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    Nr1. Use the fudging TOOLBOX!!! Its part of Core-IC²
    Nr2. Quantumarmorchestplate makes you immune to anything!!! And Comboarmor got denied already
    Nr4. Biofuel has a use for all, who want you use the Fuelbased Jetpack without wasting Coal on Coalfuel.
    Nr5. I made a Config for that Nuke-Recipe in my Addon.

    Nr1: The next time you refer to an item please read the wiki first and make sure you know what that item does...the toolbox is miles away from what I'm suggesting.
    Nr2: So does nano chest plate ... if quantum body armor had a skill it would be more ...complete....
    Nr3: I've seen your're crazy dude...useless complications
    Nr4: You didn't get this it again.
    Nr5: I'm glad you liked at least one.

    Just some basic features missing from IC2:

    Nr1: Biggest flaw in IC2 and most other mods out there...
    Inventory Space....for the love of god if you're gonna add blocks and items to the game add inventory space...that shitty little thing was designed for vanilla and can't take all the extra items...crap it can't even take vanilla anymore with all the extra items that were added since that thing was designed.
    And don't you dare say "use EE or Forestry..." NO! It's your add add inventory space.
    Besides both EE and Forestry have issues:
    EE : great bags - crap OP mod
    Forestry : great mod - crap bags
    Actual Suggestion - add a simple bag to the game that would be crafted from rubber+wool+string that can be used to store items.
    size = 1 + IC2 items*(Inventory/Vanilla items)

    Nr2: Something that just doesn't make sense...
    Quantum body armor...the most expensive piece of quantum gear yet has no special ability.
    Suggestion: make Lap-Pack part of recipe and add lap-pack functionality to quantum body armor
    Don't worry about it being OP because of storage size.....inventory space makes you go back home way before your drill/laser discharges your lap-pack anyway...or if you do...realise that quantum gear is OP because of storage size and nerf it.
    Also both nano suit and quantum suit could use an upgrade in the form of a energy level balancing system so all pieces would discharge at the same rate (%). I'm sure it's simple to implement...if you can balance heat between reactor components you can surely balance energy between 4 pieces of armor.

    Nr3: Addon Incorporation
    there are some addons out there that really shouldn't be addons.
    I suggest you guys talk it out and try and make these addons that are used by most IC2 users part of the mod itself and just credit the creators.
    [Addon 1.95/1.97/1.103] UU Matter recipes for Redpower Materials v1.1 (uu recipes for rp2)
    and make more like this...for other mods....(I'm thinking apatite)
    [Addon 1.97]Transformers v1.3 - Convert IC2 & BC energy back & forth! (IC-BC power converters)
    [IC2 1.106] [UNIVERSAL] CompactSolars 3.0 now available. CompactSolars is now opensource! (compact solars)
    this one needs nerfing in the form of diamonds...something outputting 64 eu/t that's not a reactor should have diamonds in it... just change the recipes to use storage blocks instead of transformers... batbox, MFE and MFSU
    [Addon 1.95]Advanced Machines Original v1.5 (advanced machines)
    A not so strong yet valid case could also be made for nuclear control and mffs addons.

    Nr4: Remove deadwood...
    When something ain't working don't hold on to it just for the sake of what you can and remove the dead parts.
    Who uses IC2 fuel and biofuel?...nobody...why?...because it eats up tin to produce EUs and nobody is willing to pay tin for EU when you can get EUs in other ways, not to mention that the whole fuelcell/fuelcan concept is a BIG FAIL(serious pain in the ass).
    solution 1:
    scrapcell made out of 4 scrap in the same old shape to replace the tin cells in the making of H-coal and bio cells.
    remove fuelcan from process and burn the fuelcells directly into generator.
    solution 2:
    Change cells recipe to only use one tin capsule surrounded by 8 respective items and make 8 tin usage decreases 8-fold.
    drastically improve fuel can capacity...make it hold 16 cells or even 24.

    Nr5: Security...
    Please look at the security system for machine access that SirSengir implemented in the latest Forestry and add something similar to the Nuclear reactor so that you can control if other players can change it's configuration (contents)
    Seriously Nerf the NUKE by making it's recipe more complex.(As someone else put it in a different suggestion :

    "Making the nuclear bombs this much more complex and
    expensive would possibly make them more viable on multiplayer servers
    since griefers can't log in and get them in 1 hour." )
    I'm thinking maybe :
    :Uranium Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Uranium Cell:
    :Advanced Machine: :Nuke TNT: :Advanced Machine:
    :Uranium Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Uranium Cell:
    where :Nuke TNT: =TNT and :Uranium Cell: =Quad-uranium-fuelcell....16 uranium for a nuke sounds good.

    My only comment is... Deal with it.

    I'm glad you people don't really have any actual control over the mod development otherwise reactors would output 999999999999Eu/t and could be made of simple sticks and stones.

    Agreed...but you have to admit that the bomb...the bomb should really be more complex...that would actually be a good suggestion...make nuke recipe a lot more complex.

    This revamp of the reactor is gonna kill an already dying breed...the nuclear engineers.
    As someone put it on another post:
    Reactors now are twice as expensive, half as powerful and no CASUC. Grumble, grumble.
    Think about it: IC2 is a forge mod meaning you can get 100 eu/t by just sticking 5 biomass generators to a mfsu and running a tree farm into a fermenter or by sticking 5 geos on a mfsu and pooling lava from the nether via ender who in their right mind would go to the trouble of building an expensive, highly complex monster prone to explosions that will wipe out your base in a blink of an eye?
    WE!!!...the nuclear engineers...and we love you for making it that much more fun for us but it just pains me to think that 90% of users get IC2 just for that bloody macerator and its unholy effects on ores.
    I already felt special for powering my stuff with reactors among others who power it with HV solars and biogenerators ...Now I'm gonna feel really special ...THANK YOU!!!!
    Must be all the radiation affecting my brain.