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    Note the "isn't" I wrote, sadly this seems to be on a MP server and pretty much every gregtech I've seen involves a crap ton of people "helping" each others out which basically makes gregtech far easier. I'm more interested in seeing a normal let's play - but not on a mp server or at least not using other peoples machines to "cheat" progress.

    <edit> That also seems to be "easy" mode, judging from one of the solar panels being built later on.

    Please could someone link me to a "let's play" of gregtech that isn't 1) played on creative mode 2) mp-mindcrack server where you can use someone elses machines or "help" each others out.

    I've been looking like crazy to find some but I have no luck. Just having problems wrapping my head around the "progress" line for gregtech. I focused on getting to the nether so I could build a blast furnace and a normal drill. Found 3 pathetic diamonds after playing for 8 hours or so, used 2 to make a diamond handsaw and 1 to make a redstone energy cell. I've set up some magmatic engines that I feed with lava using a crucible running on netherrack. I've had no luck finding a blaze spawner so can't farm blaze rods, spent the ones I got from random mobs making the blast furnace. As for IC2 I've set up a geothermal generator next to a batbox with a compressor and an extractor. That's basically where I'm at.

    I looked at the... industrial grinder I think, but seems quite expensive, is that a good starting point?

    Someone found out that you can hide the tooltip in NEI option to help with the lag, it works well for me, no more laggy search.

    Multi ingredient? do you mean the circuit? you can disable it in the Recipes.cfg (one of the config file)

    # circuitry

    Holy cow... disabling the NEI tooltips actually worked. Thanks a ton mate.

    I've been wondering, is there a way to disable that multi-ingredient recipe from gregtech?

    I'm still getting lag from using gregtech and I've made no progress to making NEI run any smoother with gregtech. There is inventory lag along with delayed searches(takes a few seconds just to search for an item, no lag, just a delayed search). It just doesn't make any sense that the blocks gregtech adds would cause these problems since no other mod I have does it. That made me think about that feature that shows other ingredients you can use for various recipes. Maybe could be that, which causes the weird issues I'm having with gregtech? I'd be fine with just having IC2 components showing up.

    I was hoping(silly me) that an updated NEI would solve the problems. It didn't. I'm using nei Having gregtech enabled causes the problems I described, removing it and everything is back to normal, ie no delay searches or lag when opening chests etc.

    I disabled redpower plugin since it made sense that without microblocks NEI would work better. It didn't however. The same problem still lingers, delayed searches and laggy chests/machinery etc. Just makes me wonder what GT does that would cause this odd behavior? I removed a bunch of mods just to see if that would make any difference... yet it didn't. Every time I disable GT the delayed search in NEI disappears and the laggy chests/machine inventories are gone. It's just frustrating since playing with the insane performance drop when opening a chest/project table/machine makes me quit within 10 minutes. I don't want to disable GT or turn off NEI, which leaves me in a pretty bad position(lol). At this moment I can only hope a new NEI release might fix the problem... or GT, whichever mod might be the problem.

    I just installed FTB-mindcrack that has gregtech in it and ran into a little odd problem.

    The first thing I noticed was a "lag" in NEI, which was noticed as I opened chests, furnaces, project tables, machinery etc. The game would drop insanely in performance for a second or so. Searching for an item in NEI would be delayed, you typed in the word and then it would just do nothing(no lag or anything, just a delay) for a few seconds and then show the item.

    I was going through the addons, disabling some to try figure out what addon would cause this. I would disable one addon, play the game, then enable it and disable another and so forth. When I got to gregtech... it was clear this was the addon causing the problems with NEI. Disabling gregtech would cause the search in NEI to be instant, like it was before I installed FTB-mindcrack. I would get no lag at all opening inventories, furnaces, project tables etc.

    Can someone please tell me what is going on and a possible way to fix it? I thought at first it was the amount of addons but my other modpack has 54 mods and does not have this problem. With mindcrack I have 60 mods, where gregtech and extrabees are the only ones that actually "adds" a lot of new blocks. The funny thing is that with gregtech enabled I have 17 pages in NEI(depending on the resolution of course). Without it I have 19 pages showing up, so one would think that gregtech would improve performance in NEI - not cripple it?

    Anyways... just thought I should post this unless it has been brought up before. With gregtech enabled, NEI lags, even when searching for items, without gregtech... no lag or delayed search.

    Ye. Has greg nerfed the hell out of turtles yet? They're way too op as well. Avoiding gregtech until the turtles are nerfed to the ground where they belong. A simple recipe change won't cut it tho, needs something more drastic like a removal from the server, but that won't happen. We have way too much control over the turtles. Maybe greg could make it so you can only run certain greg approved scripts? That would be cool.

    I see a lot people go on about what is "op" and how recipes should be "harder" and what not... But seriously, doing any change like that doesn't change the fact that they're still op. You generate FREE power. Resources aren't a factor in minecraft. Once people realize that solar panels, water mills, wind mills and even geothermal generators need to go the better we'll all be. They need to be disabled. This is nothing against this mod at all, just caught on the "discussion" about recipes and it just made me laugh to myself. It's the same with gregtech. Just changing a few recipes to make them "cost" more resources is just the wrong way to go at it. It changes *NOTHING*. To balance something like those devices I mentioned they need to be removed from the game and alternatives added that actually make sense out of a balance perspective.

    Would be nice if we could remove "free" power as an option, ie solar panels, wind mills, water mills and geothermal generators. I don't like forestry in combinations with generators, that's pretty op as well, considering how easy they are to make. But can't really do much without a compressor to get a nuclear reactor up, maybe balance that around a bit to make it more challenging in a good way? Thanks.

    8 eu for 1 mj? Ouch... that would be like 80ish EU to run a quarry. Seems a little excessive, but I probably missed something. The path of least resistance in this case would be to pick up an engine from Forestry, I think it'll run 8-9 mj at 35ish eu. The balance being a little too overtuned imo. Still a good mod tho, if people like to convert energy between mods.

    I've thrown a few eyeballs every now and then on this mod and it looks pretty interesting. However I'm concerned about "how" to play the mod. It obviously changes IC2 from a "low/med" mod to a "high" end mod. So how do you gather resources to even create some of the things from the mod? Gathering supplies without some mods can be quite challenging. For example, you could dig a hole and hit a diamonds after a few minutes... or you could dig for 3+ hours without even seeing one!(happens every now and then).

    I just have a hard time visualizing how to play it properly, without turning the game into a a chore of randomness. I really like some of the recipes because they add complexity. Would be nice if someone shared some of their experience with the mod and how they play it. Thanks! (note: without editing the configs, using the mod as intended of course)

    Thanks mate, I did a quick search and didn't really find anything, probably because I used the wrong terms. Thought it might have been an addon that caused it but turned out it wasn't.

    Didn't even know about the ID turtle peripheral, I've been looking for something like that for ages, just a shame it takes up a slot so would have to ditch something to even attach it. Just weird that something like that isn't added by default to the turtle. It's a frickin' computer after all, it can do pretty much anything but that. The item compare feels really clunky and doesn't fit a computer of that magnitude. Doubt I'll use it tho. I don't really like computercraft that much, it's just way too op for my taste because of what the turtles can do with minimal effort from the player. Writing the code, yeah, that takes a bit of effort, uploading the code somewhere and having a noob(like myself) download it takes zero effort.