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    Downside of solar is space, which is what I believe Crafter was trying to say *Ahem*. If you get 512 blocks in one, with no wiring or other requirements, it's not the same balance level as a regular solar array.

    The compact solars addon doesnt take into account all the wiring and infrastruture that you saved by putting an entire field of complex wiring and solars into one block.


    Why jetpacks? Make Iron man suit (Tier 2,5) with lithium-based storage!
    Utility suit: Protect up to 60%, can fly (boots), charge tools (whole suit) , speed bonus (40% as quantum, leggings) , recharge suit overtime (integrated infinite fuel mini-nuclear reactor in chestplate, only active while player is wearing, outputs 2EU/t to whole suit), Lazor/tesla (auto-attacks hostile mobs, until charge is below 50%, helmet).

    Greg, thoughts?

    Well, due to finacial and time reasons, I am officaly closing the server. It has been a great ride, and i love all you guys that joined my server, and i hope the feeling is mutual :D If an admin reads this, please unsticky the server, but dont delete the thread. The server will still be online until Dec. 16 (thats when my server host subscription runs out) but after that, it wil be dead. :(

    Do you think you could add some kind of comaptibility with id resolver? I really want to use this mod but due to the vast amounts of mods and ids i have i cant not use id Resolver. If you dont want to thats fine i would love to know why though. Thank You!

    Asking Greg for id-resolver compadibility is like asking alblaka to make a lightning rod.

    @iridiumdisscusion: I think what everyone is trying to say is, add some recipe to your all powerful centrifuge that can give you a little iridum for a crap ton of other stuff. I know that you made a platium->iridium recipe, but i was thinking more like something from a more used and less OP mod (yes I think metallurgy is OP) Maybe a chrome/titanium/some unused cell-> iridium. I know we could just increase the spawnrate of the ore, but we need some other way besides mining.

    That is a vanilla bug that happens when you try to use a command to tp from one world to another