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    what EU debate? The arrays are 1-to-1 EU on a per Solar Panel basis as you scale up. There is no need to debate.

    I was going to say it seems a bit cheap but upon second look this looks fine to me. (missed the whole 8 MV needed for HV thing)
    Can you get one block that does 512/tick? sure. Does it need a metric crapton of solar panel to achieve it? yup. Could you do the same without the new panels? yup but it would be "interesting" doing this by hand. So overall this seems pretty balanced to me.

    Wrong, on one world I made a MKII-(porlly something else)-SUC wasn't that hard and produced 80 eu/t however I have small energy needs my factorys tend to consist of 9 machines and caput. however people have built CASUCs that can run for cycles on end with zero surveilance.

    yup, I've got a Mk 1 design that's since been sorta turned into a mk 2-20something (too many pies, wires and cables reducing water cooling) that used to run overnight without monitoring fine. Using a transposer to feed uranium to it and a retriever to suck out depleted uranium cells. I say "used to" as i'm sorta down to 9 uranium now :) (haven't used a quarry or gone mining in a while)

    Client and not Linux, Windows. Both of the mods are installed through the mods folder so how could I fix one loading before the other? Also, if this helps, when it goes to the crash report IC isn't one of the "Loaded Mods" which does back up what you say.

    Re-download ModloaderMP and re-build the server jar. There was a recent fix that alphabetizes the mods folder list. Be sure the addon is named such that it'll be loaded after IC2.

    First thing is - you can't be losing 3-5 EU per 2048EU packet on 70-80 block long way. Exact packet loss for 3x Ins. HV cable is 56-64EU per packet when travelling such distance.
    You may as well consider using LV long distance cable setup, which can handle 128EU/t (your generators can make max 88EU/t) and loses up to 0%( :thumbsup: ) EU. You won't need those 2 HVTs and MVT, so you can use them at more appropriate places.
    Setup looks like this: :Wind Mill::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Cable::Cable::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Cable::Cable::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Cable::Cable::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Cable::Cable::MFS-Unit:
    - not that expensive (1.2 copper per block of setup +some rubber and wood)(also you don't need diamonds)
    - you may argue that 84-96 copper bars is too much, but using diamonds, iron, redstone and other rare stuff is worse in my opinion. Everyone has loads of copper(not sure but i do).
    - loseless !

    Finally did something about my power grid. Didn't want to go through *that* much hassle with the numerous LV transformers but I built a couple and ~70 glass fiber cable (when you've got several stacks of uu-matter waiting to be used it doesn't seem that expensive :) ) and did something like that.
    So now the input power is a lot less bursty (yay!) and lossless. Not to mention safer too, no more EV nearby to make things go *bang* on a mis-click now that the power grid is LV. Almost feels like cheating using lv transformers as repeaters though.

    need more info: What's the host OS? Is this a client or a server? It looks like it's trying to load the addon before it loads IC2. This suggests Linux but one can't be certain there.

    Got an idea here for you: since your making plenty of fuel with the EE collectors you could probably siphon off a bit for use in a few (half dozen?) generators for your mass fabricator. Would give you a constant energy source for that MFSU there.

    It's limited? I usually have quite the surplus of uranium. It's only since I moved into SMP and can have a reactor run for extended periods of time (go chunkloader blocks) that i'm finally using it quick enough. Load up a single chestful into the loader system (RP2 based) and walk away, when I come back the thing's usually either on it's last pieces or just finished cooling off.
    The MK-1 design I uses is sorta a Mk2-20<something now due to the pipe, cable and shutoff switch removing a few water blocks of cooling.

    I've got treecapitator installed, so by far my favorite recycler fodder is sticks. 1 5*5 treefarm provides shitloads of sticks for recycling fodder. i just load it up into a chest and my scrap factory turns them into sticks and feeds them into 4 recyclers. all i gotta do is empty out the scrap every so often and i'm set.

    I thought that sticks don't make scrap anymore or was that glass pane?
    I know something's has been or is going to be not recyclable anymore. (the machine will accept it but not make scrap sorta thing)

    What is exactly the best way to build a watermill to generate the maximum amount of EU unmaned?

    I usually just use solar because of the easyness of them (I have made a solar flower of 41 generators connected with tin cables to a single MFU that then powers my MFSU via Glass Fibre, i was intending to made it up to 128 generators but i decided to move in my base before that)

    the "best" way? i'm reasonably certain it checks in a 1 block radius around it (inclusive of diagonals) so a watermill on top of a cable.

    The method i've seen a couple times involves a cable in the middle with them around it in plus signs every two blocks and water cascading down over it.

    still: better to just experiment with things, load up a test world and (TMI or NEI) and see what works for you. It's what I do before I spend resources on something that might not work.

    yeah, retrievers work, but if you don't want to set up a bluelectric system, transposers(one for each furnace/macerator etc) will work just as well.

    While the bluelectric system is pretty cool, working with it deep underground can be a pain as the only current power source is solars.

    Yeah.. I can see that being a problem given line loss and all of that. There is supposed to be transformers and such coming later though. Not to mention usable batteries.
    Heh, solar panels on the surface charging batteries to be tubed down? Dunno why but I find that concept amusing.

    I already have that one, red power deployers + filters tube -> chest -> buildcraft pipes -> geothermal generator -> (same path back with diamond pipe filter for empty buckets) -> deployers -> loop
    There is one pain in the ass, i get sometimes bugged buckets, where i cant rightclick lava or it will destroy buckets, so yeah that's the only thing except comfort why i don't want to use this as only way.

    Basicly first part of system is from direwolf20 ep 19 or 20...

    Even my round robin pipes stopped working :)

    ah, I was wondering if I was the only one that has issues with rp2 bucket based systems. I had a sorta similar one for water buckets but I came back to it once to discover the whole thing shut down and the 3 buckets (for the 2 water mills) were MIA. Not sure if it was the filling system (tubes directly to the bottom of the water mills) or the extraction system (BC pipes) that caused the problem though.
    This caused more than a little lag as those were powering the recyclers. (*tons* of cobble endlessly looping around a pipe, looking in vain for a destination)

    I tried the other week, RedPower. It had conflicting issues with AdditionalPipes. I was only dipping my toes into RedPower for a moment, so removed AdditionalPipes for the moment.

    That's just you then, i've got Additional pipes and RedPower 4b working great here.

    I am about to install RedPower 2 together with IC2. Although it is commonly used with IC2, i don't know about the compatibility of the two. How about rubber trees or copper/tin ? Do i have to modify config files a litte to disable ore generation for one mod or is it perfectly compatible ?
    Sorry if this is somewhere here already. If so, just redirect me there.

    Technically you don't have to modify anything but it's best to turn off RP2's copper and tin that way you won't be drowning in copper. The option to turn it off is at the bottom of the config file, just change the two lines for copper and tin from =1 to =0. I sorta forgot when I set a world up, i've got 6 or 7 stacks of copper blocks and counting now.
    As to other stuff: RP2 rubber tree wood (you'll know one when you see one, they're huge) can be used in an extractor and the silver can be macerated.
    I think RP2 runs a one-time ID scan so (in theory) there shouldn't be much of a problem installing it.

    Wind... AFTER removing their .ogg sound file from the IC2 .jar :P

    I haven't tried water much, though. It's a shame river biomes are always flat, so that it's hard to build a convincing dam without major terraforming. :(

    err? Water generators don't have to be in moving water. They just give a mostly useless power output in "unmanned" mode unless you put *lots* of them in. (at a rather expensive rate)

    Actually I really would like a "disable-sound"-option.

    I use water quite alot. One water-gen seems to power a simple machine (Macerator, E-Furnace, Compressor etc.) and it is easy to supply them with buckets via Redpower. I often build one or two water-towers mainly for the optics, but they create a good amount of power too. I dislike solars and I die to often, trying to build wind-mills :P

    define: "disable-sound option" as in all sounds? already exists, take a look at the config file, it's there.

    Hello, I think I have a bug. I have a fully charged MFSU hooked up to 2 Induction furnaces.2 rotary macerators, 1 centerfuge extractor and a singularity commpressor. Everything including the 2 solarr flowers I have (each of them give off 32 EU/t) are connected with glass fibre cables. Whenever they get the machines get full power, I try to macerate something or something else, the little power bar that shows whether the machine shave power or not drains. (Btw, I also have a MV transformer hooked up), So, yeah that basically is it. I don't know if this is really a bug or I wired something incorrectly but I need help with this. :( :(

    what the huh? that makes almost no sense... Do you have any kind of storage device in there at all? If not then stick a MFE between the solar and the devices.