-testing.
    ** The new bugtracker makes what I'm suggesting possible.
    *** As far as Minecraft mods go you would be pioneering this technique and probably the world will follow.