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    I haven't had trouble with that, but have had a problem where I ran insulated copper cable less than 15 metres from a generator to some recyclers and they refused to accept any energy at all (the generator stayed charged and refused to emit any energy). Sometimes destroying a cable and replacing it would make that recycler, or maybe a couple nearby, accept some energy for a while, but never reliably and never all of them. Randomly adding a batbox to the system for no good reason fixed it.

    not suprising there given the losses involved in long copper cables like that. A Bat-Box steps it up from 10 EU packets to 32 EU packets.

    If you 'download' the linked file from pastebin (copy and paste from the spoiler in to a text file should work too provided...) and save as a *.* type .csv file (manual extension) then Excel 2010 knows how to open it and recover everything but the formulas.

    any chance of an xls or other spreadsheet format? LibreOffice mangles the heck out of it upon import.

    No it is not 100%, I'm curious if any 100% farms exist that are this compact and large. In the end it will be distributed to chests from where it will either get cooked into cactus greens, and crafted into waterproof for BC pipes, and all the rest will be sent to be processed into biofuel which will be stored, and then when you want extra power, burnt in biogenerators or used in combustion engines.

    Anyway, yes this system gets most of it, idk exactly how much, but considering the size of this farm, its pretty good.

    Well there is a way but it involves copious amounts of obsidian pipes from BC. Not quite that compact but it is quite scalable.
    only has one collection point to boot, water does the rest.
    don't have any pics as I haven't built one in my current world yet but I can post them later when I get around to it.

    here's my 2 cents

    I use a splitter cable usually. my logic is that if the workshop line is full the rest will go to the mass fab, (please let me know if this is wrong), you might only get a max of half eu/s produced to the workshop but that is usually enough.

    this way you can pile on the power and hopefully just have excess going to the mass fab and enough going to the workshop.

    except it gets messy when you have a small forest of power going everywhere.
    only really became an issue when the MFSU started sucking up the power. At least the mass fab's making enough diamond to supply my diamond needs for now. Even finally have enough for a couple teleport pipes. woo! (can clean up the royal mess of pipes and make the walls look nice again)

    Are you talking the bar on the right or the square in the middle? If you're talking about the square in the middle, I've found I need to put in at least 3 or 4 buckets of lava before that square will show any change.I've never seen the bar on the right change ever, though.

    The bar on the right is stored power. Take away it's cable and it'll start filling up.

    You don't need a mod to make infinite cobblestone. Just some lava, water and pistons. The only think you need to make it entirely automated is a block breaker. And with infinite cobble you get infinite scrap which will ultimately produce infinite energy using UUM. With the right reactor setup you will produce a surplus of uranium, thus never needing to farm anymore resources.

    Again, *HOW*? you can't make energy from cobble, not even using scrap. Sure you get some burnable items and plant balls out of scrap but it's a net loss energy wise.

    Looks like it's trying to load the addon before IC2. Try re-downloading ModloaderMP and making a new server jar. The list is supposed to be alphabetized for us Linux folks now.

    Got a temporary half hack-job system in for now.
    Have a single water strainer hooked up to the MFSU via a EU detector cable. (needed a steady stream of power, the wind mills are bursy as heck due to the EV packetization)
    From there I have a transition to a RP2 red wire than back to a single dust square to shut off the power to the mass fab (via splitter cable) if the MFSU's recharging. The odd part is the dust wasn't energizing the RP2 wire, had to use a double NOT gate.

    still a pretty bad design. just by taking yours and trimming the hell out of it real fast I got this
    also a pretty bad efficiency at 1.0

    edit: link fail

    Ditto. Once BC 3.x is stable enough to be tossed into the SMP ring, a lot of people are going to go nuts on the whole Lasers things.

    Yup, me being one of them. Don't have anywhere near enough power for the lasers though. May have an actual use for all of this biofuel i've been making with forestry for something other than mass fab fodder. Like feeding it to a combustion engine set to power the lasers.

    One reason most people don't use the nuclear generator is because you have to manage it and watch it. <snip>

    Have you even used nuclear? get a nice Mk 1 or 2 and you can just toss some uranium in there and forget about it. Sure it's not a primary fuel supply without some fancy RP2 or BC stuff but it works great as a secondary power source for mass fabs and stuff like that.
    also gives one a place to use up all the extra uranium one pulls out of the ground.
    So far in every IC2 world i've built a reactor or have plans to build one.