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    First: Hi, I'm not dead, I've just been really busy recently

    Second: For a event I'm probably going to be working at in the near future, I am currently working on a competitive Minecraft map (Sadly not Shrine Runner, but I may re-purpose this for that in the future, maybe) for 1.7.10 at the moment as it is a modded map. The pack is, possibly for the most part, working and I'm looking for testers. I do want to stress, right now, there are no permissions for this due to how the competition will be set up, this is just a test pack, so stuff is likely to be changed. If I do make this pack public, I will go out and get the permissions.

    If you do want to assist with the testing of the pack, please DM me on Twitter (@Blaster5426) as that's where you'll probably have the best shot at contacting me, so that I can send more information and a link to the pack. I do want to stress, this is not testing crafting balance, this is testing to see if everything is in the pack that should be there and everything is craft-able without crashing. This is also testing for controls and PC Performance.

    Side note, if anyone wants to help build, I'm all ears, but I can't host the server (and do you really want to play on a sever hosted in Australia without NBN?)

    Still working on spesifics, but I found the mod I need to make this work. Open to challenge ideas and pack builders…6jz7im04/edit?usp=sharing

    Edit: To those curious, the large amount of similar mods is to aid in re-playability. You'll need to know them for the map, but how you start and what your primary infrastructure is can determine the challenge of the map.

    Mekanism= Easy
    Thermal Expansion= Medium
    GregTech= Hard

    As a example.

    Myself and another person are working on a fan game, currently titled Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Legends. However only one of us has any experience with coding and it is minimum at best. If anyone is looking for a project to keep them occupied, we need coders and artist (both visual and audio). The development program currently being used is Game Maker Studio, which is a GUI oriented coding program designed for both newcomers and experienced coders.

    The Design Documents are still being worked on so anyone interested will be able to assist with the designing phase as well if desired.

    Based off the other stuff you've written, I'd say yes. It might be a bit like opening Pandora's box, but I doubt anything bad would really come from doing it, unless your blog post was literally put everywhere.

    It really could. It could either be a big boom for my site, or I could be taking up my friends offer for tombstone ideas...

    On a side note, anyone want to be a builder for SRP? I'm looking for house design

    I'll DM people the new mod list (which is the current one, just updated and more content), a lack of detail would be preferable as it'll be scaled up (Yes, Supersized is exactly what it sounds like)

    Chosen build will mean that the builder is credited in the map itself. Should note that it will go into a Desert biome with Floating islands but you're free to write your own age and specify what you want in it, so long as there isn't weather in the biome

    Because I know the risks it comes with, I'm looking for opinions on the matter.

    I've received a request to do a balanced analysis and review of the Gamergate issue. Go ahead with it or not?

    I'm bored. Anyone found out something interesting? I mean other than immibis' programming language (which I sorta like btw)?
    As for me: I learned that when using the Borderlands 2 Split Screen Tool, P1 always gets the controller, even if P2 is supposed to get it. That's kinda annoying and I'm still looking for a workaround.

    I've been playing nothing but Smash 4 and Kirby Triple Deluxe

    Fun fact: Master Ball doesn't guarantee you a legendary Pokemon, Gust bellows is over powered, Roger Craig Smith doesn't get to say "You're to slow" and Lucario's Aura Buff is AMAZING!!!

    What was once going to be a hard mode of FTB Insanity (Yes I am that cruel) has now been turned into a parkour map, but not just any parkour map, a special parkour map to see who's the ... most athletic... I don't know where I was going with that... free diamond to the one who figures out the reference.

    Shrine Runner lives and its Alpha can go to the public, even though the Alpha only has a small amount of content. I'm releasing this early to get idea as to the difficulty of "Tutorial Tower" and if there's anything that can be improved about Spawn. This is a Metroidvania parkour map so not only do you have to deal with vanilla physics, but the joys of modding as well. Have fun :)

    Included in the download is the config folder and the mod list. Version differences haven't been tested with newer builds but the version numbers are the minimum required to run the map (if you use a latter version and find a bug in the map itself, let me know so I can fix it).

    The only accessible area is Tutorial Tower, the next version shall have any required fixes for Tutorial tower, the Hub world, the beginning of World 1 and "Testers mode" for Tutorial Tower (a feature that will be removed upon map's completion)

    Try not to fall :)

    Download at the Dropbox link for the map itself as I've had no luck getting it here (connection would drop). For screenshots (for the time being) look to post 3 in this thread.

    Known issues
    Mystcraft portals force you out of the map. You do travel through and when you log in again, you are at the destination. Currently working on a fix

    Even if you don't code, you can probably guess what I did wrong here xD

    My guess (based on VB knowledge) is that you're currently calling for events that don't exist yet in your code.

    EDIT: Scratch that, you're calling for Baubles interaction when Natura is installed. Well done...

    While I haven't got screenshots yet, I am coming up to a point with this new map where a alpha version could be released soon. For those who are unaware, I am working on a Metroidvania Parkour map using mods. I intend to get a version out before October 3rd (due to Smash 4...) which will have a tutorial world for basic Parkour (for those who have never played a Parkour map, let alone one with mods) and then a level based on the first item pickup, the Hookshot.