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    Just thought I'd share this knowledge:

    The last forge for 1.3.2 is Forge ( build 318 )
    It does not have a star in the Jenkins page ( build 303 is the last recommended one for 1.3.2 ) but it is the final 1.3.2 build and between 303 and 318 there was one update where Richard G was mentioned ( hello Richard G )
    The last forge for 1.4.2 is Forge ( Build 355 )
    Many mods recommend using Forge 353 but I've not yet encountered one that works on 353 but not on 355 and 355 also seems to fix that nasty error in server tick loop crash :

    wich I used to get on 353
    To get Forge go here:
    This page is never down and has changelogs and everything.

    Hope this helps you.

    another way ( really cheap and small) to waste less energy is to have another hv tansformer between your 4th and 5th mfsu.
    like this

    :Reactor: :HV-Transformer: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :HV-Transformer: :MFS-Unit:

    and have the detection going on the first 4 mfsu
    this way when the battery (5th mfsu) outputs a 512 packet nothing will happen ( the 5th mfsu will request a 512 packet from the hv before it and fill up again)....only when 4 packets are sent and the hv trans's internal buffer is empty will the 4th mfsu send 4 packets to the hv trans and start the reactor
    Ahhhhh to hell with it....It will never work flawless....this problem can not be is there for all reactors outputting more than 512 eu/t feeding into storage arrays that work on 512 packets...omg i just got so frustrated that I lit another cigarette while having a lit one in my left hand without realising it... :) :) :) :) :)
    the only solution is to have the extra eus drain in a massfab and let me correct my above mistake...not from the trans but from before the trans.
    or if you actually have a power consumption greater than the output of the reactor then running a parallel battery works too but that is stupid because if you had a power consumption greater then the output of the reactor then you wouldn't have had the problem in the first place...the battery never gets full.
    I challenge anyone to solve this problem....I can't.

    holly bazonkas the majority of repliers don't uderstand the guy's problem.
    He has a reactor outputting 1870 eu/t into a 5 mfsu serial battery....the reactor is set to turn on whenever any one of the 5 mfsu' is not full...and the problem is that his serial mfsu battery empties at a rate of 512 eu/t and starts his reator wich outputs 1870...thus after the 50MEU are full 1358 eu/t are wasted.
    There really isn't a solution to your need a trigger to detect when 2048 EU are missing from your battery and only then start the reactor...and even that is not flawless....gregs solution won't work as you will never suck more than 512 eu/t from you battery even if you turn it into a
    4 x (5x mfsu serial) paralel wich is capable of outputting 4 512 packets at will never request that.
    the state cell one has trouble with chunk-loading
    so really the only solution to not waste that 1358 energy every time the reactor starts is to have another line comming from the transformer ( i assume you have a transformer down-sforming ( i just invented that) between your reactor and mfsu battery) that feeds into a massfab.
    that way every time your mfsu battery puts out a 512 packet and starts the reactor 512 is sent to the mfsu battery and the rest to the massfab.

    I'm not there yet but the plan is to have all the crap burned and turned to energy.
    if you have forestry you know what i mean...once you get a few farms going you get tons of wood and other stuff that never stop ( I use logistics pipes and automate all my forestry machines and i also build more than one tree farm because i need something that can eat up the extra peat) i have tons of wood and saplings but unlike other people who void them i turn the wood into charcoal in coke owens and the saplings into biomass and then i burn the charcoal into generators and the biomass and creosote into biomass engines feeding into BC powerlines feeding into pneumatic generators.
    the charcoal i burn just to get rid of...but the biomass turns 5MJ/tick for 10k ticks and the creosote 4 MJ/tick for 15k ticks per bucket ...and after the generator that's 125k eu per bucket of biomass ( compared to just 8k when used in a forestry biogenerator) and 150k EU per creosote oil bucket.
    at the moment i'm not automated yet...spent all the gold on a mayan milenaire village instead of logistics i just have 3 biomass engines running on creosote feeding into an LV pneumatic generating 30 eu\t.
    all you need for this OP power source is ralcraft forestry and transformers mod wich is made by the same dev that makes the original advanced machines mod.

    You could just set the maxFrameLinkSize to 256. That way you dont get too large unstable Frameconstructions.

    Borrow? I'd call it stealing.

    THE FIRST CONFIRMED FIND OF IRIDIUMORE BY A PLAYER!!! (Quarrys and Miners dont count as Players)

    That's not cool...i didn't know there was a race for that?
    8-10 days ago i started the world i'm playing on and found one 10 minutes into the game in a lake a few layers underwater literally 15 blocks away from spawn surrounded by first thought it was diamond almost sent you a message about it...but then when i couldn't break it with a bronze pickaxe i waited till the diamond drill and found out it was irridium.
    the evidence is still there:

    the stacking isn't really a's even been said here you just have to read between the lines a bit.
    with the latest of the mods all metals have blocks....and this wonderfull thinghy eloraam , spacetoad and lex made called forge ( the oredictionary specificaly) allows you to craft a block with all sorts of ingots.

    I can't post in the addon section so I'll post here.
    simple question : wich of these addons makes it so that advanced alloys can only be crafted in a rail-craft rolling machine ?.....the normal craft table recipe doesn't not work anymore...neither apear in NEI.
    I have:
    Greg-Tech addon
    compact solars
    transformers 1.5
    advanced machines 1.6
    charging bench
    nuclear control
    .....I also have railcraft but i don't think it's that.

    please add a maceration recipe for monazit ore.....for those of us using greg's rock cutter ( industrial version of a silk touch pickaxe....god damn it's slow!!!) .
    if breaking an ore block with a pickaxe yields x to z dusts macerating an ore should always yield z dusts ( I think this would be a good recipe considering how slow the rockcutter mines nad how hard it is to get a real silktouch pickaxe.)

    Sadly I can't fix the download link right now, I only have the build
    server URL on firefox and firefox refuses to open over remote desktop if
    there's someone already running it

    EDIT: 1.107.35 out with the REAL fix and a fixed download link

    Should I remove mistaqur's modpatcher and fix with this 1.107.35 build?

    Not in v 1.97, at least. With only the chestplate i still got damaged, only half of normal, but still... i needed to wear the whole suit to be fully protected.

    Althought you didn't get his point you actually make a very very good point...quantum armor does in fact not give you full immunity to damage...the whole suit does that..all other pieces have abillities that come into effect with just the intem equipped but the chestplate does yeah the quantum chestplate is just an overpriced nano chestplate (hold 10X energy costs more than 10x).

    1. But it saves space
    2. No, Nanochestplate doesnt protect you from anything. It protects you only from normal Damage, but not from Lava, Potions, Electricity, Suffocation, Voidfalling and so on.
    3. You could switch anything, what you dont wanna have OFF in the Config.
    4. Of course i know what you were talking about, but removing Features is not really a good Idea, and i told you a way to use Biofuel.
    5. I already implemented it before your Suggestion, but with 4 Re-Enriched Cells (requires Nuclearreactor), 2 Uraniumblocks, 2 Adv. Circuits and an Advanced Machineblock.

    :?: :?: :?: .....tell the've never had full nano armor on you, have you?'re one of those people that wait till they get UU and get straight to quantum like direwolf20 ha?
    Dude...give yourself a nano set and jump in lava...see what'll be amazed at what 4 diamonds and some coal gives you.
    And about're hopeless...who said anything about removing features?...changing 2 recipes and removing one item from a production chain is not removing features.
    If the can would be removed from the generator fuels and cells would burn directly in a generator the filled can with 6 cells would still be used to refuel jetpacks
    and if not
    It would just have it's size increased to 16 or 24 and the flight time of jetpacks would be adjusted to that.